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Diabetes is a condition of high blood sugar levels and is common in people in their 30s and above. It is a serious health issue and numerous health issues are related to diabetes.  A diabetes Test is an essential test to know the status of health and the risk of other health issues.

There are 3 most common types of diabetes: Gestational diabetes, Type 1, and Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes has a long-term effect on the nervous and the brain system, and also leads to heart attack and stroke. The complications related to diabetes develop slowly and can turn into a life-threatening disease. 

Let’s take a brief look at the health complications and how can you overcome its effect on the body.

Health Complications Caused as a Result of Diabetes

Before proceeding further, let’s know about the Diabetes Symptoms

  • Frequent urination
  • Increase in hunger
  • Dry Skin 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Numbness
  • Tiredness

The ill-effect of diabetes can lead to the following health complications:-

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease comprises heart attack, nerve damage, and stroke leading to death. The chances of heart attack increase with an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level in the body.

Hence, to avoid cardiovascular health risks, you must get your blood pressure checked and take proper medication as recommended by the doctor.  Go for a blood test to know your health.

Blindness or Eye Health Issues

Diabetes leads to various eye health issues or even blindness. 

  • Cataract:-  A condition when the lens of the eye gets cloudy leading to blurry vision, especially at night. 
  • Retinopathy:-  High blood sugar level damages the retina of the eyes leading to retinopathy. 
  • Glaucoma:-  A condition when the optic fiber gets damaged due to a high level of sugar in the blood.
  • Macular Odema:-  The name is given so that the macula of the retina is affected due to diabetes.

Kidney Disease

People who are dealing with diabetes have a high chance of catching up with kidney disease. Excess blood sugar leads to malfunctioning of kidneys, hence KFT is recommended for a diabetic person to check the function of the kidneys.

Damage To Nerve

The presence of excessive glucose in the blood tends to damage the nervous system. It can also be due to the absence of vitamin B12 and reckless consumption of alcohol. Damage to nerves means loss of hearing sense, movement, and many more such health issues can arise due to nerve damage.

Skin Disease

Dry skin is one of the symptoms of diabetes and the situation may get even worse with an increased risk of diabetes. Skin infection and cracky skin are some conditions caused due to increased blood sugar levels. To prevent dry and cracky skin, you must apply lotion, cream, or some kind of ointment to keep your skin moist. 

Mental Health Issues 

Managing the level of sugar in the blood can be tough which leads to an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of a psychiatrist if you feel that managing diabetes is somewhere affecting your mental health issues. 

Oral Health 

Tooth decay and gum infection are common when you fail to manage the glucose level of the blood properly. Consult with your dentist regularly to get rid of oral health problems. Follow the advice of the dentist to enhance your oral health. 

Tips to Manage Your Diabetes 

Here is some advice on how you can manage your diabetes and control its serious consequences. 

  • Eating Healthy

A healthy diet will help you in controlling the consequences of diabetes. Include foods rich in proteins and cut down fats from the diet. Avoid sugary beverages and foods to improve your health conditions. 

  • Exercise

Exercise and walking are the best ways to manage the weight of the body and it is important to manage your weight when you have diabetes. Plan your meal and exercise pattern with the help of a good dietician to work on controlling your weight. 

  • Smoking and Drinking 

Smoking and excessive drinking increase the risk of diabetes and cause life-wrecking diseases like heart attack and stroke. Besides, these are also responsible for increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Hence, it needs to be avoided. 

  • Regular Screening Test 

A person dealing with diabetes must not miss out on their regular screening test to check the level of sugar in the blood. Along with this, they never miss out on their medication and should take it regularly to keep their sugar level in control. 

A diabetic person must also take close look at their blood pressure and cholesterol level of the body. They should go for checking their blood pressure and must consider lipid profile tests to know the cholesterol level of the body. 


Diabetes is a serious threat to life! If a person is suffering from the symptoms of diabetes then you must look out for a blood test near me to know the cause of their health issues.  Now, that you know that these are the health complications of diabetes, you need to take a little extra care of yourself. 
Follow the tips given in the blog to help in supervising your glucose level. Above all, you must not forget to scrutinize your blood sugar level through a blood sugar test.

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