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Since YouTube launched in 2005, it is still a famous video platform. The popularity of this platform is free to use for everyone. Therefore, millions of users worldwide have created their accounts on YouTube and YouTube views to increase visibility. They uploaded, watched, liked, and shared videos.

Besides, YouTube lets its users see the likes of uploaded video content on this platform, and even creators can watch ‘Liked videos in the future.

It comes in a specific order, from recent likes to newly ‘ liked videos. But YouTube has established specific limitations in which you can like various videos, but they should not exceed 5000. Let’s view different processes to see liked YouTube videos.

For Desktop

Go to the YouTube app and open it.

Write http://www.YouTube.come in the address blank of our PC and push the ‘Enter key. If you are already on your account, it will send you to the home page otherwise, it will send you to the login page. So, type your email id or verified number with a password.

Besides, you can log in from the directory associated with the Google account and log in to this account. Make confirmation for correct information before signing in option.

While you have forgotten your password, click ‘forget password and it will be under the password option. After entering verified information, choose ‘the next tab that will display under the password option.

Click liked videos

From your homepage profile on YouTube, search for an option of ‘Liked videos that will be on the left side. Now, scroll down and click ‘like videos that will be present in the middle.

While doing so, it will send you to a page that has liked videos on YouTube. Many people buy SoundCloud Plays o increase plays like YouTube videos.

Now check your liked videos

When you access ‘liked videos, you will find a list of newly liked to recently ‘liked videos. Now scroll down and view the list of ‘liked videos.

For mobile setup

Open the YouTube app, if not, download it.

Visit the play store and write YouTube in the search tab. A related search will appear on the search icon and select YouTube from the appeared list.

After choosing the YouTube app, download it, and after this, it will show you the install option under the app. After installing the YouTube app, open it, and log in.

Besides, the YouTube app will show you some details like an agreement, and you have to press the ‘agree tab to move ahead.

Finally, you have downloaded and opened it. Here, you will see a triangular shape play button with a red background.

From here, you will send to the home page after login your account on YouTube. If you didn’t log in, write a verified email id or phone number with the appropriate password in the required tab.

Now, check the written information carefully before proceeding; otherwise, it will not allow you to log in to the YouTube app. After entering the correct login information, press the ‘next option under the login page.

Tap Library

After login into your YouTube views account, click the ‘Library option on the right side of the home page. Press the library tab. It will send you to a new page.

Tap liked videos

While clicking in the library tab will send you to a new page. Now click here on the ‘liked videos’ tab placed below the page under the playlist.

Time to see liked videos

After tapping ‘liked videos, you will notice all ‘liked videos, and they will start with recently ‘liked videos to end on the oldest one.

How to check all ‘liked videos if more than 5000 videos?

For example, you have more than 5000 liked videos, and they are not saved in your playlist with older videos. What to do? Don’t fret because you can quickly search old ‘liked videos from ‘Google account activity. Follow these steps.

  • Open your Google account and type http://myaccount.google.com
  • Now, choose the tab ‘Data & personalization’ on the left side
  • Choose ‘Activity and timeline’ and click ‘My Activity
  • Choose ‘Other Google activity and then press ‘view likes and dislikes.
  • A similar process can repeat for disliked videos.
  • Bonus tips, how to view YouTube videos per date

However, the YouTube views library allows you to store 5000 liked videos. But there is an incredible hack to view all ‘liked videos’ with the exact date and time on YouTube views that you have done. Let’s find out how to Open your PC and log in to your Google account.

  • Select any required date you want to find and go to ‘the privacy setting from the main menu.
  • Go to history setting options and click ‘my activity tab
  • Now, Click ‘Other Google activity on the menu.
  • Scroll up to likes and dislikes. Tap ‘view likes and dislikes.

From here, you can quickly search all videos on YouTube channels you ‘like or dislike them. Similarly, press the ‘detail tab section of every video if you want more information regarding the date and time of ‘like and dislike.

videos. Besides, you can check different channel activities like channel subscriptions, watching hours, feedback, search history, etc.

Final verdict:

See! how simple to see you liked YouTube videos. All the above-listed methods are convenient because you can view all likes on your video even if you have more than 5000 liked videos. Besides, it will operate with the same process to see, unlike videos on YouTube.

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