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Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms than any other app. It has a greater number of users. It has 2.85 billion users. Therefore, it can be effectively used to earn money. These users can be easily converted into your customer. But for that, you need to learn how to create a shop on Facebook.

How to Create a Shop on Facebook: Complete Guide

Facebook is exceptionally useful for an e-commerce storeThe users can create their shop on this social media and upload their products. This is a very beneficial platform to start a business and earn by sitting at home. If you are also planning to start earning online then do not forget Facebook.

Here is a complete guide with the easiest step for how to create a shop on Facebook.

Step1: Login to Facebook

The very first step is to log in to your Facebook account and you will see the option of “shop” on the left side. Click on the “Shop”.

Step2: Create the Shop Profile 

  • To create the shop profile, you will see the “get started’ option, tab on it.
  • After clicking the get started button, you will have to provide important information related to the business you want to start.
  • The next thing to do in creating the shop profile is to select or mention the particular product that you want to sell.
  • After that, there will be questions related to the business you are going to opt for. It is necessary to answer all of them.

Step 3: Choose Checkout Method

This is also one of the important steps involved in how to create a shop on Facebook.

In this step, the user selects the method of dealing with sale purchases with the customer. For example, the user can choose the messenger checkout method. That means the customer would get the option of messenger where they can contact and deal with the owner.

For more convenience, the user can click on the WhatsApp option which leads the customer to the owner’s WhatsApp chat.

Step 4:  Create Business Account

Creating a business is also one of the easiest but most integral steps. To create the business account, you need to google business manager Facebook and add the necessary information including the name of the business, the business manager, and the user email address.

Step 5: Set Up the Product Catalog

To set up the product catalog you have to follow the following steps

  • Once the business account is created, you will have to click on three horizontal lines at the top left side
  • On the next interface there will be the option of “business setting; click on it.
  • Scroll down, and click on “data source”, after clicking on it, under the data source you will see the option of “Catalog”
  • Click on “Catalog” and the next interface will show the option of “open eCommerce” at the top right side. By clicking on the open e-commerce icon, you will get the “add item” option.
  • Here you can create the whole collection and then add different products whenever required. Keep updating the items.

Step 6: Select Payment Method

This is one of the last steps of how to create a shop on Facebook. Here you have to choose the payment method. The user will get plenty of options therefore they can select any of them that they feel is a secure and easy one. For example, it could be any bank, COD, or PayPal.

Your account has been created. Additionally, the user can review the products and see if all the information is correct. If there is any issue you can fix it.

Benefits of Facebook Shop

There are many benefits to creating a Facebook shop. Hence, a few of the prominent benefits are listed below.

It is Free

The most important benefit of a Facebook shop is that it doesn’t cost you at all. The user just needs to have internet access and with that start uploading the products. It is extremely free and easy to use.

Easy Checkout options

The Facebook shop is not only beneficial for the owner but also for the customer. It offers multiple and easy payment methods. Instead of directing the customer to the website, it allows them to contact the owner through messenger and WhatsApp. In this way, the customer can pay the bills conveniently and securely.

Wider Customer Reach

As mentioned earlier, Facebook is the biggest social media platform that has the greatest number of users. People spend a major part of their daily life on scrolling Facebook and sharing memes. This same practice can be used for e-commerce.

Upload the latest products and tag mutual friends. In this way, more people will get to know about your store and they reach your shop to buy products. Instead of applying expensive ads, the user can use existing Facebook friends as customers and references to get new customers. There are multiple groups where the user can share posts related to products and build relationships. This provides a wider customer reach.

Final Words

This ultimate guide about how to create a shop on Facebook consist of 6 simple steps. By following them the users can create their Facebook shop and sell their products. The users get a wide range of customers free of cost and make a handsome amount of money. It is the latest feature introduced by Facebook to run an online store and provide different products to people and deal with them through messenger and WhatsApp.


Does Facebook Charge for Selling Products?

No, Factbook doesn’t even charge a cent from the user to sell products. It is free of cost to create and run a Facebook shop.

Is it Possible to Sell Digital Products or software on Facebook?

No, Facebook does not allow to sale and purchase of software or digital product on the Facebook shop. However, other physical products are allowed to buy.

Do you need a website to sell products on your Facebook shop?

With this latest feature, there is no need to have a website to sell and purchase items through Facebook.

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