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Why you need a Smartgrid mattress?

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Beyonce once said “Having peace, happiness and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can’t have any of that without sleep.”

Quality sleep is as important as a nutritious diet along with exercise. When one becomes overburdened, there is a chance of falling ill and the mind-body system will not function normally. All of the three can be under your control yes even sleep!

The reason for getting good sleep at night can be attributed to several factors, and it is time to make the necessary changes in your environment. One of those few things could be your mattress. Sometimes an insufficient mattress can not deliver excellence and interrupts your sleep cycle.

Researchers at some of the extremely reputable universities in the world, including Harvard, Cambridge, and other world-class institutes have been conducting extensive research for years and years in order to understand if sleep quality is determined by multiple factors.

Mattresses play a key role in determining the quality of sleep you get. As of now, a wide selection of mattress choices is available on the market for one to select from.

These include:

  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Spring mattresses

There are various types of mattresses available for different people according to their individual needs. In spite of this, SmartGRID Technology has proven itself to be the best sleep technology, according to scientists as well.

Choose Smartgrid mattress today

The hyper-elastic polymer in SmartGrid is non-toxic and food grade, while memory foam is made from polyurethane and injected with extra chemicals to increase the viscosity.

A Smart Grid mattress intelligently adapts to every type of body after years of research by actual Sleep Experts. Food-grade material gives Smart Grid the benefit of being non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

As the first and only SmartGRID mattress on the Indian market, The Sleep Company has pioneered Smart Sleep Technology. Researchers at the DRDO invented SmartGRID after extensive research.

SmartGrid’s construction conforms to body curves such as hips and shoulders so no pressure is placed on the body, and it’s cushioning enough to prevent pressure points. There is a firmness that supports the spine and back, as well as a softness that adapts to the shape of the body, depending on one’s sleeping position.

A SmartGrid structure contains 2500 air channels, allowing sufficient airflow to cool during hot summer nights. From their selection of SmartGRID mattresses, one can buy the best mattress online.

After a huge number of preliminaries, SmartGrid was conceived – the main and effective way of delivering comfort and sleep through its unique development that is both Delicate and Firm. It is delicate where the body needs snuggling and firm where the spine needs support. So you benefit from the comfort of firmness and softness of this excellent and game-changing mattress available in the market. At the same time, customers also find The Sleep Company mattress to be exceptionally supportive and comfortable as well.

How does SmartGrid work?

To begin with, SmartGrid is not a memory foam product; it is not a latex product, nor is it a spring product. There are comfortable layers comprised of a structure that has a lot of small grid-like walls permitting the walls to lock in on the body bends in light of the more modest surface region.

These empower the walls of the framework to clasp on the hips and shoulders, assisting with easing the strain on those areas of the body. Subsequently, it gives you to experience a high level of comfort while the body parts will feel no pressure, especially when one has a vertebra under your spine.

In order to manufacture SmartGRID, a polymer material made of hyper-elastic fibers is exclusively imported from Japan. No matter what position you sleep in, it will absorb pressure while providing comfort.

Is a SmartGRID mattress better than a memory foam mattress, or any other mattress?

Memory foam is basically adaptable mattresses that were created during the 1950s. In the most recent 70 years, most organizations sell similar adaptive mattresses with different packaging and reformed branding. 

Almost everything we use today was changed by science be it our lifestyle, mobile phones, automobiles, or education you name it. Therefore, why not apply science to fundamentally alter how we sleep as well? It is therefore logical to adapt to new sleeping habits as well, with the help of science.

  • SmartGrid keenly changes immovability according to the user’s body weight and body parts; memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, have the same adaptability in all areas and the same thickness, so each part of the body feels identically supported.
  • Even so, memory foam eventually collapses with time, even though SmartGrid adjusts and also aligns when one is in any posture or position while asleep.
  • SmartGrid has in total more than 2500 air channels to guarantee that its temperature stays cooler and doesn’t hold body heat or sweat, though foam mattresses will in general intensify and generate in heating up the body.
  • In contrast to memory foam, SmartGrid does not sag after a few months of use.

Let SmartGrid mattresses help you achieve what you’ve always wanted: the quality and quantity of sleep. Also, The Sleep Company has an amazing deal where one gets a 100 nights trial when you purchase the SmartGrid Mattress from their website.

What Smart Grids Have to Offer and What They Don’t

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both memory foam and smart grid mattresses is vital when making a mattress purchase decision.

For people who like soft and supportive mattresses, memory foam is a great choice, but they may need you to pay a higher price for it than the rest of the mattress brands available in the market. One can consider SmartGrid mattresses if you’re worried about your carbon footprint because they’re made from energy-efficient materials.

A large number of The Sleep Company’s SmartGRID clients have expressed how their regular body aches have been relieved by SmartGrid mattresses. As a result of using Smart Grid, such issues no longer exist for them, and they enjoy the comfort of quality sleep every night.

Most bedding available in the market or orthopedic sleeping pads have a very firm and strong built that no doubt supports the back but cannot deliver comfort at the same time

Well, now mattresses are now more comfortable than ever thanks to smart grid technology. The firmness of the cushion provides maximum support for the shoulder, neck, and back, while the softness of the cushion provides ultimate solace.

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