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Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is an anti-fungal medicine. It is back in the cure regarding a range of fungal infections affecting your skin, lungs, mouth, throat, meninges (protective bed protecting the Genius yet spinal cord), etc. It works by way of stopping the growth regarding fungi, for this reason stopping the range on infections. durability

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet execute motive facet outcomes as nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach discomfort, etc. Consult including your doctor agreement these facet consequences are continual and/or getting worse. Avoid things to do as driving vehicles and operating machines while receiving this medicine namely that do from time to time purpose dizziness.

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet perform keep committed with yet except food. Continue in imitation of drink it medicinal drug because of the true period also proviso ye feel higher below a bit doses namely it may extend the gamble of re-infection.

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is no longer advocated because makes use of postulate ye are allergic after it. Inform you doctor condition you hold courage then kidney problems, yet anybody ignoble scientific conditions. Report all thy current medicines in conformity with you physician earlier than beginning the treatment as like that may have interaction including Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet and reason side effects. Consult thine physician proviso thou are big yet are breastfeeding earlier than arrival that medicine.


List concerning substitutes because Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet

Fluka 150mg Tablet – CIPLA LTD.

Zocon DT 100mg Tablet- fdc ltd.

Flustan 200 MG Tablet – Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.

Nuforce 200 MG Tablet – Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Zocon 200 MG Tablet – Fdc Ltd.

Side effects

Major & infant facet effects because Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet

  • Headache
  • Nausea then vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Indigestion
  • Hair loss
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling about face, lips, eyelids, tongue, hands or ft
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Uses over Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet
  • What is that true for?
  • Oropharyngeal Candidiasis
  • Oesophageal Candidiasis
  • Cryptococcal Meningitis
  • Vaginal Candidiasis
  • Fungal Urinary Tract Infection
  • Peritonitis
  • Candidemia
  • Prophylaxis on Infections among Special Population
  • Fungal Pneumonia
  • Skin fungal infections.

Commonly requested questions

  • How lengthy does that take for that remedy in accordance with drink effect?

It is now not acknowledged now Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet pleasure start its employment after administration.

  • How long slave the results over it medication last?

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet may continue to be within your physique because approximately 7-8 days.

  • Is that Immune in imitation of devour booze whilst arrival it medicine?

Interaction together with booze is unknown. It is really useful in imitation of consult thy medical doctor earlier than consumption.

  • Is this a addiction manufacturing medicine?

No habit-forming tendencies had been pronounced because buy Fluconazole 200 MG tablet

  • Can that medicinal drug remain performed in the course of pregnancy?

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is now not advocated because of usage at some stage in being pregnant so that may also damage your foetus. Consult thine health practitioner postulate thou are pregnant.

  • Can this medication remain performed whilst breast-feeding?

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is protected for use whilst breastfeeding. However, keep away from arrival it medicinal drug except consulting your doctor.

When not after use?


Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is now not recommended for makes use of postulate ye are allergic in conformity with it. Seek immediately medical attention condition thou ride signs such so skin rash, itching/swelling (especially over the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, respiration difficulty, etc.

QT recess prolonging drugs

Fluka 150mg Capsule might also motive QT adjournment (a situation in as your mettle muscle mass bust a longer age after recharge into a heartbeat) among some cases. Hence, that remedy is no longer advocated for utilizes collectively with sordid medicines that may additionally also reason QT adjournment certain as like Cisapride, Primozide, Quinidine, etc. as such may in addition aggravate your condition.


Warnings because of exceptional population

  1. Pregnancy

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is not encouraged because makes use of at some point of pregnancy as much such may also harm you foetus. Consult your doctor agreement ye are pregnant.


Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet is sure because of usage whilst breastfeeding. However, keep away from receiving this medication without consulting you doctor.

Alternative medicine are follow,

Forcan 200mg Tablet (Fluconazole)

Zocon 0.3% Eye Drop (Fluconazole)

General warnings

  • Skin problems

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet can also reason skin conditions within who thou may additionally enhance bitter rashes then blisters over you skin so much ultimately begin to derm off. Hence, consult your physician proviso thou advance a skin brash for the duration of treatment along that medicine.

Driving or working machines

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet might also occasionally cause dizziness yet seizures (sudden, insensitive electrical anxiety of your brain). Hence, avoid activities kind of using or working machines condition ye experience such symptoms.

  • Heart condition

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet must stand back including warning proviso you hold heart issues as this medicinal drug might also purpose QT tarriance (a condition of as thy courage muscular tissues take a longer age to recharge of a heartbeat). Thus, that can also similarly irritate your condition.


  • Missed Dose

Try no longer after pass by a dose regarding Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet. Take the ignored dose namely quickly as like you remember. If such is period because of thine next dose, bypass the neglected dose. Do now not double the dose after pay because of a neglected one.


Do not smoke extra than the dose true by your doctor. Contact you health practitioner if ye suppose an overdose together with Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet.


All tablets interact otherwise for man or woman according to person. You need to take a look at whole the viable interactions including your physician earlier than beginning any medicine.

Why generic product is important?

Rather than being known by a brand name, generic products are distinguished by their characteristics alone. All of this helps keep the product’s price down significantly. When comparing generic and brand-name products, consumers tend to pay close attention to and compare their lists of individual ingredients also its buy from doze pharmacy

Disease interactions

  • Liver Disease

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet have to keep back along caution proviso you have heart issues as it medicinal drug is damaged under into your liver. An impaired heart pleasure no longer use the medicinal drug properly, administration in imitation of elevated degrees concerning unused medicine between you blood. It may also also motive in addition liver damage.

  • Kidney Disease

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet have to be aged including caution salvo ye hold kidney problems namely a broken kidney can also conduct after procurement of clean remedy into thy physique or amplify the jeopardy over side effects. Your physician may additionally advocate every other appropriate medication then modify the dose for this reason based over thine condition.

Food interactions

Information now not available.

  • Lab interactions

This is now not an whole listing of feasible physic interactions. You should seek advice from your doctor in relation to whole the possible interactions of the tablets you’re taking.

  • General Instructions

Take Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet as much steered by you doctor. Do no longer crush, spoil then chew the tablet. Avoid adoption greater than the encouraged dose.

How that works

Fluconazole 200 MG Tablet stability manufactory by strong the growth regarding fungus and stopping the measure over infection.

Legal Status

  1. USA- Approved
  2. AFRICA- Approved
  3. CANADA- Approve
  4. UK- Approve
  5. India- approve


Category-Azole antifungals

Schedule- Schedule H

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