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Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter. Children, want to eat some cold drinks when the weather is hot. This will cause the baby’s gastrointestinal disorder and affect the child’s appetite Curious Cat Drinks Discount Code NHS.

Moreover, many children will have diarrhea because of eating cold drinks. How to prevent children from eating cold drinks? Let’s take a look together.


When the child is eating cold drinks, parents can accompany the child to eat small bites, so that it is not easy to stimulate the child’s stomach, and the child will also form the habit of chewing and eating cold drinks slowly.

The first thing many children do when they come home from school is to open the refrigerator and eat ice cream or drinks.

This is the most likely to harm the body, and it is easy to store some diseases in the body. It is best to go home and drink a cup of cold water, and then eat a cold drink after sweating.

When you usually eat cold drinks, tell your child to pay attention to the number of cold drinks. If you eat too many cold drinks at one time, it will directly cause difficulty in cooling the child’s body and cause physical discomfort.

Do not let the child eat cold drinks when the child is fasting, including ice cream, iced drinks, etc., which can not be given to the child, as it is easy to damage the child’s stomach and intestines. Generally, it is better to eat cold drinks between half an hour and one hour after eating.

How to stay away from cold drinks

  1. Usually, you can buy some favorite cups for your child, and make some fresh drinks for your child to drink. When the child wants to eat a cold drink at home, give the child a cup of freshly squeezed juice, and the child will naturally stay away from cold drinks.
  2. Many parents like to eat cold drinks when the weather is hot, and feel very comfortable, so that children will naturally learn from their parents, and they will eat cold drinks when it is hot, so parents must set an example and change their habit of eating cold drinks so that children can change.
  3. When the weather is hot, children’s appetite will decrease and they will be very picky about food, so parents should cook some food with different patterns for their children, use delicacies to attract children’s attention, and keep children away from cold drinks.

What should be paid attention to when eating cold drinks for hygiene? How to choose cold drinks

In the hot summer, when the heat is unbearable, it will be so pleasant to eat or drink a cold drink. But the hotter it is, the more we must pay attention to hygiene issues, otherwise, it will affect health, and the gain will outweigh the loss Brixton Wine Club Discount Code NHS.


Those who care about a healthy diet


  1. The cold drink is delicious, and even the color is very attractive. Delicious and good-looking colors are basically not natural but are decorated with some pigments, flavors, preservatives, and saccharin. And these artificially synthesized materials are not only devoid of nutrition, but most of them are also harmful.
  2. The harm of adding pigments to cold drinks: pigments can cause asthma, laryngeal edema, urticaria, skin itching, nervous headaches, etc. Just one added harm.
  3. The most harmful products are unqualified products, cold drinks produced by some small underground factories in violation of regulations, and lists without passing strict inspections. It is very easy to cause intestinal diseases after eating, and even more serious consequences.
  4. Even safe cold drinks cannot be eaten too much. If too much cold drink enters the stomach, many adverse consequences may occur.
  5. Possible consequences of eating too many cold drinks:
  6. After the stomach is stimulated a lot, the secretion of gastric juice will be greatly reduced, which will affect the digestion and absorption of food.
  7. May cause stomach cramps and even severe abdominal pain.
  8. Reduce the bactericidal ability of gastrointestinal juice, causing diarrhea, enteritis, and other intestinal infectious diseases.
  9. No matter how much cold soda is needed in daily life, for the sake of long-term health, it must be carefully screened. Do not eat unqualified, expired or spoiled, or excessive. Your own health depends on yourself to guard and cherish.


This article is for informational purposes only. Care about food hygiene, care about physical health Curious Cat Drinks Discount Code NHS.

How to make cold drinks

Prepare your favorite fruit and milk. Cut the fruit into small pieces, put it into the model, add an appropriate amount of milk, and put the ice cream stick. We just need to put it in the refrigerator for one night and then take it out and eat it. The taste is very good.

Buy model

We can buy some models of cold drinks online first, which is very convenient for cold drinks.

Fruit and milk

After we have the model, we can prepare our favorite fruits and milk.


In addition to these two other drinks are available, you can prepare whatever you like.

Fruit cut into small pieces

Cut the fruit into small pieces, put it into the model, add an appropriate amount of milk, and put the ice cream stick.

Put in the refrigerator to freeze

After everything is ready, we just need to put it in the refrigerator and freeze it overnight before eating it. The taste is very good Uber Eat NHS discount code.

How to eat cold drinks in summer broadcast message

The weather is hot in summer, and people always eat cold drinks. How eat cold drinks is more beneficial to health. The editor has summarized a few experiences for reference.

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