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You spend a handful of your budget on your brand marketing. And you reach the right target audience. But the audience is not converting into your customer. So what this means? It means you have to make some changes to your website. And it means you have to increase conversions on your website.

Online brands aim for good conversions. For this reason, they spend money on targeted marketing. But how can they know whether they are doing things right? The conversion rates allow brands to keep track of their success rate of the marketing campaign. So, if your conversion rate is below 2%, increase it to at least 5%. You can increase your website conversations by making various changes to your site. In this article, we have outlined some suggestions to help you increase your website conversions. Aesthetically pleasing web designs made by web designers Australia know how to create web designs that increase the conversion rates for the business.

Effective Ways of Increasing Conversions on Your Website

So how would you know if your marketing strategies are working? The answer is simple, your website conversion rates.

However, your web design can also cause low conversions. If that is the case, make the necessary changes in your website design for better conversion rates.

Here is how you can increase your website conversions.

Add More Social Proofs to Your Website

Do you know lack of trust is one of the leading causes of low conversion rates? Around 96% of the audience looks for social proof on a website. So many people leave a website that does not have social trust elements. As a result, it lowers the conversion rates on a website.

Therefore, people will only easily trust your brand with social proof on your website. So you must include compelling trust elements.

Research shows a website can increase conversions rapidly by adding social trust proofs. Some 84% of customers trust websites that include social trust elements.

So how can you add social proof? Well, you can add customer reviews. Today, every brand website has a section for customer reviews. And this social proof can have a positive impact on a customer. More than 93% of customers read reviews before purchasing a product. You can also include statistical data to prove the legitimacy of your brand. 

Use Shorter Forms on Your Web Design

Suppose your customer likes your products. And he is going to purchase it. But then he backs out because of lengthy forms on your website. 

Websites use long forms to collect customer information. So form designs are essential for a brand. However, lengthy forms can annoy your audience. People usually avoid filling out lengthy forms because it takes time. So they leave a website with long-form designs. As a result, it lowers website conversions.

Thus, shorten your website forms to make things easier for your audience. It can reduce bounce rates on your website. And it will increase conversions on your website. 

So how can you shorten your website forms? Avoid asking for too much information from your customer. Try to ask for relevant and essential information. For instance, ask for email, gender, age, and contact number. So shorten your website forms for better conversions on your website.

Keep Your Web Design Clear and Simple

Using short design forms is not the only way to increase conversions. Your web design can also improve conversion rates.

Complicated layouts are one of the reasons for low conversion rates. Customers do not buy products from a site that has too many distractions. Also, they leave a website with instructions that need to be clarified. Therefore, you have to keep things simple for your customers.

Keeping a simple web design will keep your customers focused. As a result, it will improve the conversions on your website.

So how can you keep things simple? Well, one of the best ways is to offer clear instructions. It means your customer must know where to click. What information to provide? And how to find the right size or colour of a product? Also, make sure the call-to-action buttons are prominent for the customers. And avoid giving too many options to the customers, as it can confuse them.

Do Not Ask Your Customers for Registration

Some 38% of online customers leave a website that requires an Id login. And this is another reason for low conversions on websites. 

People find it frustrating when they have to create an account for shopping. And they consider it a waste of their time. So that is why they leave a website in the middle of shopping. 

So you have to avoid requiring a login. You can offer your customers a guest shopping account. Also, you can make the account creation optional for shopping. So this way, you can make things simple and easy for your audience. As a result, it will boost your website conversions. Hence, avoid requiring a login id. 

Add a Clear and Compelling Value Proposition

Good products are not enough to increase conversions on your website. You also have to present them in a good way. So if your website does not include a clear value proposition, the audience will move to another website. Therefore, add a clear and appealing value proposition to your website. It means communicating your offerings to your audience. Your website should explain to the customers what benefits they can get from your brand.

So use clear, concise, and appealing headlines to promote your brand value. Remember, you have a few seconds to convince your customer. Hence, make sure the customer understands your offerings. So add a clear value proposition to your website for better conversions.

Improve Your Website Speed

Website speed is one of the common reasons for low conversions. People exit a website that is slow and takes time to load. Reports show 39% of online users leave a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. 

Hence, improve your website speed to increase your conversions. You can use several methods to increase your website speed. For instance, optimise the image size,  reduce some plugins, etc. 

Remember, your website should take at least 2-3 seconds to load. And this is the ideal speed for online customers.

Add a Live Chat Option

So imagine the customers like your product.  And they want to buy it. But they have a few questions to ask about the product. And unfortunately, there is no quick way of communication. So there is a chance of losing some potential customers. 

However, if you add a live chat option, you can convert those visitors into your potential customers.

Reports show that live chat options can boost conversions by up to 20%. And some 40% of visitors buy products after a positive conversation on a live chat. Hence, adding a live chat option is an effective way to increase your website conversions. 

So add a live chat option to your website. And answer the questions of the visitors. Live chat can also help you resolve complaints. 


The conversion rates enable brands to keep track of the success rate of the marketing campaigns. They also can help to improve marketing tactics.

Conversion rates vary from business to business. However, every brand should have at least 2-5% conversions. So if your website conversion is below 2%, you need to find out the causes of low conversions. And then take measures to improve it.

There are various ways of increasing your website conversions. You can add more social proofs to your website. Similarly, you can shorten the forms. And you can use a simple layout for a better user experience. Also, you can improve your website speed to engage more customers. Lastly, you can add a live chat option to convert visitors into potential customers.

Additionally, there are several other methods you can use to boost your website conversions.

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