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KBC WhatsApp Number 2022

kbc whatsApp number 2022
kbc whatsApp number 2022
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It is important that you come to us if you are looking for KBC WhatsApp Number in 2022. We will share all the information you need about KBC WhatsApp Number in 2022. You can also find the KBC Head Office Number here.

KBC Mumbai Whatsapp Number is difficult to find on the internet in 2021. This is due to the fact that many fake people have started using the KBC name and spreading false information. 

However, now you don’t have to worry about the upcoming lucky draw results or how to get in touch with KBC Head Office. KBC now has an official website where you can find everything you need. In case you do not know your lottery number, you can check the results online on this website and you can also follow the steps to get the number very quickly.

Lucky Draw 2022 for KBC Whatsapp Numbers

Call +971 56 384 7882 to reach KBC Head Office. If you have any questions about KBC Whatsapp Number Lucky Draw 2022, you can reach out to Akash Verma, KBC Lottery Manager.

kbc whatsApp number 2022
kbc whatsApp number 2022

Also, he will guide you on how to register for this contest so that you can increase your chances of winning 25 lacs in one attempt only. Call now at +971 56 384 7882 (KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number) before it’s too late.

Dear KBC lottery users, now you can contact KBC by using your mobile number. This is KBC’s actual original number. We have set up a Customer Service Center for all customers. Everyone can reach us by calling our head office number at Konbanegacrorpati.

You should know how to contact Konbanegacrorpati in the introduction. It is also important to know how to obtain other related instructions from mobile companies. I would appreciate it if you could check out the Konbanegacrorpati Head Office Phone Number working in the specific areas that you would like to clarify.

Report Fake Lottery Calls To The Nearest KBCHead Office.


What is the WhatsApp number for KBC Helpline?

That is a straightforward way to contact Our Team or KBC Helpline Number. Now we are giving you an easy way how you can contact on KBC Helpline Number. You Can only Follow the simple steps to Call on KBC Helpline Number.

  • To reach KBC’s toll-free number, dial 00971 or +97.
  • The KBC Helpline Number can be reached by dialing 00971.
  • In order to make a call, dial the complete number along with the country code.
  • The KBC WhatsApp Number will appear on your WhatsApp Contact list when you save the KBC Helpline Number to your contact list.
  • The number should be dialed correctly with all digits. For example, 00971564789024.
  • Call +971 56 384 7882 for a landline number.

WhatsApp Number of KBC Head Office

It has become increasingly easy to locate the KBC head office’s real WhatsApp number in today’s modern world. You can call us at KBC Head Office’s real WhatsApp number. You can contact us at +971 56 384 7882. Our Lottery officials will assist you in claiming your lottery amount. Our representatives will provide you with the fastest response.

Who is Akash Verma?

It was Akash Verma who signed the Memorandum of Understanding with WhatsApp that included all Whatsapp users in the Jio KBC Lottery Winner 2022 contest. He is the CEO of KBC Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2022 contest.

It has made him very popular due to the KBC Lucky Draw 2022 game show, which has changed the lives of many people. It was the main objective of KBC Lottery to control poverty in India, and KBC has been doing an excellent job in this regard.

There is a list of 25 lakh winners for the KBC lottery 2022 today, provided by Airtel

  1. The winning amount will be 25 lakhs, and the city will be Indore. The winning date will be 30 August 2022.
  2. The winning amount was 25 lakhs, the city Nagpur, and the winning date was 30 August 2022. Congratulations to Mr. Anupam Prasad.
  3. The winning amount is 25 lakhs and the city is Jaipur. The winning date is 30 August 2022 for Ms. Akeshdeep Jen.
  4. Winning Amount 25 Lakh City Patna Winning Date 30 August 2022 Mr. Sumit Kumar.
  5. Winning Amount 25 lakh City Delhi Winning Date 30 August 2022 Mr. Yuvraj Singh
  6. Winning Amount 25 lakhs City Ghaziabad Winning Date 30 August 2022.
  7. The winning amount is 25 lakhs and the winning date is 30 August 2022 for Ms. Harman Preet Singh.
  8. The winning amount of Ms. Savita Punia is 25 lakhs. The winning date is 30 August 2022.
  9. The winning amount was 25 lakhs and the winning date was 30 August 2022 for Mr. Pavan Sen.
  10. The winning amount of Mr. Bharat Rajendra is 25 lakhs, for the city of New Delhi, and the winning date is 30 August 2022.

The KBC Complaint Center would like to receive a report regarding a fake WhatsApp call from the KBC Lottery Winner 2022. How can this be done?

The huge success of this TV show has resulted in an increase in scammers. Scammers are taking advantage of Indian citizens by sending fraudulent messages to competitors about their participation in the All India SIM card WhatsApp lucky draw and other KBC draws. 

There was a request for the participant’s personal information, such as bank or credit card information, or incorrect information about their lottery winnings. Furthermore, scammers have contacted individuals to request money transfers to their bank accounts. They have contacted individuals via telephone calls, SMS messages, emails, or even WhatsApp messages.

KBC Fraud calls lottery complaints are received from various rural areas on a daily basis. It is claimed by many that Pakistani numbers were used to make the calls. KBC Lottery fraud is a prevalent form of fraud in India. As a result of this fraud, numerous people lose their time and money each day. Many individuals are unaware of the KBC Lottery’s rules and regulations.

Our representatives are accessible around the clock to answer your inquiries and help you avoid fraud if you receive any shady calls, texts, emails, or WhatsApp communications regarding the KBC lottery. You can contact us using the following information:

  • KBC Whatsapp Number +971 56 384 7882
  • KBC Lottery Manager Whatsapp Number +971 56 384 7882

How to check KBC lottery Winner 2022?

The KBC winning numbers can be checked at the KBC official website by clicking on the CheckLottery link. KBC’s lottery manager, Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, said the latest lottery winner in 2022 is Mr. According to Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, the latest lottery winner of KBC in 2022 is Mr.

Do KBC winners get money?

Many people have won winning checks of Rs 1 crore or Rs 5 crore through KBC. Here are the 10 most difficult KBC questions over the last decade that have been asked above. By answering the following question on KBC 1, Harshvardhan Nawathe became the show’s first crorepati.

There is real money to be made here


KBC Head Office Whatsapp Numbers are +971 56 384 7882 and +971 56 384 7882, based on the above discussion. They use both numbers to contact contest participants and users. When the KBC Lottery Winner contest gained popularity, KBC opened its offices in each state so that each individual could contact the nearest head office number. 

In addition, KBC and WhatsApp are working together to make the contest as large as possible and increase the number of participants. Many people have been wondering if this contest is real because some Pakistani numbers have been found scamming KBC Lottery Winners and doing fraud. In case of a scam, KBC has provided their contact information so you can file a complaint with them.

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