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Here’s Why You Need Auto Repair Software

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Auto repair software helps you bring out the best in your business. Sometimes it happens that you have a very busy day at work. You get numerous jobs that you have to complete on time. During all of this, you don’t get enough time to leave your desk and check on each and every one of your employees. 

This might cause some slacking in your shop’s work. Or your employees may leave their jobs undone and roam around doing personal stuff. This may create a very non serious environment in your auto repair shop. And it may also end up in a car being repaired improperly. 

Then to avoid such a situation, you need auto repair software. This software improves the functioning of your shop. And it also allows you to manage different aspects of your business from one place. Keep on reading this blog to learn about the different features of auto repair shop software.


It is important to get paid when you run a business. If you offer your products or services for a fee, you also expect to earn money. This is one of the most important reasons a human being works. So when you give your 100%, you deserve to be accommodated for your services. And this is where Torque Payments walks in. 

This software allows you to alwayshttps://www.torque360.co/ get paid on time. You no longer have to run behind your customers to ask them to clear out their payments. You can simply send them automated reminders when their payments are due. 

This way, your customers will remember to pay you on time, and you won’t have to worry about whether they still remember or not. But this isn’t it! This is not the only reason why you need auto repair software. With this payment software, you get flare rates. This means you get the lowest transaction rates on all of your transactions. 

So now you don’t have to worry about losing so much cash during the transactions because I just gave you a way out. You can also use Torque payments to allow your customers to clear out their payments in installments. 

This means they don’t have to pay up the whole amount up front. They can simply pay you in multiple installments. This will show your customers that you care about their time and efforts and you want them to feel comfortable with you and your shop.

Auto repair invoicing software


Imagine this. Your mechanic performed a job for your customer this week but also fixed up many other cars this week. He did not prepare a manual invoice for this specific vehicle. He also did not note down every fix that he had to make on this vehicle. 

And now he has forgotten all the repairs he made because he was busy working on other vehicles too. This can become a very big conflict for your auto repair shop.

How will you create an invoice for the job your mechanic does not remember performing? What will you do with the invoice? Will you create a fake invoice just for the sake of getting paid? 

This can be a very big dispute for your auto repair shop. But what if I told you that there was a way for you to avoid this situation from the beginning? What if I told you that your auto repair shop could be so digitized that you won’t even have to consider these problems again? 

No! I am not bluffing. Auto repair invoicing software is the best software that allows you to avoid such unimportant problems. This software improves the way your shop’s invoices work. It takes everything from manual to digitalization. 

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Running an auto repair shop is hectic. Attending to different customers and working on the field simultaneously might make you forget some points during the inspection. This is why you must prepare beforehand to face such situations. 

With digital vehicle inspection, you can always provide every vehicle with complete attention. And you can also rest assured that you are giving equal attention to every vehicle. This will help you make a clear goal for every job and achieve it. 

With this software, you can make a list of all the repairs your customer’s vehicle requires. Then one by one, you can complete each repair and mark it complete on the digital checklist. 

This will save you the time to reconsider and go back to each job, and it will also help you keep track of all the work you have done on a vehicle. The best part about this feature would be how it allows you to make understanding easier for your customers. 

Are you thinking, what am I talking about? With the help of this software, you can be more transparent with your customers. You can educate your customers about all the repairs you are performing. You can report your technician and write comments about why each repair is made and how it benefits the vehicle. 

Integrated Software

When you get auto repair shop software, you expect it to solve all your problems related to your shop. This auto repair software does exactly that for you. You no longer need to get different software for different procedures. You get all of it in one place. And the best part is you don’t even have to leave your chair. 

With auto repair shop software, you get access to MOTOR labor guides. MOTOR labor guides allow you to get access to mechanical real-time labor guides, repair procedures, car wiring diagrams and much more. You no longer need to spend hours on Google or YouTube to find the solution to a repair that you haven’t performed before. With this software, you have to search for it in your software, and you get the solution in seconds. 

MOTOR labor guides have been in the automotive industry for over 100 years. They provide good quality and reliable services to their customers. It is also integrated with Nexpart. Nexpart allows you to make quick and easy searches for repair parts. Yes, you can find different repair parts from the comfort of your shop. 

It helps you check the part’s availability, compare their prices and order them through the software. In short, you can complete all your lengthy tasks in under a few minutes. Some other software that this auto repair software is integrated with are as follows:

  • Twilio 2-way SMS
  • Torque Payments

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