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Which is The Best-Quality Henna Powder to Cover Grey Hair?

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There are some circumstances in which we have to experience an itchy scalp, one of the nightmares we never wish to experience. Whether it is because of microbial infections or excess oil production, all we want is to get rid of it naturally to enjoy healthy hair. But is there something that can treat dandruff and itchy scalp condition without damaging the hair roots? Well Yes! Natural Henna powder is the answer to all your hair-related problems, be it premature aging, split ends, itchy scalp, or dandruff.

We Indians don’t need any introduction to Henna as this is a wonderful herb we have been using for centuries to dye our hair naturally. But apart from being a harmless natural coloring agent, Henna is known for its remarkable antimicrobial, calming and conditioning properties too, making it a perfect home remedy to treat itchy scalp, dryness and dandruff. 

So, let’s dive right into the benefits of henna herbal powder home remedies for treating itchy scalp and dandruff. 

How is Organic Henna good for Dandruff Removal and Itchy Scalp Treatment?

Some of the root causes of dandruff in any season can be clogged pores, dry skin or even excess oil production. Henna is a natural conditioner that can cleanse and hydrate your scalp to regulate oil production and maintain the scalp’s pH.

Here are some of the remarkable properties of organic henna herbal powder that make it a natural home remedy for multiple hair problems:

  • Moisturizing Properties: The profoundly hydrating properties of natural henna powder helps treat flaky scalp to prevent both itchiness and dandruff.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Enriched with natural antioxidants and phenolic compounds, herbal henna powder reduces free-radical damage caused preventing early aging and dandruff.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Henna is a natural antifungal agent that combats the growth of yeast cells to treat scalp infections, itchiness and other severe problems.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: This magical herb is always known for providing a calming effect due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The regular application of henna herbal powder can keep your scalp healthy and nourished without any itchiness, dryness or dandruff.

4 Effective Henna Hair Packs for Dandruff Control and Scalp Itchiness treatment

All the four henna hair packs we will share with you are 100% effective and natural to try at home with no side effects. But to begin with that, you first need to get colorless henna powder with no impurities in it. 

So, for that, we will suggest you go for Indus Valley Natural Colourless Henna Powder, certified by ECOCERT and USDA Organic for its purity and goodness. As it is a triple-sifted microfine powder, you can make a lump-free thin paste for the appropriate application without much effort.

1) Fenugreek, Olive, and Natural Henna Anti-Dandruff Hair Pack

In this pack, we use three widely known ingredients: Olive – a natural moisturizer and conditioner to hydrate the scalp, Fenugreek to provide essential nutrients, and colorless henna powder to strengthen the roots.

  • Mix 4tbsp of Colourless Henna Powder with 1tbsp of Fenugreek powder and 1 tbsp of Olive Oil. You can also add yogurt for better conditioning.
  • Make a thin paste by adding a little water to all these ingredients and apply it evenly on the scalp using a brush.
  • Keep it for 20 minutes, and then wash with water and mild shampoo.
  • For healthy scalp and glossy hair, use this pack twice or thrice a month.

2) Mustard Oil and Henna Pack for Dry and Dull hair

It is another effective hair pack that cleanses and nourishes your scalp to treat the dryness, dandruff, and dullness you feel. You just have to replace olive oil in the above-mentioned hair pack with mustard oil to make this pack, and everything else will remain the same.

3) Henna and Egg Pack

Like Henna, Egg is highly beneficial for rebuilding the hair structure due to its immense protein value. Mixing and applying them together not only cleanses your scalp to remove impurities and dandruff but also conditions the hair strands to restore their lost shine & strength.

  • Take 2 egg whites and mix them with 2-3 tbsp of Henna powder and 1tbsp of olive oil.
  • Make a thin paste to apply even on your hair strands and scalp using a brush and keep it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash with water and then a mild shampoo to enjoy voluminous glossy hair.

4) Henna, White Vinegar/Lime Juice and Olive Oil Pack

White vinegar or lemon juice has an acidic effect that cleanses and removes dandruff from the scalp to keep it healthy. Using it with henna and olive oil makes your hair soft, glossy, and healthy.

  • Mix 4 tbsp of colourless herbal Henna powder with 1tbsp each of White Vinegar and Olive Oil. You can also add yogurt to enhance the calming and conditioning effect.
  • Mix it well to make a thin paste and apply for 30 minutes evenly on all hair sections.
  • Wash with water and a mild shampoo for best results.

That’s it from our desk now. Try these hair packs and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below. Enjoy healthy hair!

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