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Interesting Facts about Ants and Ant Control in Brampton

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Ants are one of the pests that can infest your home in Brampton. Moreover, there are many dangerous species of ants, and carpenter ants are one of them. Immediately calling a pest control service, like Pesticon, which offers pest control services, including ant control in Brampton, can help people successfully deal with ant infestations on a property. There are also DIY tips for ant control, but they aren’t much effective, unlike professional ant control. Moreover, there are also some interesting facts about ants that we want to share with you next.

Interesting Facts about Ants

Ants are among the most common pest species in the world. They can infest your property, too, unless you take some preventive measures beforehand. Besides, ants are also fascinating insects to study, and you will believe it after knowing ten interesting facts about ants:

Interesting Fact #1: Ants Have Phenomenal Strength 

Ants have superhuman strength as they can carry weight 10 to 50 times stronger than their own weight. In addition, it depends on the ant species to lift the weight, which is greater than their own body weight. Besides, the amazing strength that ants have is due to their small size. Ants have muscles with a greater cross-sectional area in relation to their body size. It aids ants in lifting more weight than their own size. 

Interesting Fact #2: Ants Live without Lungs 

Ants have a small size; thus, they don’t have space to accommodate an intricate respiratory system, similar to humans. Instead, ants have a unique way of helping transport oxygen via their bodies. Ants breathe in oxygen with the aid of spiracles on the sides of their bodies.

Interesting Fact #3: Ants Live without Ears 

Ants don’t have ears, too, so: How do they hear? Ants hear through vibrations which they use while they forage for food. Ants use vibrations in the ground while picking the signals up in their subgenual organ.

Interesting Fact #4: Innumerable Ants Are Present in the World 

Basically, you cannot calculate the number of ants that exist in the world. According to an estimation, there are 1 million ants for every human. Further, ants are present all across the globe except in Antarctica, the Arctic, and some island. You can discover at least one native ant species in every content. Ants infest homes and workplaces due to their massive numbers. Nevertheless, people who face ant infestations can call professionals for ant control in Brampton.  

Interesting Fact #5: There Are Asexual Ant Species, Too

Some Amazonian ants have learned to reproduce through cloning. According to a report, queen ants imitate themselves to genetically produce daughters. It results in an ant colony with no male ants.

Interesting Fact #6: Ants Work as Farmers, Too

In addition to humans, ants are creatures that farm other creatures. Humans raise cows, sheep, chickens, and fish to obtain a food source. Similarly, ants raise some insects to do the same. Commonly, ants do it with aphids while protecting them from their natural predators in their nests. 

Interesting Fact #7: Ants Don’t Have One Stomach

Ants don’t have one stomach; instead, they have two stomachs. One of the stomachs of ants is for holding food that they want to consume themselves. Moreover, the other stomach they have is for holding food they have to share with other ants. The two stomachs that ants have also allow ants to work extremely efficiently when they forage for food.  

Interesting Fact #8: Some Ant Species Can Swim, Too

Some ant species can swim, too. Nevertheless, those ant species haven’t mastered the butterfly or breaststroke. Still, they have the ability to survive in water with their own type of doggy paddle.

Interesting Fact #9: Some Ant Species Make Slaves 

There are some ant species that make slaves. They do it while invading neighbouring ant colonies and capturing their inhabitants to force them to work for them. 

Interesting Fact #10: Ants Are as Old as Dinosaurs 

According to a study from Harvard and Florida universities, “ants rose 130 million years ago during the Cretaceous period.” Ants survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary that killed the dinosaurs, plus the ice age.


Ants are one of the common pest species, and they are interesting insects to study as well. Calling a pest control service for ant control in Brampton is your best bet when ants infest your home in large numbers. Here is a recapitulation of ten interesting facts about ants that we mentioned in this post:

  1. Ants Have Phenomenal Strength
  2. Ants Live without Lungs
  3. Ants Live without Ears
  4. Innumerable Ants Are Present in the World 
  5. There Are Asexual Ant Species, Too
  6. Ants Work as Farmers, Too
  7. Ants Don’t Have One Stomach
  8. Some Ant Species Can Swim, Too
  9. Some Ant Species Make Slaves
  10. Ants Are as Old as Dinosaurs

To sum up, ants are fascinating creatures to study, yet they are dangerous pests to deal with, too.

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