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WATCH: U-23 Baseball World Cup 2022 live update 19.10.22

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The 2022 U-23 World Cup baseball game, the first international baseball game to be held in Taiwan after the epidemic, will be held on the 13th at the Taipei Municipal Tianmu Baseball Stadium, Inter Baseball Stadium -mainland Taichung, and Yunlin County Lidouliu Baseball Stadium on the 13th. The baseball stadiums started at the same time. The Chinese U-23 baseball team was divided into Group A in the qualifiers with Colombia, Germany, Japan, South Africa and Venezuela, hoping to win the first championship in the presence of strong enemies.

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The U-23 World Cup Baseball Game, formerly known as the U-21 World Cup Baseball Game, was held in Taichung in 2014. The Chinese team, led by coach Guo Li Jianfu, includes Wang Borong , Su Zhijie, Chen Jiexian, Guo Junlin, Huang Zipeng, Song Jiahao, etc. Players who became famous players from each team achieved 4 wins and 1 loss in the preliminaries and above to the championship game, and in the championship game, the Japanese team won the first U-21 World Cup baseball Championship with a 9-0 victory. After being restructured into the U-23 World Cup Baseball Tournament in 2015, Japan, Mexico and Venezuela won the first three championships.

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The top 3 teams in the heats of this tournament will advance to the semi-finals and bring the results of the three teams, while the bottom 3 teams will be relegated to the place match. The teams that advance to the semi-finals will compete with the other 3 teams in the heats, the top 2 teams will advance to the championship game, and the teams 3-4 will advance to r third place. compete with the other team 3. Cross-cycle, and finally use the record as the basis of a position from 7-12.

In terms of competition rules, the regular number of rounds in this tournament is the same as that of U-15, U-18 and other competitions. Since the 8th game, the stalemate system has been adopted. When the record is the same, the ranking basis is as follows: Win vs. Quality Rate vs. Responsibility and Loss Rate > vs. Strike Rate > Bronze Throw to determine position.

[Cynrychiolydd tîm Tsieineaidd ym 4ydd Twrnamaint Pêl-fas Cwpan y Byd U-23 yn 2022]

  • Head Coach:77 Xie Chengxun (Taitung University)
  • trainer:3 Tommy Cruz, 7 Zheng Dahong (Taichung City), 23 Shen Baicang (Cultural University), 29 Guo Yongzhi (Taiwan University of Physical Education), 63 Qiu Junwen (National University of Physical Education), 81 Chen Zonghong (Taipei Xingfufa)
  • pitcher:11 Guo Dinghong (Taiwan Electric Power), 15 Ba Qingshao (Taiwan Electric Power), 16 You Tengyao (Taitung University), 17 Chen Yuhong (Taiwan Steel Eagle), 18 Wang Yancheng (Lotte Golden Eagle), 27 Lai Yanfeng (Treasury Cooperative ), 48 Zhuang Chen Zhongao (Auckland Athlete), 56 Lin Zhenwei (Cultural University), 70 Xu Jilin (CITIC Brothers), 71 Zhuang Xinyan (Lotte Peach Ape), 88 Li Chenxun (National University of Science and Technology)
  • holder:9 Zhang Xiang (Unity 7-ELEVEN Lion)
  • Infield:4. Lin Yuegu (Fubon Titans), 5. Li Yiwei (Cooperative Treasury), 12. Wang Tengyu (Taitung University), 14. Xie Tongen (New Taipei Helian), 24. Ji Qingran (Taiwan Steel Eagle), 73. Chen Shengping (Arizona Diamondbacks), 94 Yang Junxiang (United 7-ELEVEN Lion)
  • Fielder:22 Zeng Chenzuo (Taiwan Steel Eagle), 32 Zeng Songen (CITIC Brothers), 66 Luo Weijie (Union 7-ELEVEN Lion), 98 Yan Guojin (Taiwan Electric Power)

[Amserlen ddyddiol 4ydd Twrnamaint Pêl-fas Cwpan y Byd U-23 yn 2022]


Group A on October 13

Group A on October 14th

October 14 Group B Rounds

  • 10:00 Puerto Rico 5:0 Cuba @ Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Rebroadcast platform: Elda Sports 2/getwin sport/LINE Today)
  • 14:30 Mexico 3:2 Australia @ Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Rebroadcast platform: Elda Sports 2/getwin sport/LINE Today)
  • 19:00 Korea 4:0 Netherlands @ Tianmu Baseball Stadium (Rebroadcast platform: Elda Sports 2/getwin sport/LINE Today)

Group A on October 15th

October 15 Group B Rounds

Group A on October 16

October 16 Group B Rounds

  • 10:00 Puerto Rico: [email protected] Dance Park(Postponed 10/18 19:00)
  • 14:30 Netherlands 0:4 Mexico @Tianmu Baseball StadiumDouliu Baseball Stadium
  • 19:00 Cuba 0:4 [email protected]Tianmu Baseball StadiumDouliu Baseball Stadium

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Group A on October 17th

October 17 Group B Rounds

  • 10:00 Mexico 2:3 Puerto Rico @Tianmu Baseball StadiumDouliu Baseball Stadium
  • 14:30 Netherlands 3:2 Cuba @Tianmu Baseball StadiumDouliu Baseball Stadium
  • 19:00 Australia 3:4 [email protected]Tianmu Baseball StadiumDouliu Baseball Stadium

Group A on October 18

October 18 Group B Rounds

October 19 Group B Rounds

  • 10:00 Australia: Cuba at Tianmu Baseball Stadium (reserved game 10/15)
  • 12:30 Netherlands: Puerto Rico at Tianmu Ballpark
  • 15:00 Korea: [email protected] Ballpark

【2022 U-23 World Cup Baseball 4th Preliminary Game Results】

Group A

China: 5-0

Japan: 4 wins and 1 loss

Colombia: 3 wins and 2 losses

Venezuela: 2 wins, 3 losses

Germany: 1 win 4 losses

South Africa: 0 wins and 5 losses

Group B

South Korea:4 wins and 0 losses

Australia: 2 wins and 2 losses

Puerto Rico: 2 wins, 2 losses

Mexico: 2 wins, 2 losses

Netherlands: 1 win 3 losses

Cuba: 1 win 3 losses

[2022 4ydd Twrnamaint Pêl-fas Cwpan y Byd U-23 Gwefan swyddogol WBSC]

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