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  • install pkg install wget  Wget is a free GNU command line utility tool used to download files from the Internet. Retrieve files using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols:

pkg install wget

  • We download and install the package and the complete image of nethunter for the termux terminal with the following command:

wget -O install-nethunter-termux https://offs.ec/2MceZWr

  • It will ask us if we want to download the file, we press the Y key and hit enter.
  • With Chmod +x we assign all the permissions and privileges of the downloaded file called install-nethunter-termux

chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

  •  To verify that the permissions were assigned correctly, we type dir if the file appears in green, and the permissions were changed correctly.
  • We install nethunter for termux: 


  1. It will then download a 1.4GB iso file.
  2. It will take a while, this depends on your internet speed.
  3. Now after downloading the kali Linux iso from the internet, it will extract the iso files and install them on our android device.
  4. This process will take more than 20 minutes, it also depends on the performance of your device.
  5. At the end it will ask us if we want to keep the downloaded file:
  6. in this case, I will keep it but it is already installed.
  • We open nethunter:


  • Once nethunter is open we will assign a username and password so that it can connect to Nethunter Kex
  • We assign a minimum 6-digit password, in my case “123456”, since it will allow us to connect with Nethunter Kex.

kex passwd

  • Enter password: 123456 
  • It will ask to enter it again to confirm it:
  • With the following command, the port number and a process number will appear


Here is the error server: no matching vnc server running for this user? – Here is the solution

  • We open the Nethunter Kex application
  • We place the password that we have assigned:  «123456»
  • leave the username blank
  • and we will give you at the top “connect”

10.- The kali Linux operating system will open

  • At the end of the process, we will select in the Nethunter Kex widget, disconnect.
  1. in termux we select:kex stop
  2. then we write in termux exituntil it exits the terminal
  • To restart Nethunter kali Linux:
    1. We open termux and writenethunter
    2. Again we writekex
    3. We open the  Nethunter Kex application and put the port that it gives us when executing the key command again
    4. clever


NetHunter commands:

nethunterstart the Kali NetHunter command line interface
nethunter kex passwdset KeX password (only needed before first use)
nethunter kex &start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience user sessions
nethunter kex stopstop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience
nethunter <command>run in the NetHunter environment
nethunter -rstart Kali NetHunter CLI as a root
nethunter -r kex passwdset KeX password for root
nethunter -r kex &start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience as a root
nethunter -r kex stopstop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience root sessions
nethunter -r kex killKill all KeX sessions
nethunter -r <command>run  <command>in NetHunter environment as root

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