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Reasons why a beauty salon needs a salon booking app

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For most small businesses, a mobile app is a great opportunity to connect with customers and open new marketing channels. However, when it comes to hairdressing and barbering specifically, mobile apps offer many significant features to cost-effectively support the business.

So basically, a beauty and salon booking app development company can help you get more customers, book more appointments and increase your revenue.

Check out some of the best features your salon booking app should have that will surely grow your business cost-effectively:

1. Mobile booking

Customers can simply check your app and access mobile bookings linked directly to your internal calendar. They can easily browse open slots and book appointments on the go. What this does is that it basically saves your staff some time on the phone and makes it very easy for customers to conveniently make an appointment, especially if they don’t want to be on the phone.

2. Appointment reminders

Through this excellent feature, you can easily send your existing clients reminders of their regular appointments using push notifications. By being proactive, you are likely to capture a segment of customers who may have ended up visiting another salon booking app. By committing to more frequent appointments, you can seriously increase your annual revenue per customer.

3. Style libraries

Who are we kidding? Women everywhere admire celebrities and dream of having their hairstyles, color, cut, whatever. So whenever these beautiful ladies see their favorite celebrity with a new hairstyle, women get inspired and run to their local salons with a picture of the gorgeous new hairstyle they found. Here’s what you can do with it – you can actually introduce exciting features to your app, such as:

  • Hairstyle of the month

You can view a lot of stylish hairstyles through this great feature. All you have to do is upload a photo of the celebrity and give details about the style and hairstyle in the photo. Additionally, consider providing hair styling tips and tricks to inspire those watching. You can even encourage them to come in and try something new and super trendy – the “fit and style of the season”. Also, don’t forget to add photo hashtags to your social media feed to attract more clients.

  • Hairstyle of the week

Special events and weddings are a time when unique, elegant hairstyles and updos are especially sought after. Girls are always looking for great haircuts and new hairstyles to try, so capitalize on these events by posting a weekly updo with styling tips and hair look advice. Guaranteed to catch on quickly.

  • The hair color of the season

With the arrival of the new season, everyone wants to know the latest hair color trends. Making sure to add the latest hair colors that celebrities are looking for at the beginning of each season will bring everyone to the salon booking app to get those specific hair colors. This trick also works when the holidays are coming up and everyone wants to know what color, hairstyle, or haircut they should choose when attending parties and get-togethers.

4. Customer photos

Your hair salon booking app may have a feature that allows customers to take photos and email them to you. This is great for creating a customer photo database for testimonials and advertising purposes.

5. Special offers

Push notifications allow you to increase activity on special events, discounts, promotions and offers. In case you ever need to generate revenue during downtime, push notifications to allow you to easily and proactively generate interest.

Another great thing to offer is GPS coupons that users can unlock when they “check-in” to the app in your location. This adds quite an interesting and fun dimension to your business that rewards customers just for visiting your site.

6. Loyalty programs

Choosing a hair salon booking app allows you to offer a mobile loyalty program (something like buy ten haircuts, get one free, buy 5 colors, get one free, etc.). This way, you won’t have to print cards or keep track of anything manually, as everything is done simply through users’ mobile devices. So whenever your customers make an authorized purchase, simply have them open the app and hand you their device. You can then record your purchase using your secret code. You will know when the qualifying amount is reached. So basically it’s all pretty simple.

7. Sale of products

Selling products becomes very easy – you can sell all your professional hair products through your mobile app. Customers can browse products, submit orders and make payments very easily, helping you open up a new source of revenue.

8. Recommendations

A hair salon booking app can make referrals easy. With just one click, a user can post their experience with your business on a social network account on Facebook or Twitter. This actually allows you to acquire new business organically through the networks of existing customers.

The bottom line is that the benefits of a mobile app are many and the cost is low.

At Moon Technolabs, we understand that running a small or medium-sized business is as tough as it gets, so we’ve designed a tool that offers huge benefits with little or no extra work on your part. We also understand that it’s your money and your right to choose what you pay for. That’s why we’re forward-thinking about what we offer and flexible about how we offer it. Your price for your app.

Find out why you should choose Moon Technolabs and how to keep those hard-earned customers, attract new customers and sell more services or products. It just depends on you.

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