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What are the Benefits of Private School Education?

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When it comes to public and private schools, Singapore has quite a few to boast about, which often puts parents in a dilemma about which one to pick. When given the choice of public or private school, the prime deciding factor for any parent should narrow down to the education quality and overall development their child stands to receive. It comes as no surprise that private schools Singapore are clear winners when it comes to these two evaluators. 

From the latest tools and technology and modern curriculum to smaller class sizes and talented faculty, private schools such as OWIS international school in Singapore, provide an experience that is immersive, result-oriented, and engaging – both from an education and personality development standpoint.  

What Does Private School Mean?

A private school is one that the government does not fund. It is supported by the payment of fees it receives from the students going there. It may also raise funds through private individuals and private organizations. 

Top Benefits of Private Schools

Private schools, Singapore based and globally, offer a host of benefits, making them an exceedingly popular child amongst parents. Here are a few benefits that will strengthen your choice of picking a private school for your child. 

More secure environment

Private schools have a strong reputation for upholding high safety standards and school monitoring. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, they can exhibit more control over students and discourage dangerous behavior such as teasing and bullying. Safety extends to hygiene and health standards which became indispensable after the pandemic. Private schools offer a private bus door-to-door service which further ensures that your child remains safe, giving you peace of mind. For busy families, a few private schools provide before and after school care programs aimed at special care to keep the child safe. 

Impeccably adept faculty 

We at OWIS recognize that our students come from all over the world, representing a myri8ad of cultures. We ensure that the same diversity is represented among our educators. We have recruited teachers from all over, including countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia etc. Teachers at private schools are dynamic, passionate about education, and work collaboratively with the students to ensure they can provide everything the child needs to be successful. Private schools appeal to talented and passionate teachers who nurture pupils, intending to get the best out of them. They encourage a love of learning, unleash their creative side, and motivate them to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Rigorous and relevant academic curriculum 

Private schools are academically focused, and students who go here achieve excellent exam results and have higher chances of getting into an extensive list of leading universities. Schools re-evaluate their syllabus periodically to ensure that it is balanced, broad, and relevant. Private schools inculcate a culture of aspiration and inspire pupils to achieve their best.

Lifelong learning and evolved teaching methods.

At OWIS, the educators and administrators work together to ensure that every student becomes a lifelong learner. Private schools follow a more inquiry-based learning system where children don’t memorise facts and reiterate the information during exams, instead we coax them to think independently and critically and then discuss their findings. Our focus is hands-on learning that will empower students with 21st-century skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive and globalized economy.

Extracurricular activities

Private schools are great at finding things for their students to excel at. They boast of numerous clubs and activities that students can participate in, spanning sports, drama, music, debate, electronics etc. At OWIS we have a Multi-purpose Auditorium, comprehensive library, expert classes for drama, art and music, and designated facilities for outdoor sports and play, such as a running track, basketball court and football. We even have a nature forest to expose our students to nature and understand its importance!

Unmatched technologically advanced facilities 

Private schools charge higher fees to be able to provide the best and latest technology out there for their students to use. At OWIS, our classrooms are well-equipped with new-age technology like interactive whiteboards, Apple TVs, iPads, and other learning resources that encourage teamwork and cooperation. 

IB Programs for Expat Families

Private schools in Singapore offer special international student programs such as the International Baccalaureate Programme which is extremely beneficial to help children seamlessly get integrated into the community. IB programs are globally recognized and aimed at providing a unique and global take on studies while providing a solid foundation for university.

A bespoke curriculum

One of the most prominent advantages of private schools is that they can pick an independent curriculum different from the country’s National Curriculum. They can opt for CBSE, IGSCE, country-specific or IB programs and broaden their educational provision. This means that a private school will be able to offer a wider range of subjects such as modern foreign languages, politics, history or art, psychology, classics, and photography. At OWIS Singapore, globally recognised curriculum options such as the IGCSE, IB PYP, and IB Diploma are offered that embark your child on a path of lifelong learning and self-discovery, allowing them to grow into responsible global citizens. 

One-to-one attention

Since the class sizes in private schools are smaller than those of public schools, they can be given more attention. Every student has their limitations and unique learning capabilities – a private school allows the teachers to recognize this and give individual attention where needed. They move at the pace of the student and do not adopt a one size fits all teaching method. Personal guidance and one-on-one education results in improved performance. 

Why Are Private Schools Better Than Public?

Private schools are better funded than public schools ensuring a better standard of education and extracurricular facilities for your child. They have a more flexible and competitive curriculum as they are not restricted by the standardization of education that public schools follow. The private school curriculum is more specialized and flexible. It encourages the real-world application of the curriculum, rather than just learning to clear exams. Lastly, private schools boast a more favorable teacher-to-student ratio, which is a huge pitfall for public schools, especially in bigger cities. Classrooms are smaller, and your child will get more face time with their educators making learning more hands-on compared to a public school context. 


Private schools, especially international school in Singapore, have become an increasingly coveted choice with prospective parents. From a global outlook and smaller class sizes to excellent teaching and exceptional new-age facilities in the educational sector, schools such as OWIS have taken precedence over other options available. 

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