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How Do You Keep Your Body Wave Pattern?

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Body wave curls are your hairstyle if you want seductive, luscious, thick waves. Body wave hair is a basic style that is always popular and preferred by women. Keeping the texture of your body wave or weave can make any hairstyle you wear stand out and look beautiful. This can also improve your self-esteem because looking good makes you feel good. Today, we’ll reveal our top tips for keeping body wave curls on your weaves.

How Do You Keep Your Body Wave Hair Pattern?

Follow these maintenance tips regularly to keep your Indian or Brazilian body wave looking great. These are for when you have your body wave on. 

Untangling Body Wave Hair

To properly detangle your body wave hair, start at the roots that will cause breakage and work your way up. Then, brush your teeth with a large toothcomb. Once your body wave or body wave bundle is completely free of knots, comb and style it with a paddle brush.

untangling bodywave hair

How to Wash Body Wave Hair

Wash your body wave weave installation once a week if you wear it. We recommend washing it with a Brazilian body wave once every ten years. Washing your body wave hair only when necessary will help keep the unit and pattern in place for longer. It is critical to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner, as always. Check that you are not rubbing against your scalp.

How to Dry Your Body Wave Hair

After the shower, dab the excess water away with a soft towel. 

Avoid rubbing the body wave. Even your body wave hair is vulnerable when wet. Allowing the body wave hair to air dry is one of our biggest secrets. If you’re in a hurry, use a heat protectant and blow-dry on low heat.

Pro Tip: If your body wave hair has curly styles, use a diffuser to dry it while keeping its beautiful shape.

Shower Aftercare

Once your body wave hair has dried to 70%, apply a lightweight serum to it gently. As you apply, we recommend following the pattern of the body wave hair. You can also use mousse and other lightweight gels to shape and maintain your body wave hair’s curly or wavy texture.

aftercare is essential

A Nightly Routine to Keep Your Body Wave Pattern

Whether you have a Brazilian body wave weave or not, your nightly hair routine must include braiding!

Take the following steps:

  • Detangle and divide your body wave hair into two sections.
  • Brush it and prepare your favorite hair serum.
  • Apply the serum a few inches away from the weft and work your way down to the ends. 
  • Then, on both sides, braid your hair into a three-strand braid. 
  • Use a scarf to wrap around your edges. 
  • Wrap a large scarf around the braids and pin them up. 

Additional Suggestions

Curls on the body

Remember and practice to keep the pattern going! Because the lace on your body wave is delicate, never scratch it. Use extreme caution when washing, combing, or styling body wave human hair extensions. The materials you use to keep your extensions looking good greatly impact their appearance. To keep the pattern going, avoid using heavy cream-based products. These items will add weight to the wavy and curly pattern.

Heat styling is minimized with body wave extensions. 

Excessive heat will permanently damage your body wave hair. 

When possible, use heatless styling methods! Before bed, wrap both of your extensions in a silk scarf. If you don’t wrap your body wave hair before bed, the friction will damage the hair and the pattern, no matter how much time you put into it! Aside from these home remedies, seeing your bob wig regularly is critical, especially if you wear sew-ins. These are tips for keeping body wave curls and other patterns in place. There are numerous ways to keep your body wave, and these are the musts!

Looking for a long-lasting body wave? 

True Glory Hair has a great selection of virgin Brazilian body waves. Shop now! A body wave is made entirely of hair extensions

This hair is styled so that it maintains a natural body wave. This is popular among African-Americans because it can be curled with a hairdryer and flat iron to achieve a more kinky curl. They are soft and lightweight, making them an appealing option for women who want to wear them regularly.

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