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Why React Native Is the Premier Choice for Fintech App Development

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The FinTech app market has grown significantly as it stood at 1.74 billion downloads across the internet in the Q1 of 2023.

React Native is a JavaScript-based framework that provides an extensive package of functionalities enabling smooth and fast cross-platform mobile app development.

It has become a popular technology framework used by a large community of developers across the globe.

The platform can be used as an open-source UI creation platform for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and others.

Developers are using this platform to create interactive UI elements deployable in robust applications.

This blog post discusses the primary features that make React Native a credible choice for FinTech app development.

1. Development Time

React Native provides every FinTech app development company the facility to engage in an easy sharing of code. You can turn your iOS-compatible app into an Android-compatible in least time and development efforts.

It also saves the costs invested on resources building these applications.

2. Code Reusability

With a component-based architecture, React Native provides the facility of code reuse. It provides a simple inter-platform exchange of code components.

This facility is primarily useful for developers working on large-scale projects where writing code all from scratch can be inefficient and impractical at times. Hence, professionals can reuse the components for which the code is already available.

There are multiple sources from where developers can extract those packages, as the followings;

  • External purchases
  • Opensource collaborations

3. Hot Reloading

While utilizing React Native app development services, you can save your time spent on reviewing the changes made in the code.

The app keeps running and new versions of the code are injected to the application.

4. Application Performance

Applications built using React Native are efficient as they use an opensource JavaScript engine called Hermes. It provides these applications an effective performance with reduced memory usage and compatible app size.

It further provides your applications a native appearance with optimized UI performance. It escapes any loss of data while making minimal changes to the UI code.

5. Easy Integration

You can easily integrate single view or user flows to your application built using React Native.

There are slight variation between the steps for integrating these elements for Android and iOS based on separate setup guidelines for both the platforms.

You can incorporate interactive features, views, screens, and more by using these setup guidelines without hampering the end-outcomes.

6. Easy Maintenance

React Native allows an easy and interactive application maintenance.

With an extensive package of developer-friendly utilities such as code reusability, fast integration, hot reload, and others, it becomes simpler to maintain your FinTech mobile applications built on React Native.


As the FinTech app market expands further, an easy design facility and other independent development functionalities become the primary reasons for the technology being a preferred platform choice.

However, you might still have some queries related to its foundation and overall implementation.

You may consult our team of React Native app developers to get the answers.

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