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Commercial kitchen designers, chefs, food and beverage managers, and purchasing experts must choose appliances, maintenance equipment, and cooking equipment to operate effectively in the cramped space. Understanding the four types of commercial kitchen equipment might help you develop a better plan for your facility.

Many kitchen tools can make your life easier when cooking and preparing meals. Here are the 4 categories of kitchen equipment:

Food Storage:

Food storage is an essential component of any kitchen. It consists of equipment that keeps food fresh and helps preparers cook food efficiently. The first category includes:

In addition, commercial kitchens need ample storage space for their ingredients. Some examples are:

1- Refrigerators:

Refrigerators provide commercial kitchens with a place to store items that keep best at low temperatures. (ex. meat, cheese, etc.)

2- Freezers:

Freezers hold food and ingredients until they’re ready to be cooked and served.

3- Ice Makers:

Ice makers are designed to produce ice as it’s needed. This saves space because they don’t have to store a whole block of ice in the refrigerator.

4- Display counters:

Display counters keep food visible, so chefs, customers, and staff know what they have to work with.

5- Vegetable Storage:

Food storage includes equipment for vegetables. Vegetables are prepared in the same way as meat, but they require more care and are often considered less desirable by customers.

6- Fruit storage:

Fruit storage includes bins that can keep food fresh for up to 30 days under ideal conditions.

Food Preparation Equipment:

Food preparation is the second category of kitchen appliances. A commercial kitchen needs multiple equipments to help operators cook food quickly and efficiently. The following are some examples:

1- Mixers:

Mixers are used to prepare many cooking, baking, and canning recipes. This piece of equipment is used in multiple areas of a kitchen and has a variety of attachments to accomplish different tasks.

2- Grills:

Grills are often the first piece of equipment used in the production process. They can be used to cook large amounts of food quickly, and are a staple in every commercial kitchen.

3- Slicers:

Slicers are used to prepare ingredients for cooking. Chefs use slicers to slice large quantities of meat, cheese, and vegetables quickly and efficiently.

4- Steamers:

Steamers are used like crockpots. They’re designed to keep food warm for long periods, but do not cook it.

5- Cooking Range and Burners:

Cooking ranges and burners are used to prepare breakfast and lunch for customers. They are often the most expensive piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen, so they’re often located in the front or back of the building.

6- Fryers:

Fryers are used to prepare fried food quickly and efficiently. They’re often located near cooking ranges and burners because they use a similar fuel source.

7- Baking Equipment:

Baking equipment includes ovens, oven microwaves, and convection ovens. These appliances are used to prepare baked goods for customers and employees.

Maintenance Equipment:

The third category of kitchen equipment is maintenance equipment. This equipment aims to keep the facility clean and sanitary at all times. It includes:

1- Floor Maintenance Equipment:

Floor maintenance equipment includes scrubbers, sweepers, mops, and vacuums. These pieces of equipment are used to keep the floors clean in commercial kitchens.

2- Drying Equipment:

Drying equipment includes dishwashers, tray dryers, and drying racks. These pieces of equipment help operators keep the dishes clean and sanitary.

3- Sanitizing Equipment:

Sanitizing equipment includes sanitizers, chemical dispensers, and sanitizer buckets. These items are used to keep the kitchen clean and safe for customers.

4- Washing Equipment:

Washing equipment includes dishpans, utensils, and handwashing stations. These pieces of equipment help operators keep the kitchen clean and sanitary.

5- Cleaning Equipment:

Cleaning equipment includes mops, scrubber brushes, and washing machine filters. It’s used to keep the equipment in a commercial kitchen clean and intact.

6- Dish Warmers:

Dish warmers keep dishes and utensils warm as they wait to be served. They’re often located near the dishwashing area because they use similar equipment.

Equipment for Preparing and Serving Food:

The fourth category of kitchen equipment is serving food. Serving equipment includes cooking equipment, ovens, and coolers to prepare and serve food.

1- Ovens:

Ovens are used for cooking a variety of foods. They’re also the most expensive piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen.

2- Cookers:

Cookers are required to keep food hot so it can be served quickly. Cookers are commonly found at the front or back of a building because they use similar fuel sources.

3- Serving Tables:

Serving tables are used to keep food warm and visible. They’re usually located near the kitchen to help operators prepare food for customers.

4- Coolers:

Coolers are used to keep beverages and other items fresh for customers. They’re often found towards the front or back because they use similar fuel sources as ovens.

Commercial kitchens have many different equipment and appliances that make preparing, cooking, and serving food easier. Including a commercial kitchen in a business plan can be a good way to obtain funding or better equipment for employees.

Commercial kitchen equipment cost

Equipment costs vary depending on the food being served and the volume of food being prepared and served. If one item breaks, kitchen appliances can be repaired or replaced if necessary. These appliances include refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, cooking ranges, and other types of equipment. Moreover, you may also need bar equipment if you plan to open a bar, restaurant, or café.


Many businesses need to serve food to their customers to provide services and meet operating expenses. In turn, food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. When selecting equipment for a commercial kitchen, it is important to make sure the kitchen can meet the business needs and expectations.

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