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What is science?

Before we move to know about chemistry, we should start right from the beginning, i.e. right from the point it all starts. We will first know what science is. 

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines science as “knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general law, especially as obtained and tested through scientific method and concerned with the physical world”. Or “knowledge attained through study or practice”.

In simple words we can understand that science is a branch of knowledge or study dealing with the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, or knowledge obtained about the world by watching, measuring and doing experiments. 

The word science is derived from the Latin word ‘scientia’, meaning ‘knowledge’. We can understand from its derivation that science is all about gaining knowledge of different elements in nature by experimenting and careful calculations. In fact, whatever facts we know about nature today it’s all because of science.

 There are three main branches in science and each branch studies a different element. The three branches are: physics, biology and chemistry. 

The different branches of science 

As discussed above, science consists of three main branches, i.e. physics, biology and chemistry. Let us know what the function of each is. 

  1. Physics: 

Physics can be defined as the branch of science that deals with the study of the nature and properties of matter, forces and energy. The study of physics is mainly concerned with mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms. These big words may sound confusing and one may wonder what is the use of studying all this. Well, there are many inventions of physics which help our day to day life. We can take the example of the very phone you are using, which was invented with the help of physics. We then have electricity which was discovered with the help of physics. There are many more inventions and without the help of each our daily lives would have been very difficult. 

  1. Biology:  

Biology is a very interesting branch of science where we study about living organisms and life. It is all about how life began on earth and how evolution took place because of which we are totally evolved and developed into the most intelligent creatures on earth. It does not only deal with life and organisms but also deals with medicine which helps in curing millions of people who suffer from different diseases. Biology can be defined as the “study of living organisms, their origins, anatomy, morphology, physiology, behavior and distribution”. Biology is a vast and broad field and has its own diverse branches. 

  1. Chemistry: 

Now we come to the main topic. Chemistry is a very important branch of science yet it is very difficult. Many students avoid chemistry homework and try to get it done by just searching for homework help chemistry but we can put it in simple words. It mainly deals with the mass or the composition of a chemical element or how and why matter undergoes certain changes. An example can be used to explain chemistry better. We can take the example of baking. For instance, if we bake some cookies, chemistry can help us describe each and every ingredient and after it is baked, how the ingredients are combined to give us that sweet and crispy taste we enjoy. 

The different branches of chemistry 

Just like physics and biology, chemistry too has branches of its own. The many branches of chemistry are: 


Inorganic chemistry 

Organic chemistry

Analytical chemistry 


Physical chemistry 

Okay i understand these are a lot but it can be simplified and easily understood. Let’s try to understand each of the above briefly

  1. Thermodynamics:

If we put it simply, thermodynamics in chemistry is the study that deals with the concepts of heat and temperature and the interrelation and conversion of heat and other forms of energy. 

  1. Inorganic chemistry:

From the name itself, we can understand that it is the study of inorganic compounds, compounds which lack carbon. These compounds include metals, minerals etc. 

  1. Organic chemistry: 

We already know that inorganic compounds consist of compounds which lack carbon. So organic chemistry will be the exact opposite, that is right, it is the study of compounds that consist of carbon. Easy! 

  1. Analytical chemistry:  

Analytical chemistry is the study of matter. It involves its separation, identification and its quantification. 

  1. Biochemistry: 

Biochemistry can be understood by its name. Bio and chemistry, so to put it simply, it is the study of the chemical processes going through in a living organism. 

  1. Physical chemistry: 

Physical chemistry is also easy to understand, it is the study of the principles of physics which is involved in chemical interactions. It can also be seen as the fusion of both physics and chemistry to study the physical characteristics of molecules. 

Why can chemistry homework become difficult sometimes? 

As discussed above, the three branches of science and each branch further subdivided into its own many categories, it can sometimes be difficult to remember everything at once. Chemistry for instance has 6 branches of its own and if we dive deeper in each, we will find that each category is further subdivided. Knowing everything about science is impossible after all it’s a very lengthy subject. But we can always choose one path and learn all about one specific field. 

With the right guidance and tutor, things can be simplified. Chemistry is a difficult subject and many students find it difficult to understand certain topics and calculations. They often wonder ‘who can help me with my chemistry homework’ and try to get homework help from many websites or people they know can help. 

I, personally, tried seeking help from many people when i was preparing for my chemistry exam but no one could guide and explain to me in which i could understand better after all the language of the subject is such. My teachers were there of course but they were not free whenever I needed them. I even tried various websites but they were also of not much help.

The best website to get homework help from 

The many websites I tried to get help from, I fortunately found TutorChamps. At first I thought TutorChamps was like the other websites but I was wrong. They have a team of experts who explain and simplify each and every word so properly that I truly aced my chemistry paper. 

I read about them and found out that they even offer chemistry homework help and so much more. It was from then on that I started taking their help and my grades started going higher with every semester and I became popular in my class. I became the favorite of my teachers and my mates started seeking my help. All this fame was so unbelievable.  

They were available whenever I needed them. TutorChmaps, was like a personal tutor to me. Before, I would spend a lot of money on tutors and understand not a thing but since i started taking the help of TutorChamps, chemistry has become a piece of cake and they are so cost efficient that now i can save up money and put it to some other use. 

Now I can easily balance equations and do the spdf calculations in front of the whole class without making a fool of myself. 

If i had to recommend anyone a good website for online homework help, it is definitely going to be TutorChamps.   


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