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As you step ahead in selecting the best custom foundation boxes, the only thing you should simply pay attention to is the color selection. You have yet to determine how much impact it will put together on the overall appearance of the box on shelves.

Sometimes, a brand is always concerned about whether the packaging is durable and how the product is displayed. But they need to find out if the box’s color is attractive to the customers.

Don’t worry, today’s guide is all about color selection tips for the foundation box packaging!

How do different color combinations affect people?

Color can strongly affect people’s emotions, moods, and behavior. Various colors can somehow evoke numerous feelings. And those feelings will decide the pattern of how people will interact with that product. 

For instance, the red color is about excitement, energy, and great passion. And for the foundation box display, the use of red color is the best option for conveying all such qualities. 

Blue is about relaxation, calmness, and high serenity if we talk about blue. Sometimes blue can even work better for making the foundation packaging appear elegant and extra attractive. But the options continue! There are different other options available for you, has their unique associations. 

How to Create Attractive Custom Foundation Boxes?

Once you know how the colors affect people, it’s time to use that information to pick the best color combinations for the foundation boxes packaging. 

Consider the message of the brand you are about to send to your targeted audience. After that, you can pick the colors that convey the message accurately. Since you are a newbie, choosing a perfect color can be tricky. In that case, getting help from a graphic designer can work best. This is how your box will appear to stand out on shelves.

Different custom foundation boxes packaging solutions are readily available, from custom sizes to high-quality materials such as eco-friendly Kraft paper. It would help if you let your product appear in a way that should force the customer to buy your product and visit your store repeatedly. 

Let’s talk about a few more color options for foundation boxes below. 

  • Foundation Boxes in pink

The pink color is all about femininity and a sign of elegance. In the past few years, pink has gradually appeared as a gender-neutral color. This huge shift has been reflected in the packaging industry. Pink is strongly conveying the message of vibrancy and strength. 

When choosing any color scheme for the packaging, always see who your target audience is. If you are targeting a female audience, light pink is the best color. This color will better display the emotions of strength and elegance to resonate with the customers.

  • Foundation Boxes in grey and color

When designing cosmetic packaging, imagine how it will appear on retail shelves. All customers entering your store should switch to that product in just one look.

Try to use bold colors to make the packaging appear attractive. Contrast colors are often the best idea to grab the maximum people’s attention and target a huge audience.

Gold and grey are the two colors that are normally best for luxury foundation boxes packaging. It will bring a balanced premium look to your product. Thus, it will convey different messages about your product. For the natural hue, joy and beauty emotions are visible. And by pairing black and gray shades, depth and maturity are visible. 

Employing different shades of colors will help your brand communicate better with the audience, raising sales.

  • Foundation Boxes in black and white 

Sometimes, a brand is always curious about using bright and bold colors for the packaging as for them; it will look more appealing. Well, there are numerous benefits of using a subdued color palette. Using black-and-white foundation boxes wholesale packaging will add the products a certain feel of sophistication and great luxury.

Black and white color scheme have been on high trend these days. Therefore, this packaging style has always remained the first choice of brands. Because it is less common, people will notice it more at first look.

Going for the black-and-white color scheme is the best option to add elegance to the product’s appearance.

  • Foundation boxes in Green

Next comes the idea of using green for the foundation boxes packaging, which is a relaxing color, just like blue. This color has the perfect quality of giving peace and healing. It strongly associates plants and nature, making it ideal for picking.

You will find the common use of green foundation boxes in USA packaging in sustainable missions or environmentally friendly products. Being the common color reference to certain financial industries, green makes consumers think of extra money and high abundance.

  • Foundation boxes in Brown

Last we have a brown color scheme which gives the product display a rugged feel. Brown is quite common in the packaging of shipping items or for packing beverages. 

A brown color scheme can work equally best for packing coffee and chocolate items. Thus, the brown color is highly favored by companies who value eco-friendliness and high dependability in marketing. 

Helpful tips for choosing the right colors for packaging:

  • Stick yourself to the core of brand colors
  • Pay attention to the positioning of the brand
  • Check out the product positioning
  • Communicate the main purpose and personality by using the best color scheme
  • Represent your major product
  • Decide about your customer
  • Consider the sex and age of the customer you are targeting
  • Use the best color for invoking emotions.
  • Consider cultural preferences.
  • Stand out from the market competition.
  • Consider the material colors.
  • Pay attention to minimalism.
  • Maintain consistency with the best design and font

To end this discussion, we will state that using the right colors will have a powerful impact on how the foundation boxes packaging is displayed on shelves. See how your competitor brands combine the color shades and what new color scheme trends they follow. 

Go for the right shades and let the product shine on the shelves. Happy colors!

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