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The global logistics industry is valued at $4.92 Trillion in 2021. It is projected to reach $6.55 Trillion by 2027 at a CAGR of 4.7%. It will not be wrong to say that fleet management software has played a significant role in the rapid growth of the sector. 

With the evolution of the logistics sector, fleet monitoring software has also evolved over the years. The advent of technology has cast a magical and positive spell on the development of Fleet Tracking Solutions. 

Before we jump straight to the benefits of the new-age fleet management systems, let’s discuss the existing or conventional features

Conventional Features of Fleet Management Software

Telematics technology in itself is a new domain for common people. It has bloomed into a necessary commodity over the years as business owners and people are more aware and concerned about the safety of their goods. 

So, the following are the basic or must-have features in any fleet tracking software system.

  1. Real-time Tracking

Is a GPS Tracking system a software solution at all, if it does offer accurate live tracking? True! Accurate live tracking is the basis of all the other features and solutions offered by a fleet management software system. How can we expect the other features to work accurately if the locational data is flawed in the first place? 

  1. History and Reports

The software must be efficient enough to generate reports of every event and move of the vehicle. What sort of report? Travel summary report, vehicle status report, and geofence report to name a few. Most of the software providers offer 3-month history but advanced solutions such as TrackoBit provide a six-month history with a playback option.   

  1. Geofences and POIs

Geofences may seem like a small feature that every fleet tracking solution provides but it’s a trump card that can change the course of the game called fleet management. Geofences are like virtual boundaries that secure an area which is either forbidden, sacred or a must-visit. In any case, you get entry and exit reports for geofences and POIs. 

  1. Vehicle Status Alerts

First thing first what is vehicle status? The ignition on/off, running, stopped, idling, overspeeding, etc. are some of the vehicle statuses that the software monitors. The basic fleet tracking software allows you to opt for alerts every time a vehicle switches from one state to another. You have the leverage to custom-pick the status you want to get alerts for and leave the rest. 

  1. Basic Safety Features

Every fleet owners invest in a fleet management software system because he/she cares about its fleets, vehicles and the good they carry. The basic software comes with an SOS button a.k.a emergency buttons. As per new compliance, every commercial vehicle must have a panic button. Parking mode and Immobilisationa are some of the other security features that a good vehicle tracking software system must have. 

Advanced Features in a Fleet Management System

Heraclitus has said rightly, “The only constant in life is Change.” If a person or a thing cease to change with time it becomes obsolete. Fleet management solutions have changed over the years for good. 

We discussed earlier what features basic vehicle management software offers. Let’s level up for we are discussing the advanced features of modern fleet monitoring software. 

  1. Video Telematics

What telematics software was a decade ago, is what video telematics solutions are today. They are not at the early stage of evolution but not it hasn’t penetrated even a quarter of the market yet. The scope of development and adoption is humongous as of now. DMS and ADAS for the basic struct of video telematics software. DMS monitors and alerts the manager about the driver’s movements inside the cabin. ADAS on the other hand keeps an eye out for the on-road activities around the vehicle. 

For more details read what video telematics has in store for the fleet industry

  1. Driver Behaviour Analysis

Driver behaviour monitoring may not be a big deal in the APAC region but it’s a mandate in the European and North American parts of the world. Robust Fleet tracking software encompasses driver scores, driving behaviour analysis reports, violent driving alerts and many more features. This not only encourages driver and consignment safety but also encourages eco-friendly driving practices. 

Read more about Driver Behaviour Monitoring Solutions 

  1. Route Planning Solutions

A good route planning software can prove a game changer for any industry. Logistics, supply chain and FMCG are some industries that have tested the potential of route planning solutions. Mining, waste management and other sectors are also coming up with challenging use cases for route planning software providers. TrackoBit has successfully mitigated the real-life challenges for leading mining and FMCG companies in India and internationally. 

  1. Advanced Safety Features

Other than Emergency buttons, parking mode and immobilisation the safety features for a vehicle include battery safety alarms. Battery theft is one of the biggest challenges faced by transporters. TrackoBit devised a solution for this persistent problem. Offline tracking is another feature that leaves no scope for unforeseen security compromises that vehicles usually faced in no-network areas. 

  1. Vehicle Diagnostics

Managing a fleet of hundreds of vehicles is not just limited to tracking their movement. Timely servicing of vehicles, maintaining vehicle health and curbing unforeseen vehicle breakdowns are helluva challenges in themselves. As bad vehicle health will lead to bad performance, an increase in vehicle downtime and fuel wastage. This will result in declining profits. Modern-day software presents you with regular reports on vehicle health and alerts in case a vehicle is falling ill.

  1. Universal Sensor Integration

A fleet management software system will only be able to fetch adat and present a report if the hardware is 100% compatible with the software. Other than a GPS Tracker a vehicle may also have a fuel sensor, tire pressure monitor, cabin thermometer and other sensors. Therefore, it’s essential for software to be compatible will all protocols including ODB CAN.  

  1. Payment and Invoicing Solutions

This may seem like a feature that fleet management solutions can easily do without. However, as the fleet size grows and the number of transporters onboard also increases. This increases the hassle of invoicing and billing. The online payment gateway streamlines the entire payment process from service review to invoicing and raising bills to collecting payments and maintaining records in one place. 

  1. Fleet Analytics

An analytical dashboard is different from reports and the conventional dashboard. Only the top-notch fleet management software providers render in-depth analytics. These analytics not only help managers understand their fleet operations better but also sort hidden anomalies that are eating the fleet from the inside. 

Wanna see what a futuristic analytical dashboard looks like? Schedule a free demo with TrackoBIt today. 

Services Fleet Management Software Provider Must Offer

Now that we have touched upon the basic and advanced features that a good Fleet Monitoring software must propose, let’s have a look at the services they should render for better client experience and satisfaction. 

  1. White Label Fleet Management Software

Not every GPS tracking system provider may want a white-label fleet monitoring software solution but most entrepreneurs want the software they are trading further must have their brand name on it. You may ask for a complete design white label customised to your brand theme and UX requirements. 

  1. Third Party API Integrations

Every good software is an API-friendly software set-up that is completely okay with communication with other software via push and pulls APIs. No software can software all your operational requirements, therefore, bridging the interdepartmental software via API is the best and the most trusted way of automating organizational operations.  

  1. Top-notch Device Compatibility

As they say, the customer is the king who is always right. So, the kings may come with as many combinations of hardware devices as their transporters use. In order to keep every transporter and customer happy, your fleet tracking software must be compatible will all devices and protocols.  

  1. 24*7 Tech Support

Fleet management is a round-the-clock job because logistics is like a lifeline that can not stop. Therefore, an unforeseen glitch can pop up at any time as you are dealing with technology and tech also have a saturation point. So, around the clock support staff pulls you out of such issues. 

  1. Custom Solutions 

Well, not every fleet has the same set of requirements. The requirements for the solutions may vary from industry to industry. No, good software will give you a one size fits all software solution. Take TrackoBit for that matter, it lets you handpick your solutions and leave the ones that are useless to the industries you cater. You may also ask for custom reports and customised solutions as per your use cases. The basic structure of the module remains the same but the developers ad extra branches to the main branch of the module to make it more adaptable to your requirements.  

Settle for Advanced Fleet Monitoring Solutions and No Less. 

Well, we mean it. While the biggest logistics firms and fleet management organisations are preparing for the future why would a smart businessman settle for conventional fleet monitoring solutions when he gets a complete telematics solution from a better GPS Tracking software solution provider?

What? You don’t know where to find the perfect fleet management software solution? Here, schedule a demo with them.

You may thank us later!

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