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Aston University has never disappointed students on any front, be it graduate studies, post-graduate courses, or short courses. The place is home to local and international students enrolled in various courses to progress in their careers. Talking about professional short courses, students can get their hands on the required skills and knowledge to secure esteemed positions in the industry. Short courses are relatively quick to complete and are related to a particular period. This student guide will reveal you can enroll in professional short courses at Aston University. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Professional short courses at Aston University:

Expanding your knowledge and skills does not come around only with professional degrees. What if you don’t have enough time for these extensive degrees? You don’t need to worry, as professional short courses at Aston university can help your cause! The industry-recognized courses help you develop skills to occupy a space in the industry. We have compiled a few for you at Aston University. Let us dive deep into the list!

1. Adult Rehabilitation:

Individuals working as clinicians in the auditory field are well-off with adult rehabilitation short courses. They can get extensive knowledge and develop skills to undergo assessment and rehabilitation in the said field. Moreover, the critical appraisal of clinical practices like hearing management and loss of hearing can make you a decision-maker.

The adult rehab short course is a standalone module, providing students with a theoretical background in hearing sciences. Students can make evidence-based decision-making after a critical analysis of clinical practices. When it comes to demonstrating knowledge of routine clinical practices, students can show their power. The course allows you to explore the following topics:

  • Management of hearing disorders in adults
  • Acoustics and Psychoacoustics
  • Audiological assessment

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2. Advanced Contact Lenses:

Do you work in the Optometry industry and want to extend your knowledge and skills? This short course is for you! The course allows you to explore and learn modern-day topics combined with clinical practices in the field of Optometry and contact lenses. Moreover, the course is also delivered through distance learning.

Patients are examined using different approaches, and students can learn practical implementations. With the discussion and teaching of advanced contact lens practices, students can capitalize on the subject. The short course offers the following modules during the Study:

  • Advances in contact lens materials
  • Contact lens complications
  • Modern RGP and semi-scleral
  • Myopia control and fitting children

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3. Advanced Health Assessment (PGCert):

The post-graduate certificate in advanced health assessment intends to offer students the knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities. The course can empower students to undertake diverse health assessment tasks commensurate with the desired roles. With the integration of positive service development, this course can be a perfect choice for students.

New models of human care are integrated into this short course, showing the support and development of the health industry. The course is a standalone module, and advanced health assessments are taken in a standalone scenario. Moreover, clinical health practitioners play a vital role in students’ development during this course. Here are a few courses you can learn during your course of Study:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of health assessment
  • Module 2: Clinical health school
  • Module 3: Clinical Applications
  • Module 4: Health Assessment – IPL

4. Anxiety and sleep disorders:

Are you interested in understanding the aetiology and diagnosis of sleeping disorders and anxiety? This course could be the perfect match for philosophy! The College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP) accredited this course, and the module forms part of the post-graduate certificate Psychiatric Therapeutics.

Understanding anxiety and sleeping disorders can be interesting, as you can learn much as a student. Diagnosing and treating these disorders take modern-day solutions and knowledge of medicines. Pharmacological interventions in this field can make a meaningful difference, and you should be aware of that.

5. Biomedical Sciences:

The short course in biomedical sciences with a top-up module is designed for individuals with a degree in the said field. Interested students either want to grow as biomedical scientists or pick an extra module as part of their learning journey. This short course in biomedical sciences highly fuels professional development, and students often opt for it.

Biomedical sciences will never stop growing; being a student, you should never stop learning. Despite having a professional degree in the field, you might still be missing something important. The course offers the following subjects to enrich your knowledge:

  • Cell Biology
  • Cellular pathology
  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Medical Microbiology

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