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15 Popular Delicious Haitian Food You Need to Try – Creole Garden

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The delicious Haitian food is very popular because of its spiciness and flavors. Below are some of the savory dishes of Haiti that you can try.

1. Haitian Legume-eggplant Stew.

There are seldom veggies on the menu of the Creole Garden. This one is made especially for the veggie lover. This delicacy is full of nutrients and flavors as well. If you also prefer healthy fruits and vegetables over meat then this dish is the one for you. It mainly consists of eggplant and other veggies.

2.Lambi An Sos Kreyol

This is the seafood that is mainly made from the conch present in the sea. It is the most used ingredient in the areas of Caribbean Bahamas and other regions. The conch is being consumed by a large number of people in Haiti as well as internationally. The Lambi An Soss Kreyol contains a marinated conch in the full richness of the creole sauce. The Creole sauce is prepared by following our ancient recipe.

3. Kakalou (Haitian Gumbo)

The kakalou is a must-try recipe in Haiti. The whole experience will remain void till you enjoy the taste of the Kakalou or that is also known as the Haitian Gumbo

The Kakalou is very fascinating to taste with its rich taste comn=bined with the rice. It is the perfect comfort food for you when you are not feeling the appetite. The exceptional combination of the Chicken sausages will make you fall in love with these dishes.

This Haitian food is cooked in French cooking styles. Get the element of meat and seafood. The creole Garden is the Original Haitian Restaurant that beats the modern Haitian restaurants with its delicious Caribbean cuisine

4. Poule En Sauce 

The Poule En Sauce is a meat dish. A perfect pick for meat lovers. The stewed chicken recipe was originally made on the France side. This dish is an international heartthrob that was enhanced by the amazing spices of Haiti over time. You can also taste the original recipe that is also well-known in France. The team at Creole Garden makes sure that you eat delicious Caribbean cuisine from the real Haitian restaurant

5. Pwason Boukannen 

Grilled fish is the most favorite dish in Haiti. This dish excites them and gives a very delightful smell that contains a combination of Haitian spices and delicious Caribbean Cuisine. It is chewy and gives a mouth-watering taste that you will crave for many days. The fish cooks and give a brown color to the texture which makes it more attractive.

6. Chicken with Cashews

Cashew contains protein and nutrients with many different benefits of it. It is also a good pic for you if you give recommendations to eat healthy without losing your taste. Creole food and Haitian food come in many different categories and types.

7. Soup Joumou 

The team at Creole Garden offers real Hiattian food at the best cost-efficient prices. Our meat and seafood are the best dishes to try in a good Haitian restaurant. Soup joumou tastes the best with a unique combination of goat meat and different vegetables. You can get real enjoyment from this soup, especially in the cold season. 

8. Tasso/Tassot 

The Tasso or tassot is loved by the habitants of Haiti and we believe that it will be also loved by you. The goat meat is cooked until crisped and you can feel the taste of juice and the aroma of it. The additional flavoring makes the Tasso extremely mouth-watering and irresistible not to eat. Tasso is loved internationally in the regions of the US and Spain’s wells in Africa.

9. Griyo/Griot – Fried Pork

The national dish of Haiti consists of Fried Pork. The taste of Haiti resides in this dish which is why it is very popular among tourists as well. The fried pork gives a delicious taste and aroma that is unique and delicious at the same time. 

It completes Haitian food and delicious Caribbean cuisine with its juicy flavor. It is best enjoyed while traveling with salad.  

10. Makawoni Au Gratan – Haitian Mac And Cheese

The Makawoni Au Gratan is the Haitian version of mac and cheese. This dish is well known by many and has Italian roots in Haiti as well. However, Haitian Mac and Cheese don’t use pasteurized milk while making the scrumptious dish.

11. Bouyon Bef – Haitian Beef Stew

The Bouyon bef is also known as the Haitian beef stew. A perfect dish for a beef lovers to fulfill their appetite. As the name shows, beef is the main ingredient in this recipe. The bouyon bef will offer you a juicy taste with the perfect marination of spices. Eat it with simmering broth or without any broth.  

12. Mamba – Peanut Butter

The mamba is the most loved dessert. Two versions are having a slight difference in each of them but their main purpose is the same for both. 

The difference is only in the smooth texture of the peanut butter. The peanuts originate from South America. However, this is a dish that you can enjoy after a heavy-course meal.

13. Bannann Peze – Haitian Fried Plantains

Creole Garden Enjoy cooking different food that is why we have the best-fried plantain. Our chefs passionately fried the plantain to perfection and gave it the crisp that is to savor every time. 

14. Kasav – Cassava Bread

Kasav is a bread that is loved and enjoyed equally by everyone in Haiti. You can find this break in any modern Haiti restaurant as well. Enjoy the freshness and the aroma of the freshly baked Kasava only from Creole Garden

15. Lam Veritab Boulet 

Haiti is enriched by nature and contains some of the most delicious fruits grown naturally in the country. You can enjoy this in winter and take a bite from their golden texture giving you a sweet taste. Find Lam Veritab Boulet at any modern Haitian restaurant. Read more

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