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Learn to write the most effective essay writing program for UPSC with Eden IAS’s online essay classes for UPSC

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The essay paper is the ultimate game-changer for UPSC CSE. The low and the high scores in Essay writing program for UPSC papers are indicated by a great range from 25 to even 180. 

“Candidates may be required. To write essays on multiple topics.

They will be expect to keep closely to the subject of the essay arrange their ideas. In orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and. Exact expression.”

That’s what UPSC states as the syllabus for the essay paper. Since no proper syllabus is stated, so aspirants find. It difficult to write an essay. The essay writing course for UPSC extended by Eden IAS teaches the students how to write good and efficacious essays. Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, the best teacher for Ethics and essay in Delhi so far always gives his students precious pieces of advice. 

What does the essay course for UPSC teaches you?

Roy sir makes sure that his students get the grip of the structuring an essay so that it looks complete and leaves an impact on the examiner. He teaches them: 

  • How to introduce a topic? By a quote/saying; anecdote; narration; interrogation (relevant, topical, pertinent questions), or with a comprehensive definition. The introduction should be clear and should not create confusion. It should signal that you understand the topic. 
  • How to interpret the topic? You analyze the topic from various dimensions. For eg – For a topic like ‘surrogacy’, various dimensions/facets can be birth, during birth, post-birth, death, etc. This is the trailer of your essay.
  • How to elaborate? You explain one dimension at a time. You use concepts, ideas, pieces of evidence, and quantitative or qualitative data from reliable sources. Here, current affairs come in handy. 
  • How to conclude? This is the climax of your essay. The conclusion should be practical (economically viable, socially acceptable, and ecologically sustainable) and thought-provoking which can make an impact on the evaluator. Plotting the thinking process of an evaluator. Leave a trail. 

Not only this, he makes sure that students learn the art of time management online side-by-side.

Please Must Read: Wish to seek some guidance in Ethics? Eden IAS is the solution!

The total time is 3 hours and you have to write two essays each of 1000-1200 words. Roy sir divides the time in the following manner:

  • Topic selection – 10 minutes
  • Brainstorming – 30 to 40 minutes
  • Writing part – 1 hour per essay
  • Revisit the essay – 5 minutes per essay; rectify the grammatical errors; underline the significant points.

Roy sir’s note: Major Do’s and Don’ts

– Don’t go against the Constitution. Uphold the constitutional values.

– Always have a democratic approach. Never show high-handedness. 

– Never go against the idea of the state. Never criticize the idea of India.

– Never celebrate any negative idea. 

– Avoid extremes. Always have a middle ground.

– Never go for any kind of “ism”.

– Constitutional and legal views. Should always be incorporated. 

– Don’t be unidimensional. 

– Write the chosen topic in caps.

– Characters of the anecdote should be precise. 

Hurry up and get a seat at Eden IAS’s UPSC Essay Writing Coaching In Delhi essay course for UPSC!

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