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Pros and cons of living in Florida in a nutshell:

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  • You can grow oranges in your garden.
  • You can get a house within your budget
  • You can enjoy the calm air and great photos with palm trees.
  • You can enjoy swimming in the pool whenever you want
  • There are countless places in Florida to celebrate Christmas
  • Great news for students! If you want to further your knowledge and do research, the University of Florida is the best place to study.


  • I regret moving to Florida because my house was near the coast and when I planned to move from Florida the price went down.
  • It’s great to hear swimming, but do you want to swim when the temperature is 88 degrees Celsius?
  • The hot and humid weather is enough to keep you sick all year long. This was the reason I did not move to Florida.
  • I didn’t have to pay state income taxes, true, but I have to pay tons of money for my driver’s license. In Florida, you have to pay for everything. You have to pay at the parking station by the hour.
  • If you’re wondering if it’s safe to move to Florida, I bet bears, alligators, snakes, and all the scary reptiles can visit your home.
  • If you plan to retire in Florida, ask yourself: can you deal with bees and bugs?
  • You can find the cheapest cities to visit in Florida, but if you want peace around the valleys and mountains, this is not the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Regret Moving To Florida

1. What’s wrong with living in Florida?

A: The worst thing about living in Florida is its humid tropical climate. It is very hot and the heat wave during the afternoons feels like it is piercing your body inside and out.

2. What is the safest area to live in Florida?

A: In my opinion, Weston is the safest area to live in Florida. It has a high quality of life that I always dreamed of and is less crowded.

3. What do you need to move to Florida?

A: First you need a job or a bank account that has a lot of cash in it and then you can enjoy the beauty of the place. You have to pay for your property, insurance, buy food and maintain a standard of living.

4. What do I need to know before moving to Florida?

A: Before moving to Florida, I would recommend that you do some research. I have mentioned to you all the adverse effects of the place. If you are a digital nomad, think before you come to this place. This place can be expensive.

5. Can I move to Florida without a job?

A: Yes, you can move to Florida without a job. But your bank account must have the cash to pay for your lifestyle.

6. Do retirees regret moving to Florida?

A: In my opinion, the correct answer is yes. Retirees want a quiet place, but Florida is much more crowded.


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