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Why A Mobile App Is Best Alternative For Brick & Mortar Store?

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For any business, it is important to get hold of a targeted user base. Physical stores allow people to get the goods and services they require. They bring all the facilities in their neighborhood, making them easily accessible. The user just needs to get out to purchase them. Simple, isn’t it?

Well, not at all! And there are two major reasons why brick and mortar stores come under the second-best option. Take a look.

Why Physical Stores Are Second-best Option?

Commerce has seen a great transformation from the barter system to the brick and mortar stores and now the e-commerce. Over a period of time when the people realized that the barter system is not the best fit, they introduced money. With this new addition, the rise of physical shops took place. But the pattern here to notice is that every time when the humans are unable to reap maximum benefits out of any technique, change takes place.

Now the pattern of brick and mortar stores is standing on the verge of transformation. And there are two major reasons for this evident change. Let us look into the matter a little closer.    

REASON 1# The Digital Era

With the advent of different technologies, the world is constantly moving towards absolute digitalization. Applications are now taking over almost every single sector. Industries are also highly keen on adopting this tech. The actual reason behind its ever-growing popularity is the fact that they possess the capability to mend the persisting gaps present between the users and businesses. They have the potential to develop a smooth shopping experience for a customer. Digitalization has allowed us to get hold of the booming developments from any part of the world. 

REASON 2# The Global Pandemic 

The entire world is waging a war against a very powerful, deadly, infectious, and an invisible enemy. This has created a situation where the countries are going under lockdown. Physical shops are suffering a lot in this situation, developing a need for them to switch to digital means. Operating your shop from a website or from an application delivers a mush safer mode of operation. There are a lot of other advantages that are connected to having a business app, and we will be learning about them shortly. But we must know that this pandemic has changed the traditional means of business, and has pushed many to go digital.

These are the two major reasons why having only a shop in this century is not enough. Brands need to focus on developing an immaculate application for their audience, as it is the only way to witness an increasing revenue funnel. If you need a little extra push towards mobile apps, then keep reading to know more about it.

Reasons Why An App Is A Best Fit For You 

There are a number of reasons that would clearly explain the use of mobile app technology for any brand. It is time that we unravel a few of them for a better understanding. So without any further ado, let us begin.

1. Global audience

With an app, it is possible to break all the geographical limitations of a shop. It allows the user to connect with a brand from any part of the world. Whereas a shop has a limited reach on the local buyers. In case any of your loyal customers shift away from the shop, they still possess the power to connect and get your brand’s goods and services.

With global reach, both the company and its customer base can reap the unmatchable advantages. Don’t you think that with a digital platform the global audience can get hold of your brand? That is because the digital methods bridge the gaps that are present between the customers and business.      

2. Push notifications

This is the added feature in an application that helps a lot to get the users’ attention, at any time. Strategic use of this feature can result in a  lot of added advantages. Push notifications are used to update the user about any new feature. They go as a pop-up on the users’ mobile taskbar. This can be done at the time any customer is actively using the smartphone.   

This is a great ally for any business as it carries the capability to draw better sales without making an extra effort. All one needs is the right set of words to hit the bull’s eye. They possess the power to trigger the customers’ curiosity and motivates them to make the purchase, that they have been delaying for so long.

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3. Social media integration

Having social media platforms linked with the apps is a great marketing strategy to get hold of the customers’ friends and family. This allows the brand to expand the user base. By linking the process with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the user gets the power to promote your goods and services.    

4. 24*7 availability

With an application, it is simple to operate even during the wee hours. This provides the customers with the facility to shop at any time. One can even get hold of the products while traveling a train from one place to another. There is no need to stand in the never-ending queue just to get the basic groceries. Life has become actually very simple with the advent of application. 

5. Decrease in competition  

Not all shops have an application to deliver seamless services to their audience. This means one can easily eradicate the persisting competition without any problem. When your brand does not require the user to get dressed to walk the aisles of the shopping mall, there is no way they would choose any other medium to shop. The customers would always prefer to go online shopping after a tiring day at work.

With such great advantages, inclination towards the creation of mobile app development is evident.    


These are the top 5 reasons that explain why an application is better than a physical shop. But these are not all of them. When a shop switches to an app, it opens up a doorway to unmatchable opportunities. These opportunities help them a lot to top the chart and get hold of a constantly shooting revenue funnel. But every success is dependent on a strong foundation.

So make sure to develop an app with proper guidance from a brood that has adequate experience. Another thing that is important that requires your attention is the quality of the application. Always remember that there are a lot of alternatives present for your business app. So make extra efforts to hit the nail.

The pandora of mobile app technology has a lot in store, but the true success lies in the methods that you choose to develop it.

Drop your valuable views in the comment section and let us know what do you think about the huge shift from stores to apps! But until then, stay tuned to this space for more information. 

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