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Does promoting a Facebook post worthwhile?

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Promoting a post on Facebook can certainly be worthwhile in certain instances. If, for instance, the content you post is performing well organically, that’s an indication that the post will be effective as an ad you can promote to a chilly audience.

Here are some scenarios in which the benefits of promoting a post on Facebook are worth the effort:

  • Promotional posts that receive better than average organic engagement
  • Promotional posts that include important announcements, such as occasions or limited-time sales
  • Promoting your most successful Instagram content via Facebook ads
  • Promotional posts for custom or similar viewers

Automatically promoting posts so that it occurs without any thought

The two situations above are simple to handle using Facebook’s native post-boosting tool; however, the final three require a third-party tool such as Followers Pro click here.

In the next section, I’ll explain how to boost Facebook posts using Followers Pro.

How can I advertise Facebook posts regularly?

Since organic social media strategies differ significantly from the paid social approach, you may have a separate social media administrator responsible for organic posts. This is the perfect situation to use post-boosting automation since you or the social media manager do not have to decide on the best posts to promote; everything is done automatically!

Here’s how auto-post boosts using Followers Pro work.

Choose the kind of post suitable for promotion (status or link, image video, offer, etc.)

Limit how many posts may be advertised at once

Set the conditions that a job has to fulfill to be advertised (more on this shortly)

Choose the campaign’s name, the purpose, and the other options.

Each post is boosted, and it will generate an entirely new ad within this campaign.

Budget the budget and establish a timetable

Pick the best location, and you’ll be able to “boost” Instagram posts on Facebook and reverse the process.

When you have created post-boosting automation, organic content that aligns with your auto post-boost conditions can be automatically promoted. Let’s examine how to set up the conditions since it is here that you will see the “magic” happens.

Promote posts that receive better than the average amount of engagement

When writing auto post-boosting conditions, you can select which conditions are valid for all or only one. In this case, I selected “OR” to include any blog that fulfills at minimum one of these requirements.

Posts that promote important announcements

Sometimes, the promotion of a post is required, even if we realize that it won’t be a massive hit with users. Instead of formulating our conditions around the level of engagement required, we could write conditions that look at the article’s content. If it includes a keyword or an emoji that is specific to it or a specific emoji, we can use it as a trigger to automatically raise it followerspro.

A single condition states that a blog post will be promoted when it includes the emoji sparkles. This way, we can direct your social media administrator to employ the symbol only when they wish for the promoted blog post.

It is also possible to use this condition to find the words “sale” or “limited-time-only” if you do not want to use Emojis. https://dailytimezone.com/

Promote Instagram’s posts to Facebook

Many social media marketers are now spending more time developing content for Instagram, which is where organic content (for the moment) is gaining more attention. Therefore, a common strategy is to find the most results from Instagram’s content and use it as a resource for Facebook advertisements. This is how you can do it using Followers Pro.

You can choose Instagram as your content source in the auto post boost options.

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