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Which Type of Trophy is Best to Give During Office Ceremonies?

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Office ceremonies are essential for businesses to take a moment and honor their employees’ accomplishments, exemplary performance, and benchmark goals. Awarding trophies to recognize exceptional achievements is a common practice that carries a certain prestige.

However, choosing suitable trophies for ceremonies has always been difficult for most HR heads and managers. With the multiple medals and trophy options, managers often have difficulty choosing suitable awards.

But don’t fret over it because this article has discussed the types of trophies best for your office ceremonies. Let’s get started!

Crystal Trophies

Crystal or Crystalline trophies are some of the best on the market. They are smooth, classy, timeless, and a pleasure to look at. Most of the time, they are the most prestigious presents, and their weight shows their value.

Crystal trophies can be given out at any award ceremony. However, since they are so expensive, they are most often awarded for significant categories like employee of the year. The key players in the company’s success are the ones who receive this grand reward.

Glass Trophies

The glass trophies are ideal for those who love the crystal appearance, but the crystal trophies are out of their budget. They have varying sizes and shapes. Moreover, color infusion and other artistic aspects are easily incorporated into glass awards.

When celebrating a significant achievement, such as the completion of a milestone, a glass trophy can be an excellent choice.

Acrylic Trophies

Acrylic trophies come in beautiful shapes and vibrant colors. Plus, their options are nearly unlimited. Despite its resemblance to glass, acrylic is far lighter and more resistant to breaking than glass.

If you want your award to be a little unconventional, then acrylic awards are your best option. They are ideal for awarding multiple trophies since they are more affordable.

Stone Trophies

Stone trophies are modern masterpieces. These awards and office decorations, made of marble, agate, and concrete, can also serve as works of art. If placed in the right place, they’ll get noticed easily.

If your company’s brand suits a contemporary aesthetic or if you enjoy its appearance, presenting a stone trophy can be a terrific choice. The sense of luxury associated with stone trophies makes them an excellent option for any critical award.

Metal Trophies

Metal trophies are gleaming and heavy! They are A metal trophy suitable for rewarding truly iconic achievements.

When giving a metal trophy as a gift, it is recommended to wear white gloves. These beautiful trophies with a nickel finish usually leave fingerprints.

Wood Trophies

Wood trophies are among the most popular award plaques. They add personality but can also be displayed on their own. Typically, wood trophies are made of natural wood, providing a luxurious feel and magnificent appearance.

Jade Glass Trophies

Trophies made of jade glass are a low-cost way to display elegance. They have a green-like tint that makes them stand out. It’s an excellent gift for those on a budget! Despite its lower price, they don’t sacrifice quality.

5 Awards Categories to Consider

To get you started, we’ve included some suggestions for award categories you might want to include in your event. These award categories are worth looking at, even if they aren’t all applicable to your business:

The overall employee of the Month

Even though this is a pretty typical award, it’s crucial to examine the potential value of this form of acknowledgment. This award is meant to appraise your employee who exceeded the set goals.

Top Performers

Top performers and the overall employee of the month “winners differ in a subtle but noticeable way: the former’s achievements could be easier to measure.

Peer recognition

Even though recognizing employees is good, giving an award can be the right way.

Team Player

Even though not everybody can be a platform, employees who work hard and keep office morale high deserve praise.

Work Anniversaries

Even though this isn’t an award, it’s still important to note when an employee reaches a milestone at your company.

Bottom Line

Employees play a crucial role, and they can determine the success or failure of your business. Therefore, they need to be regularly appreciated for their continued efforts. This post has discussed many trophies you can use to appreciate your workers.

Further, you may prioritize the customizable trophies. This will enable you to design the awards to the winners’ preference.

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