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Projectors can transform any room, even small city apartments, into an immersive home theatre.

The best mini projector under 200 dollars does not require a large investment but can provide a window into new worlds of content in your bedroom.

If you’re ready to take your laptop binges to the next level, you can now do so for a surprisingly low cost.

Obviously, at this price point, you’ll have to accept that you’ll be foregoing 4K and some of the other niceties that a couple of thousand dollars will often get you, but for a low-cost device, it’s a good deal.

that you might even want to use outside in some cases for movie night, the projectors we’ll look at here will more than suffice.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best mini Projector under 200


The best option is to use an HDMI cable, which will provide you with the best sound and picture quality.

If you have an older setup, make sure the projector you want can work with an old VGA or RCA cable.


If you’re going to be using your projector in a low-light environment, a dimmer projector (1,000 lumens) should suffice.

If you’re going to use your projector in a bright office or near windows, you’ll want to go a little brighter (3,000+ lumens).


The majority of projectors use a fixed-resolution system. This means that they can only output a fixed amount of resolution, regardless of the input resolution.

You must purchase a projector with a variety of fixed-resolution options. You’ll be able to find the best resolution for your media type and usage this way.

Best mini projector under 200 in 2022

YABER Y31 9500L 

Yaber is one of the premium and high-end options available when it comes to projectors designed for high-performance use while also providing a plethora of useful features.

This Yaber projector under $200 is ranked third in this article because it is one of the most feature-rich options available.

As a high-end projector for under $200, it has an excellent screen size of up to 300 inches. Even at such a large screen size, the provided resolution of 1920 x 1080 ensures excellent picture quality.

One of the best features of this projector under $200 is the lamp brightness, which is much higher than other models.

In fact, it comes with a three-year warranty, which is to be expected from a premium projector under $200.


Excellent performance metrics for maximum immersion

In terms of brightness and image quality, this projector is extremely powerful.

For your peace of mind, the warranty period is adequate.


Expensive and a high-end projector model

Optoma LV130

The Optoma LV130 is a mini portable projector that allows for family movie entertainment on the go.

The Optoma home video projector is the Best Portable Projector Under $200 due to its responsive and lightweight design. This model, too, can be used at home, in the office, or outside.

However, this LED video projector has a time duration 7 times larger than ordinary lamps that require extra replacements.

With a fantastic 100,000:1 contrast ratio, the LV130 LED projector achieves deep black levels.

It also provides viewers with large screen size. Another advantage is that the 6700 mAh battery can last up to 4.5 hours.

You can enjoy iOS or smartphone games on a large screen with USB display connectivity. An HDMI with MHL 2.2 allows compatibility with Android systems or gaming consoles.

An integrated speaker produces cool and amazing audio without the use of separate speakers.

Optoma LV130 is a fantastic entertainment projector with an improved lamp life that comes with outstanding picture quality. Furthermore, this is another excellent projector for under $200.


  • Simple to use and maneuver
  • A powerful battery will last longer.
  • The model is inexpensive and portable
  • The image quality is adequate.
  • The incredible black level contrast ratio


  • The fan noise has increased slightly.
  • When compared to other projectors, the audio quality is unsatisfactory.


Despite its small size, this device can produce a high-quality image as long as the area in which you intend to use it is truly dark.

As long as it is completely dark outside, it is an excellent choice for projecting outdoors, whether on the go or while camping.

Unfortunately, this projector is not bright enough to be used for presentations in an office or school setting.

What really sets this apart from other portable projectors is how simple it is to connect your smartphone or tablet. Simply connect your device to the projector using a USB cable, and you’re done!

Because this projector is designed to be portable, it includes a rechargeable battery.

A USB cable is required to charge this battery. After fully charging, the projector has about two hours of runtime, which should be enough for pretty much any movie or gaming session while you’re on the go.


  • a large screen
  • Small and portable
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • Long lamp life


  • The resolution isn’t the best

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are the mini-projectors?

They are unquestionably the least bright projectors, with almost all having less than 100 lumens.

They are limited in use and require a very dark room to perform well on a small screen, say 40 inches, but they are the ultimate in portability.

Pocket projectors are the next size up, and they, like Pico Projectors, use LED light sources.

Final Verdict

Modern projectors are much more affordable than projectors from a few years ago, while still offering many of the same features and options.

This means that even if you have a limited budget, there are many excellent projectors available. In fact, earlier in this article, we discussed a few of the Best mini projector under 200.

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