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With a library nearly as large as other competing streaming platforms, Spectrum On-Demand has come a long way in terms of user experience and breadth of content available.

I was thinking of trying Spectrum On-Demand, but was hesitant about the whole thing because I barely knew what the service offered.

I was almost tired at this point of Netflix and Prime content, so I was thinking of giving the service a try since I already had Spectrum TV and an internet connection.

To learn more about Spectrum On-Demand, I visited various online websites, both user forums and Spectrum pages, to find out what they offered and if it was worth it.

After several hours of research, their offerings convinced me enough to finally give the service a try.

This article is the result of that research and should help you decide whether to try the service or subscribe to Spectrum for its On-Demand service.

Spectrum On-Demand is a complement to your Spectrum TV and an Internet connection, and you can access it anywhere you want from your mobile device.

Read on to find out which channels have on-demand content on Spectrum and where you can watch the streaming service.

How does Spectrum On-Demand work?

Although it may seem like a VOD service from yesteryear, the Spectrum On-Demand service works more like Netflix or Amazon Prime than cable TV VOD.

The On-Demand library is vast and has all the popular genres you need in movies and TV shows.

All the usual features you’d expect from a streaming service, like downloads, rewind, and more, are available on Spectrum On-Demand.

Some pay-per-view content is also available on Spectrum On-Demand and can be found in its own section on the website.

What makes Spectrum On-Demand worth the price

The main reason Spectrum On-Demand is worth the price is that it is fee-free.

It’s free for anyone who already has Spectrum TV and is included free with all Spectrum TV plans.

You can view On-Demand content from anywhere you want, on any device you want, which is another reason why Spectrum On-Demand is worth a try.

The DVR feature allows you to save movies and shows offline just like your cable box, allowing you to watch content from the service even if you don’t have access to your Wi-Fi.

There are also no ads, which is a great feature for someone coming from an ad-supported service like Hulu.

Parental controls is another feature that parents of children watching Spectrum On-Demand would love and will allow them to control what types of content are shown in the app.

Where can you watch Spectrum On-Demand?

Spectrum On-Demand is available on the Spectrum TV app, which also includes Live TV along with On-Demand movies and shows.

The app is available on most smart TVs and mobile devices; see below for a non-exhaustive list of compatible devices.

  • Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Amazon Fire TV devices.
  • Samsung Tizen OS TVs.
  • Apple TV devices.
  • Xbox One, Series X|S
  • Roku devices.

The notable absence here is that the Spectrum app isn’t available on LG TVs, but you can get around that by mirroring or casting the app on your phone to the TV.

Does Spectrum On-Demand have local channels?

The Spectrum TV app also offers live TV, as I mentioned before, but it doesn’t just offer the main national channels.

It also offers the local channels in your area, and which channels would be available depends on your location. Some channels may be geographically restricted.

Spectrum has a location flexibility option that allows you to watch channels from other regions of the country, but it only works with specific channels or networks.

Contact Spectrum to find out which channels are offered on Spectrum On-Demand in your area.

Channels in Spectrum On-Demand

With multiple networks available on Spectrum cable TV, all of those networks and their channels are available on Spectrum On-Demand.

There will also be a variety of genres, with all its sitcoms, action shows, comedy movies, children’s shows and more.

Popular channels available on Spectrum On-Demand are:

  • A B C
  • adult swimming
  • AMC
  • CBS
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • comedy central
  • discovery channel
  • disney channel
  • Fox
  • PBS
  • HBO Max and more.

This list is not exhaustive and to see the full list of channels, you can refer to Spectrum’s On-Demand channel list.


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