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The ethereal fantasy of this geographical region is undoubtedly impressive, enraging poets, nature lovers, and tourists. The landscape of the state is adorned with snowy mountains, velvety primeval meadows, fast-flowing rivers, alpine forests, beautiful alpine lakes, and whatnot. Indeed Kashmir deserves the title of ‘Heaven on Earth. 

Apart from its natural beauty, Kashmir is also home to many elegant roads. Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of each.  Tarsar (12,50 ft) and Marsar (13,000 ft) are the 2 lakes in the high mountains that will be visited during this trek. but these two, Gadsar Lake and Sundersar Lake will surely make the Tarsar Marsar Trek a lifetime experience for you. 

 On the Tarsar Marsar trek, prepare to run through the greenest meadows covered with colorful wildflowers, cross a flowing stream on a log bridge, greet several of the kindest people on earth, and imagine a river meeting a swollen mass of ice in front of you. . you reach civilization,  run with many sheep,  read heart-warming reading day after day, and see the most magnificent parts of the lakes, hidden among the most rugged mountains. 

 Best Time to Go to Tarsar Marsar 

Tarsar The most effective time for the  Marsar trip is from April to September. 

The track of the Tarsar Marsari journey remains free and thus the landscape is greener. Trip to Tarsar The month of Marsar Gregorius is again a fair time for a trip. 

 the most effective time for the Tarsar Marsari trip is August and September. During these two monsoon months, the natural depression of the geographical area receives very little rainfall and the weather is clear and tourist-friendly. 

 Weather and temperature 

Temperature and weather July-August is the most comfortable time for this walk. The daytime temperature is from fifteen to eighteen degrees in sunny weather. In cloudy or rainy weather, the temperature fluctuates between four and five degrees. At night, however, the temperature drops dramatically to 1-3 degrees. 

 September By Tarsar, the Martian weather begins to cool. At night, the temperature fluctuates between -3 and -5 degrees during this time. 

 Tips for Tarsar Marsar Trek 

 Tarsar Marsar geographical area trek is 

7.6 km from base camp. The trek takes you to the highest elevation of the mountain at 13,

00 feet. Therefore, acute altitude sickness occurs in first-time patients or people who are also at risk of AMS. 

 Carry medications, check oxygen levels, and be aware of your body. If you feel uncomfortable, drink water, take medicine, and rest for hours. If you still feel sick, stop walking. 

 Tarsar Marsar can be a monsoon trip, so always remember to pack a raincoat and a plastic bag in your backpack. A waterproof protective backpack is also included. 

 Pahalgam has the last ATM, but don’t count the last ATM because it often runs out of money. Withdraw money in or even before Srinagar. 

 Mobile service is running up to Pahalgam. Postpaid SIM also does not increase Kashmir. so higher take postpaid phone connection, especially this migration. 

 There is electricity up to the Aru base camp. Also, Aru has no backup power, so if the Power Service is interrupted, it will take time to recover. So keep a flashlight and some batteries handy. 

 Bring the original and a copy of the identity card issued by the state. Citizenship Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License – any of them will do. Before going on a trip, the necessary documents must be sent to the forest office. Although no one is on this step, no one is allowed to wander. 

 Ways to reach base camp 

 Start the trek you want to reach in Srinagar. Don’t forget to report at Srinagar Traveler Information Centre. 

 to Srinagar 

 Srinagar is well connected to the rest of the country by train and air. 

 By Flight 

 Most airlines fly to Srinagar’s Sheikh-Ul-Alam Airport. underground cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Bombay are directly connected to Srinagar by air. 

 By train 

, the nearest station to Srinagar is Jammu. Jammu is again well connected with major junction stations in India. 

 from Jammu to fly to Srinagar which takes only forty minutes or an express bus which takes about ten hours. Cabs and taxis are also alternative options as the journey to Srinagar take eight to nine hours. 

 Srinagar – Aru (Base Camp) At 

 Mountain we provide you pick up and drop from Srinagar to Aru and from Aru to Srinagar. 

 Shared taxis and private taxi services from Srinagar to Pahalgam are available if you want to arrange your transport. You want to change taxis when you are employed. 

 However, there is no transport company in Arul.

 Trek difficulty 

Tarsar Marsar trekking level is easy to moderate. Some parts of the trail have rough spots, steep ascents or descents, and rocky areas that make this hike difficult for beginners. 

The difficult descent from Sunderser Lake through the Run to Marsar Lake is also the biggest obstacle for all beginners. However, a well-prepared individual with reasonable and high-quality hiking boots can survive it. 

If you don’t know about trekking but are committed and extremely obsessed with this trip,  prepare yourself mentally and physically for 2-3 months. 

 For experienced hikers, this hike can be a great positive travel experience. 

Finally, the Tarsar Marsar Lake trek has a lot to offer. There are few lake hikes in the mountain range that are as spectacular, daring, and delightful as the terrain often is, and so the trail presents mild challenges to hikers. 

 So, regardless of your level of expertise, this hike is technically for everyone except small children, families, and the elderly. 

 Is this hike safe? 

This trek is completely safe as the route is in a very remote part of Kashmir, far from urban areas and there are unlikely to be any riots or clashes. 

The only time you are accessible to civilization is by commuting from Srinagar to Aru or the Srinagar Highway. 


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