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The transformation from Industry 4.0 to 5 will be immense, with automation playing a pivotal role in production processes and data management through IoT devices. The next industrial revolution is here, and it’s all about machines! The development of new technologies like AI may soon give way to an era where companies produce goods with the least human involvement. Before this happens, enterprises need to brace themselves and implement automated systems.

Along with the industrial progression, visualisation systems must provide more competent ways of interaction on a machine-operator level. These next-gen user-machine interfaces offer a unique opportunity for each industry to differentiate on the market, implement the right solution, and advance towards the real digitalisation world of touch panels and HMIs systems.

High-performance touch panels and their industrial uses?

Industrial touch panels have dominated the markets for decades regarding industrial computer monitors, multifunction devices, and user-friendly interfaces. With automation, engineers are continuously upgrading their software algorithms and hardware. For instance, touch panels (HMI panels) offered by WAGO improve the operability of machines and systems with outstanding design and advanced technology. With WAGO Touch Panels, you get a powerful range of HMI panels that help simplify data processing and monitoring for systems and control technology applications.

These touch panels provide excellent reliability when tackling complex automation systems and facilitate streamlined operations with practical features. Touch panels are highly versatile and can be adapted to virtually fast-paced and messy environments with immense potential.

Industrial applications require touch panels to improve communication and efficiency while withstanding shock, temperature extremes, vibrations, and heavy use. Reliable touch panels are pivotal for optimal performance.

Unique Features offered by High-Performance Panels

Quick Operation

Get fast operating speed due to parallel execution of computing operations with the best Multicore processor.


High-performance hardware combined with future-proof operating system, for Convenient Operation.


Allows to send data instantly from the field level to the cloud through the dedicated library and Control Panels.


The encryption methods are integrated by default for establishing secure HTTPS and FTPS connections. A firewall provides additional protection against cyber-attacks.

Multi-Touch Capability

Devices with capacitive panels allow gesture recognition, for instance, swipe gestures for turning pages or zooming.

HTML 5 Visualization

Standardized technology allows better visualization on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Energy Efficiency

An integrated proximity sensor allows the visualization to be automatically re-displayed from the energy-saving standby function.

Flexible Interface Options

Various variants are offered with an appropriate interface for the task.

Non-Reflective and Convenient Operation

The black front plate absorbs incident light and prevents reflections. Sensors can automatically adjust the panel’s brightness based on a room’s ambient lighting.


No fan or battery in the touch panel makes it completely maintenance-free.

Quick Mounting

It is directly latch onto the control cabinet via mounting clips for fast, easy, and tool-free installation.

High Protection Class

The custom-developed clamps meet every protection standard. The flexible design makes the panel versatile and suitable for various applications.

Benefits of Relying on WAGO for Touch Panels:

Discover the high-performance Touch Panels for demanding control and visualization tasks for your specific application. WAGO Touch Panels allow better information display with screen sizes significantly more prominent than others. The resolution is also higher with Full HD for displaying data in greater detail due to the onboard visualization, which never sacrifices response time.

Added benefits:

Energy-saving standby function

Integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment

Easy-to-mount design for hassle-free installation and operation.

Equipped with future-ready Linux® operating system.

Fast operating speed with the high-performance Multicore processor

For the perfectly tailored hardware features that can be utilized on a wide range of applications. WAGO provides the best solutions for modern and new-age touch panels with three product families for different operating requirements, learn more here.

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