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Affiliation had a couple of expertise in the stock and establishment

VIEFFE – CONTROSOFFITTI is an alliance that shows more than 40 years of thought with advancing and basis of materials to work on dry works.


Via Orbetello, 119 – 10148 Torino, TO

Fundamental dominance and limit are the standard credits of the connection which, considering the presence of expert staff, has sorted out a suitable technique for working in the field of fire security and warm and acoustic affirmation.

Vieffe Srl deals with the hold of plasterboard, mineral fiber, mineral fleece, calcium silicate, fiber cement and fire hindrance systems, as well as the supporting of phony rooftops, walls, misleading walls, security of crossing centers and channels.

With quality and cutting edge gadgets we are broadly partaken in the use of recessed luminaires and spotlights for a sham rooftop.

With the experience and plan limit that has depicted it since its establishment, Vieffe Srl can offer the most sensible response for a need.

The energy for our work

Welcome to our new “home”! It isn’t quite easy to take a gander at one’s Relationship without getting gotten up by the energy of reviewing 40 years of activity through a languid yet consistent insane differentiation in the overall people in which we live and, thusly, of the market wherein we continue to work.

I review, like it were today, the difficulties in presenting a “astonishing” thing, for instance, plasterboard to a market used only to stone work… yet, vast years, I have seen this improvement secure itself in the whole of its applications.

I by and large study the shock of unquestionably the essential clients who saw their arrangements saw in a particularly short period of time: faultlessness of nuances, unimaginable compositional solutions for be made in stone work, fulfilling conditions and surprisingly low costs!

Similarly, this is the means by which we made the stream business structure: a course of action where area managers and their own clients can find both standard things and market interests since, it should dependably be featured, the trip for new materials and new foundation strategy will not whenever stop.

Today our clients are informed authorities, fashioners, coordinators, that is chiefs a gigantic degree (even abroad!), and we have really impacted into a viewpoint for everyone because together we track down the most sensible response for every sort of progress need.

Our responsibility is to supply materials of the best quality and constantly creative so our client tracks down in us an aseptic supplier of materials, yet at the same time an all set, fragile and dependable ornament.

Our adage?

“Endeavoring to turn out to be together”.

John Vanoli

Misleading rooftops in wood, metal and more in Piedmont

Vieffe Srl is a general undeniable level relationship in the improvement of misdirecting roofs in wood, metal and various materials.

Style and elegance are constantly the clarification of our activities in general.

Unequivocal wooden rooftops

Wood, the most common and generally around flawless material for inside upgrade, is the best choice for your striking endeavors. Both overlay and veneered, with different characters, the deliberate plans make this sort of joke rooftop one more choice for unequivocal settings, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, shops and bistros.

For an overwhelming acoustic show, different sorts of openings are made, with different kinds of mounting systems, with perceivable plan, Microlook version covered structure, where the improvement can go out to be, whether prominent, a further household item and clean .

Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs

Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs offer makers a certainly gladdening and imaginative blend of style and execution, as well as limitless decisions, for inside plan. They mix unprecedented game-plan plans with the strength of mortar and unfathomable sound help credits.

Armstrong express mineral fiber rooftops

Armstrong express mineral fiber rooftops can be presented considering reasons going from feel to some place safe. A tremendous typology of updates and affiliations that answer the most unambiguous market needs.

Inspectability, authenticity and acoustic execution are undeniably the most charming pieces of mineral fiber rooftops.

Misdirecting rooftops and plasterboards in Turin

The Vieffe Srl association works with liability and amazing expertise in the city of Turin. In view of the certain usage of plasterboard, our stockrooms are for each situation particularly stacked with material. Differentiation and quality are the eccentric credits of the materials and gadgets with which we do building works reliably, with a huge innovative and style reference.

Reliably our association produces plasterboard deceiving rooftops available, upon request, moreover as decorations and as equipping parts.

Plasterboard rooftops

The plasterboard deceiving rooftops made by Vieffe Srl have a triple utility, utilitarian and at the same time classy.

Indeed, our false rooftops are used to cover, secure and improve houses, working environments, lodgings, shops and various floors of the development being alluded to.

Plasterboard walls in Turin

Vieffe Srl is an association that has been acquiring useful involvement with the arrangement and improvement of safeguarding plasterboard section walls for more than 40 years.

Safeguarding portion walls are the best response for apportioning the living or working space with sensibility and value, at uncommonly low costs stood out from various courses of action and for all intents and purposes no meddling construction intercessions.

The creation of plasterboard walls turns out to be exceptionally utilitarian and brings, at the same time, quick and clear benefits. By virtue of plasterboard as per the viewpoint of energy saving, getting warm and acoustic protection will be less complex. On the other hand, considering everything, the improvement of walls grants you to update the space according to individual inclinations and necessities.

Warm security

Warm insurance has transformed into a major issue for everyone.

Costs, but over all the regular impact of abilities, have become subjects of ordinary interest. Safeguarding homes and workplaces well is major. Plasterboard sheets joined with safeguarding materials, for instance, glass wool, rock downy and various others are conclusive for both new and existing designs.


Acoustic comfort has become principal for everyday presence. The most vanguard and predominant execution courses of action can be made with plasterboard and gypsum plates.

The plans that VIEFFE SRL are HABITO Specialty mortar fiber lumps Fermacell LIGNUM segment and TECNOBOARD mortar plates, the most ideal courses of action that anyone could hope to find that can be gotten together with existing or as of late caused conditions

book shops

Almost everyone knows the adaptability of covered mortar, yet few out of every odd individual understands that new progressions have been intended to simplify the occupation and to achieve further developed results.

Indications of plasterboard racks, with a trademark look, improvement of arranged to-gather segments, covering of stacks and twisted walls, to get more stunning and explicit settings.

Deceiving rooftops made with different levels, with corners or changed edges and various different potential results that the new progressions made available to us grant us to make.

This allows the development of continuously extraordinary and innovative settings, without difficult issues and, above all, without long lead times.

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