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You always require a diabetes treatment for balancing the blood glucose level in your body. Some people misleadingly presume that diabetes type 1 is incurable, so they must leave it untreated. But that’s not the way. Disappointment is itself a death. We cannot say that a diabetes treatment (sugar ka ilaj) will vanish the disease from your life. However, it has the ability to regulate the body conditions upto an optimum sugar level. We can apply diabetes treatment for both types of diabetes, except for gestational diabetes. Let me tell you which lifestyle habits and herbal products will be beneficial for diabetes treatment. 

Why is Normal Diabetes Treatment not Recommended for Gestational Diabetes? 

Gestation periods cover 9 month of a woman’s life, when she is pregnant. It ends by the birth of the fetus. Unfortunately, our body does not produce enough insulin during this period. This situation gives rise to elevated sugar levels in the bloodstream. After labor, our body restores normal conditions. Hence, diabetes disappears. But for the research, we have come to know that such females have a higher risk of developing diabetes type 2 at some stage of their life later.  

The Right Way for Diabetes Treatment

If we deal with things in the right ways, we can always take the conditions under control. When we enroot for medical guidance for diabetes treatment (sugar ka desi ilaj), we have a series of four steps:

  • First, understand the nature of diabetes. 
  • Second, consult a physician. 
  • Third, go for suggested medications. 
  • Fourth, try to distance yourself from other associated diseases. 

Understanding the Nature of Disease

We must look upon our health and hygiene strictly as we all have adopted a busy lifestyle. Self-recreation and relaxation is necessary because it makes you feel fresh and boost up your energy. Due to our hectic daily routines and lack of time, we often neglect our health until we meet a life threatening condition. We must go for a complete check up every 6 month or once in a year.

By any chance, if we meet the symptoms of any disease, we must give them a serious account. In case of diabetes, these symptoms are:

  • Excessive micturition
  • Increased thirst
  • Joints pain (especially in lower limbs)
  • Slow healing from injuries and wounds
  • General fatigue
  • Weak vision
  • Increased hunger

 If you feel any of these symptoms, hurry to visit a physician. 

Consult a Physician

Jumping on the conclusion by personal observation is not a wise act. Make a list of your observations and tell your physician about the condition. Tell him how things were when you were normal and how you are feeling now. A physician will also ask several questions. Then, he will like to check your ABC’s. 

ABC’s is an abbreviation, where:

AA1c test
BBlood pressure
CCholesterol (lipid profile)

After examining the results of these tests, a physician will guide you. He will declare which type of diabetes you are suffering from. In addition to this, he will notify you about the upcoming health hazards before suggesting a treatment. If he is aware of the patient on time, he will take his diabetes treatment (high sugar ka ilaj) seriously.  

Go for Suggested Medicines

Change in habits

In both cases of stomach pain, a patient is instructed to develop a set of habits and refrain from others. This combination of lifestyle changes by regulating a patient’s eating habits along with physical activities is more like a precautionary measure. In simple words, we can lower a blood glucose level by adhering to these habits. 

Eating Habits (Ilaj Bil Dawa)

Food you must uptake Food you must avoid 
Low carbs High carbs
Rich fibersLow fibers
Low fatsHigh fats

Physical Activities (Ilaj Bil Tadbeer)

  • Quit smoking at first.
  • Say no to alcoholic beverages.  
  • Do exercise regularly.
  • Chew your food properly before swallowing. 
  • Take your meals on time. 

Unani Medicines for Diabetes Treatment 

Single herbsCompound medicine 
Jamun seedsQurs Tabasheer
Karela Dulaabi
Neem shootQurs Ziabetus 
Fenugreek Safoof Aijaz
Cinnamon powderQurs Gulnar
Risk Factor Associated with Diabetes

Diabetes can give rise to other health problems, such as; 

  • High cholesterol 
  • Obesity 
  • Heart strokes 
  • Kidney problems 
  • Other cardiovascular problems

In short, we need a proper diabetes treatment for fighting the disease. All the attempts for treating diabetes involve lowering of blood glucose at first priority. Other motives may include their hypoglycemic properties and other such approaches to secure heart health. 

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