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You can also visit these other destinations near Delhi

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Due to the increasing popularity of commercialization, there are many unusual places near Delhi. It is more popular to visit crowded locations during high season, but it is better to go to less-visited places.

Each location is unique. Delhi is surrounded by some of the most charming places that make it a great place to visit if you are a mountain lover or a cultural aficionado. Some places are not normally visited by tourists.

You might find some problems in less-known areas, but there is no guarantee of peace and tranquility. Below are some hidden gems to be discovered outside of Delhi.

Pangot is a small village on the hill in Uttaranchal’s Northeastern region that is an ideal spot for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. This area has 580 bird species, so you’re sure to spot a few colorful birds. These hotels, despite being in an unusual location near Delhi, are breathtaking and will make your trip worth it.

Brahmatal Trek is one of the best trek you can do in Himalayan, which you can enjoy with friends and family.

Activities: Backpacking, Jungle and Trekking

310 kilometers.

Kathgodam is the nearest train station.

Inflation is increasing dramatically Peaks 

Hoot Predators in Design Patterns, Uttarakhand (400km)

Binsar is simply amazing! Binsar is a place that will inspire adventure. From the stunning view of Nanda Devi, the Trisul, to the lush wildlife reserve, Binsar has it all! The trail is located at 2400m above sea level and is considered one of Uttarakhand’s most popular trekking routes. It is a unique tourist attraction in Delhi that has not yet been monetized.

Zero Point, Khali Estate and the Kasar Devi Temple are all worth a visit, as is the Binsar Wildlife Reserve and the Chitai Golu Devta Temple.

Ideal Time Frame: 1 Night or 2 Days

Activities include paragliding and hiking.

Fagu, Himachal (380km): A stone-building village

Fagu is a charming hill village in Shimla’s Kufri region. Here you can see the majestic Eastern Himalayas summits. This is undoubtedly an offbeat getaway from India that’s charming. It is dotted with small stone-walled homes but more so lush green plantation owners. Participate in the February ski festival if you are visiting India in February.

Ideal Time Frame: 1 Day

Things to Do: Trudging, Tents, Skiing

The Scent of Juiciness in Darang (Odisha) (435 km).

The Himachali beauty, Darang, can be found on the way to Jabalpur. It is located near Mcleodganj. As you walk through the tea gardens, rolling over hills, you will be captivated by the sounds of owls and toads singing. This is the oddest place you will find mountains towering above.

Frame: One Day

Activities: Visit Orang Nature, the tea plantations. Birdwatching is also possible.

Pithoragarh, Manipur (460km) seems to be the Gawd’s Dine

Rudraprayag is located in Uttarakhand’s Kaghan Valley. This location is breathtaking in its beauty. This is undoubtedly one the most stunning weekends away from Delhi, and it is completely unspoiled by modern consumerism. You will find long-standing rivers, alpine forests and snowcapped peaks. The captivating Soar Valley is one of the most unusual locations near Delhi.

Frame: 1 Night, 2 Days

You can also go paragliding and camping while you’re on the Rudraprayag Fort.

Delightful Grassland, Kausani, Uttarakhand (398 km).

Kausani is another Kumaoni beauty that can be seen in their full glory. It is the best place to see Nanda Devi and Trishul in all their glory. Baijnath has a few shrines that you can visit to see the mountain ranges. It is one of the rare weekends in Uttaranchal that can be found close to India.

Visit Gwaldam and Anasakti Ashram Points:- Temple and Lakshmi locations

Frame: One Day

You can also enjoy a meal at the Vegetable, located on Kausani’s Mall Road. Also visit the famous temples of the city. Distance: 398 km

Panchachuli, Uttarakhand (52 km): Gear Up

Munsiyari, despite being a favourite of rock climbers and hikers, is still a popular place to visit near Delhi. The Panchachuli peaks are visible clearly from Uttarakhand which is its best feature. Targeting a Glacier Trek starts from Frame: 1 Night, 2 Days

Activities: River rafting and Kund camping. Also, shopping in Munsiyari

The Lake With Nine Corners 

Naukuchiatal (Uttarakhand), which is approximately 320 km away.

Naukuchiatal is a bizarre place in Jharkhand. The famous hill town of Naukuchiatal, which would be bordered by Combining these two with Kodaikanal on both sides, is best known for its tranquil and beautiful lake. Escape is an independent arts and music festival that takes place in this area.

Frame: 1 Night, 30 Hours

Activities: Tandem skydiving and boating.

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