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My slogan is “travel first, destination second.”

The tools that accompany you are an important part of enjoying the adventure. Every good pirate has a supply kit for his expedition, which includes a compass, spyglass, map, eye patch, and talking parrot. Many tools can be handy whether you are a pirate, a writer, or an entrepreneur.

The goal of this essay is to provide you with the ideal group of things for your journey; these have helped me become a better person, son, and professional.

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1. The Kindle is the best piece of technology you could possibly buy

It is an Amazon portable tablet developed for digital book users.

It enables you to purchase, save, and read books. This tablet is now the most popular digital book reader in the world. According to Britannica, it also controls two-thirds of the electronic book market. Of all, a Kindle does not provide the romantic “reading a tangible book” sensation that we all like.

The Amazon Kindle has been the finest buy in technology, with massive returns on investment.

If you want to learn more about the Kindle, check out my tutorial on why you need one.

2. The AirPods Pro is small but insanely beneficial

I was apprehensive to get the AirPods Pro.

But then I saw Ali Abdaal’s video about how he changed his life, bought some, and decided to invest. Half of the novels I’ve read have now been audiobooks, and my podcast usage has quadrupled.

They are used to listening to music and thinking of brilliant ideas.

3. Bright smile with an electric toothbrush

My teeth have always been yellow.

If this is the case, the electric toothbrush contains a timer that tells you how long you should brush each side of your teeth (2 mins). It simplifies and drives a daily chore, as James Clear put it, “if it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now.”

Investing in your personal hygiene always yields a high return on investment.

4. Physical alarm clock is the key to better sleep

The worst thing you can do to your brain is to get up and instantly stare at your phone.

When you retire to bed, the actual clock allows you to leave your phone in another room. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep while watching that garbage and then waking up to continue watching it. We talk on the phone for hours every day.

Respect yourself by sending him to hell at night, and rely on the actual clock alarm.

5. Drink 10x water with a 2 liter water bottle

How many glasses of water do you consume every day?

Let’s face it: getting your 12 glasses of water in a day is unrealistic. Having a 2 liter water bottle on hand makes drinking water convenient. I used to drink approximately 4-6 glasses of water every day, but now I drink 40-54 glasses.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

6. Cheap Instant Kindle Books

The Amazon shop is the world’s largest and most accessible bookstore. You may immediately log in from your phone, purchase a book on Kindle, and begin reading. Aside from that, they are less expensive than real books.

7. Audible 10x better than Netflix

The first membership really transformed my life.

Audible is to AirPods what Kindle books are to the Kindle. Purchasing audiobooks is prohibitively costly, with prices ranging from $20 to $45. The good news is that you may use your monthly subscription to purchase any audiobook using the audible app.

A good book is the finest investment you can make for your intellect.

8. Youtube premium 10x better than Disney Plus

My life was transformed with the second subscription.

Listening to podcasts is difficult since there are so many to choose from. Looking for an episode that you enjoy gives me a headache. I’d rather have YouTube’s algorithm assist me with this. Furthermore, seeing the thumbnails of the films simplifies the selection process.

YouTube Premium makes it simple to hear from entrepreneurial brains.

9. The jump rope is the single best fitness object to lose weight faster

The first jump is a struggle for everyone.

Jump rope is the ideal cardiovascular workout since it is entertaining and demanding, and when you master it, you are the talk of the gym. Jumping for 10 minutes a day prepares you to fall; there is no way to absorb the impact of jumping with your heel. Learning this is essential for learning other workouts that require running or leaping.

It is one of the sports tasks to improve your coordination.

1% better every day

After utilizing each of these inexpensive products for over a year, I realized that there is no way they will not alter your life.

The journey is 1% better every day. There is no such thing as a destiny in which you be “the perfect person” for the rest of your life. There is no such thing as reaching your entire potential; there is always another step to take. These purchases have helped me climb the ladder of personal development, and I am confident that they will forge you into the finest version of yourself.

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