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Do you want to know how to avail of the Natwest bank login service and avail of the bank facilities?

A general idea of online natwest bank

Deal with your money online on our fast and protected online banking service.

You can examine your authentic and currency accounts make transmit and international payments, give your bills, administer direct debits, and set up and withdraw standing orders in addition to managing your text message alerts. Not to mention letting us be familiar with your travels plans!

How long does the opening number take to appear?

If we have a valid mobile number for you, your establishment code must arrive in a couple of minutes. Please note need you’ll require a mobile sign to be competent to get it and the activation code will only be suitable for 10 minutes.

What did we suppose to do if I change my mobile number?

Sign in to online banking

Choose ‘Your detail from the key menu

Under ‘Amend personal details’ choose ‘Update mobile phone


Please note that varying your mobile phone number is a

3-step procedure and you will need a card-reader to absolute the change.

 Log in to Online


This page starts you with the procedure of logging in to

use Online Banking.

Your customer number

This number is your date of birth goes after by an exclusive number of up to four digits that classify you to us. ddmmyy identify that you ought to enter your date of birth the same as the day, then the month, then the year, all as a two-digit number, so 3 July 1969 will be 030769. The

the number after this is arbitrarily produced by us, and we’ll have to send it to you or demonstrate it on screen when you apply for Online Banking.

Clients with an activation code

If you’re logging in for the initial time or are rearranging your security information, we will mail you a 10-digit activation code in the post. If you have an opening code, kindly mark the box. After that click this point when you’ve gone into your customer number and marked the box if you contain an activation code.

Download the app

Let’s see how the NatWest app helps make your each day

banking simple:

1. Administer your accounts

2. Freeze or unfreeze your card

3. Shift money or check your credit to get

All of this – anytime, everyplace!

App criteria are valid. A credit score is accessible once opted in through the app, to clients aged 18+, with a UK address, and is made available by TransUnion. Freeze and unfreeze MasterCard credit cards debit cards or simply.

Right to use your shareholding online

Key features

The service is a function of our Registrar, Computershare Investor Services PLC, and recommends the following features Inspection of your existing account share balance and the

market significance; View divides up balances and market standards for all your Computershare administer holdings;  Keep informed of your home address across your complete

Portfolio; Bring up to date your bank account information to receive bonus payments;

View your business and payment record; Choose to receive significant shareholder communications by email, and Download helpful forms.

How to create an account

Create an Investor Centre account by inflowing: The name of the business in which you hold shares –bank Group

Your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) which starts with a C, I, or G tracked by 10 digits and can be initiated at the peak of any shareholder communication received from Computershare; and your postcode or state (if the outer surface of the UK or the Channel Islands). Build a unique user ID and password and have the same opinion on the terms and conditions of the site. As a precautionary measure, Computershare will send a sole activation code to your record address. Make use of the code to authenticate your account and you will then have the complete

right to use the Investor Centre.

Contact Computershare

Computershare can be contacted at:

Computershare Investor Services PLC

The Pavilions

Bridgwater Road


BS99 6ZZ

Tel: +44 370 702 0135

Fax: +44 370 703 6009

Contact Computershare

Share scams/fraud

Significant information on share scams/fraud

In most recent years several companies have become alert that shareholders have expected voluntary phone calls or associations concerning investment matters. Shareholders are recommending being very cautious of any unwanted advice, offers to get shares at a discount, or

suggestions of free company information. Please do not offer any private details to any caller but for you are sure that they are authentic. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) offers a

recommendation to shareholders via its website at www.fca.org.uk/scams. If you have come close to fraudsters please tell the FCA using the share scam reporting form on their official website. You can call as well the FCA Consumer Helpline on NatWest bankline 0800 111 6768.

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