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Your front door is an important part of your home, and how you decorate it tells a lot about who you are. There is a lot that goes into selecting a finished product that expresses your personality and the essence of your house, from style to features and colors.

Here are some examples of various types, features, and colors of front doors to give you a sense of what they say about you and your house. Think before getting the door installation for your house.

Door Styles

There is a plethora of door designs to select from, so pick one you love while also making sure it complements the architectural style of your house.


If you want to choose something minimal, modern rustic doors are the ones you should choose. They are not only minimalistic is style and features but are straight with sleek lines. One of the most common designs seen in modern doors is blocks and square panels. You can also choose frosted glass or translucent glass.


Rustic doors have an old-world feel and appeal. These doors, which are often made of solid wood, can be seen on a variety of architectural styles, including brick, stone, and wood.

Arches or rectangles are the most common shapes for rustic doors. Typical design elements include scored lines, elevated panels, clear glass, and large hardware like straps and clavos (circular iron pegs).

A speakeasy is a little window in a rustic door that can be opened.


Craftsman-style doors are often made of wood or fiberglass, depending on the design. These doors have rectangular windows at the top, a shelf behind the windows with dental molding, and two or three raised rectangular panels below the windows and shelf. They are available in a variety of wood species.

There are several types of windows to choose from, including clear, privacy, and beautiful stained glass with wood or black frames. Craftsman doors may also include a wide glass insert to allow for a greater view of the outside environment.

Decorative doors in the Craftsman style are popular on a wide range of property types, including luxury cottages and mountain retreats.

Additional Features to Your Glass Door

Decorative Glass

A type of building’s architectural style. A range of forms and colors are available for decorative glass panels, which include ovals, half-moons, diamonds, and rectangles, among other things.

With hundreds of style possibilities to pick from, there are decorative glass solutions to complement any home’s interior.

Wrought Iron Glass

Another option for enhancing the look of your front entrance is wrought iron glass. Wood, steel, or fiberglass doors with a wide glass panel insert are available.

A beautiful wrought iron plate will be sandwiched between the two panes of glass. There are certain doors that feature a glass panel that may be opened up to the ironwork.

Doors Without Glass

You don’t need a glass door to give your house character. The six-panel door is one example of a decorative door that lacks glass. It is also more secure and energy-efficient to have a door without glass.


A home’s architectural beauty and charm are enhanced by arched doors. You can have a curved arch added to your home’s traditional, craftsman, or rustic style doors.

Choose The Color Wisely!

When designing your exterior door, color is an essential component. Every day, the color of your front door welcomes your home and reveals a little bit about your character to those passing by.

So, choose a color for your front door that resonates with you the most, and don’t be afraid to show it out. You may consult your residential door service provider in Castle Rock CO.


To greet someone with a crimson door is to show that you are hospitable and full of life. Darker reds convey a sense of coziness and warmth, whilst brighter reds convey a sense of passion, excitement, and vibrancy.

Dark Blue Color

You are a calm, grounded, and serene person if you have dark blue doors. The color royal blue indicates that you are optimistic and wealthy. For the most part, intelligent individuals prefer navy-blue doors.

Clear Blues

Colors such as light blue provide a sense of warmth and friendliness, implying that the wearer is vivacious, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Having a light blue door in your home makes it feel like a place where people can come for guidance and a good joke.


An orange door indicates that you are energetic, hospitable, and friendly. If you want to entertain and take on new challenges, then orange is the color for you.


The color yellow is symbolic of mental clarity and comprehension. While yellow front doors are a rarity, those who have one are believed to be wise and fun-loving; amusing; confident; interested; and open-minded; and those who don’t.


The color green evokes feelings of well-being, tranquility, equilibrium, growth, and rejuvenation. You may have a laid-back, easy-going, and empathetic attitude if you have a green thumb. You may value your close relationships with loved ones above anything else.

Bolder, more vivid greens are a sign that your life is full of adventure and vitality.


Brown is a color that comes from nature. Being a lover of the natural world, someone who like to keep their doors brown says a lot about their character. Brown also claims that you are grounded, private, and enjoy a peaceful home life.


Although it’s often associated with stoicism and power, black is a color that is both modern and ageless, with a dash of mystery. A black door is a sign of self-assurance, strength of character, sophistication, and swagger.


When you have a white door, it communicates that you are clean, truthful, orderly, straightforward, and committed to a minimalist lifestyle.

Even if you don’t agree with what the color of your door says about you, choose a color that you like and that complements the design of your new door.

Your front door is the first thing people see when they walk up to your house, so choose a style that makes you proud to show it off.

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