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Have you noticed and png to embroidery file the days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler with the expectation of seeing beautiful fall leaves? Ca n’t stay for the fall leaves? Neither can we!

We ’ve got a “ twofer ” for you moment; some gorgeous afterlife leaves you can make in a free- standing lace style and use as swish jewelry.

moment we’ve a design that uses veritably simple accoutrements to make a hanging splint choker and an elegant cuff cuff adorned with the stylish afterlife colors.

Why produce These Easy Colorful Autumn Leaves

With leaves of every kind coming up, we frequently turn our studies to gifts we can buy for people we watch about. The leaves, still, have come an Olympic sport of buying, wrapping, and hiding gifts; seeing who can get the stylish deals on the most “ stuff. ”

leaves are traditionally a handicraftsman’s paradise, so why not combine amazing gifts with your cultural skill. Also know about png to embroidery file

Make really meaningful gifts for those on your list?

The beauty of these two systems is that you do n’t need precious accoutrements ; in fact, you might find some accoutrements you would typically discard, but they can be repurposed. Once you get the hang of this fashion, you’ll have endless possibilities. So if you’re ready to dive into afterlife systems, so are we!!

These leaves can be fluently created and sutured out with several designs in the circle to save fabric, stabilizer, plutocrat, and time, so make sure when you set up your leaves that you fill your circle and get the most out of your space.

inventories demanded For These Easy exaggerated DIY Afterlife Leaf Necklace and Cuff

  • Organza fabric
  • Water Soluble stabilizer
  • Polyester embroidery thread
  • Gold metallic thread
  • Craft felt
  • Casting chain of your choice
  • Pre-made neck line choker( generally comes in a 3- pack)
  • Jump rings
  • Pliers
  • KAM or other plastic snaps with a long cutter

3D splint embroidery designs

We used some organza left over from Valentine’s Day in this design! It came wrapped around a pot but looked too good to toss out. We used a bright fuchsia color which you might suppose is a crazy choice, but have you looked at afterlife leaves? They’re FULL of color! Pinks, yellows, green, grandiloquent, red, and brown in every combination.

Flash back that when you put these each together, the crazy green figure over pink, or the brown over pink, will all be part of a various choker.

We pulled out some candescent gold woven material for the gold cuff cuff. When sutured out with gold metallic thread, these leaves are lush and rich and can be used on further than moment’s design. Truly nearly any fabric could be used on this free- standing lace so noway say noway when looking at implicit accoutrements .

various Autumn Leaves Free Standing Lace Jewelry Tutorial

We ’ll start with how to set up your design. We’re using Wilcom Hatch 3 as our embroidery software, but you may use the software that works stylish for you.

In this design, we used several 3D embroidery leaves, which we resized slightly for the choker. The leaves come in 2 sizes, large and small; you can use one large splint as a statement piece or as numerous lower leaves of varying sizes to produce your jewelry masterpiece. Also check ZDIGITIZING Embroidery Digitizing Service

How To Digitize 3D Leaves For Your Jewelry Project

  • 1) Choose and download your 3D Autumn Leaf design
  • 2) fit the design into your embroidery software.
  • 3) Resize the design.
  • 4) Digitize a small satin sew circle and place it on the splint in the stylish placement for hanging the splint.
  • 5) Fill your circle with leaves to make the stylish use of your accoutrements but leave at least ½ an inch in between the leaves, so you have room to cut them out.
  • 6) Make sure to order the sew sequence out so all the green, red,etc., are grouped this will save time during your sew out.

That’s it! These are “ Plug and Play ” designs that can be used over and over again!

Once you have your design set up( save it for latterly with your designs), you’re ready to circle the fabric for your leaves. We’ve decided to use some leftover pink organza material that covered an orchid pot on Valentine’s Day.

How To Hoop & Embroider Your 3D Leaves

  • 7) Lay your circle base on a stable face.
  • 8) Lay a piece of organza on the circle.
  • 9) Lay a piece of water-answerable stabilizer over your first subcaste of organza.
  • 10) Lay the alternate piece of organza on top of the stabilizer to produce a fabric “ sandwich. ”
  • 11) Apply the top circle and place it in the machine( try not toover-stretch the material).
  • 12) sew your design.
  • 13) When completed, remove the fabric from the circle and hold it under warm handling water to dissolve the stabilizer.
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