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Most students in the field of commercial applications and economics tend to do MBA after they graduate from college. For these MBA students, the most sought-after career lies in the capital market. This market has a lot of opportunities and lots of scope for growth and success as well. Plus, it’s a lot profitable too.

However, you will require a specific set of skills for career in capital markets to land a successful job. If you wish to know these skills, continue reading below to find your answers.

What Career Opportunities Are There In The Capital Market?

If you are searching for skills for career in capital markets, then you must align them with what career opportunities you have. The various career opportunities in the capital market are:

1. Credit Analyst

Average Salary in the USA: $58,000 per annum

The role of a credit analyst is to ascertain the financial conditions of a firm and understand its financial requirements. Every business needs funds to operate. Therefore, depending on the firm’s requirements, the credit analyst can calculate how much loan is required. This is dependent on the current financial standings of the firm and its financial requirements to meet business objectives.

2. Fund Manager

Average Salary in the USA: $67,000 per annum

The primary objective of the fund manager is to estimate at what price the company should sell its stocks. This is dependent on the current financial standing of the firm and how much its financial worth is. 

3. Broker

Average Salary in the USA: $78,000 per annum

Working in tandem with the fund manager, the broker’s job is to purchase and sell stocks on their behalf. Brokers can also trade the portfolio and assets of the company by acquiring the best buyers at the best price.

4. Underwriter

Average Salary in the USA: $78,000 per annum

The job of the underwriter is to analyze the credit standings of a firm and qualify them for loans. This is based on the operations of the firm and its predicted profitability in the term of the loan.

5. Risk Manager

Average Salary in the USA: $114,000 per annum

Various new undertakings and operations of firms have lots of financial risks. These risks are analyzed and calculated by a risk manager. Their job is to quantify these risks and suggest ideas to reduce these business risks.

What Skills For Career In Capital Markets Do You Require?

Some of the skills for career in capital markets that you will require to be a professional are:

1. Mathematical Knowledge

When it comes to the capital market, understanding mathematics is essential. This is because to understand capital, you need to use formulas and solve mathematical equations to find out answers. This market follows a set of logic, which can be defined by using maths.

Therefore, you can say that this market runs on a black-and-white situational basis. If it falls in the grey area and cannot be explained mathematically, it means you are doing something wrong.

2. Knowledge Of Economics

The capitals market is always changing. This is because various factors affect the prices in this market. To understand these drivers of change, you need to have a good grasp of various economic concepts. This will help you understand various factors affecting the market, like inflation, deflation, market risks, politics, etc.

3. Bottom-Up Analytical Skills

You need to understand the various factors that affect the capital market. Therefore, to understand these factors, you need to review the current scenario from a bottom-up perspective. This includes researching various factors like prices and rates to come up with the most reasonable answers.

4. Top Down Inferential Skills

Sometimes, you need to look at the bigger picture from a top-down perspective to understand various factors in the market. This is important because once you understand the bigger picture, you will be able to analyze it after segregating it into various parts. Then, it will become easier for you to understand the market and analyze it in the best way possible.

5. Programming Knowledge

Just understanding mathematics and having a good grasp of economics is not enough to analyze the market. You need to have appropriate computer knowledge related to programming on various applications.

This includes having extensive knowledge regarding how to calculate and predict market forecasts and trends by calculating data and various algorithms. Having such skills for career in capital markets is necessary to increase productivity and reduce errors as much as possible.

6. Communication Skills

If you want to understand skills for career in capital markets, then communication skills are pretty important. These skills are important because, at the end of the day, you will not be working alone in the office. You will have several other employees as your team members.

You need to communicate with them to accomplish business objectives together. In addition, in the capital market, you might work as a capital advisor for clients. Here, you need to understand how to communicate with clients in the most professional way possible.

7. Discipline

One final skill for career in capital markets is to understand that discipline and patience is the key to success. This is because of the dynamic nature of the market. You need to always think one step ahead. Therefore, you need to predict things to succeed in this field.

However, this can be very stressful and hectic, with long working hours. Therefore, you need to always keep calm, collected, and disciplined to not buckle under pressure.

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You should know various skills for career in capital markets if you are interested in this field. This market is pretty lucrative, with a lot of earning and growth capabilities.

Some of the most essential skills you require include economic and mathematical knowledge, proper communication, and disciplinary skills. Learning these skills will definitely land you a good job in this industry.

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