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Auditors are critical financial and accounting specialists that guarantee the accuracy of an organisation’s records. An auditor can work for a firm internally or for a separate organisation that does external audits.

Knowing which qualifications and other credentials will help you succeed as an auditor will assist you in planning your future. We’ll go over how to become an auditor and some of their skills to succeed in this post.

Which abilities are necessary for auditors?

Auditors can be effective if they possess a variety of talents. Among the most important are:

Relationship-building and interpersonal abilities

Auditors deal with a wide range of clients, so connecting with them and understanding their requirements might help you give better service.

Pay close attention to the details.

Because your employment entails examining complicated and frequently lengthy financial documents, this is a crucial skill. You may then use this information to build reports.

Skills in critical thinking

Critical thinking abilities can help you undertake good analysis as an auditor. The information you supply has the potential to influence a company’s direction.

What is the role of an auditor?

An auditor is a finance and accounting specialist who has the power to examine a company’s financial records to ensure that they are following the law. An auditor may also assist organisations in becoming more efficient and safeguard them against fraudulent activity. You can work as an external auditor or an internal auditor in this field. An external auditor is employed by specialised auditing organisations, whereas an internal auditor is a company employee.

Obtain financial or accounting certification.

Many institutions require you to pass maths at A-level to pursue finance or accountancy as a bachelor’s degree. Because many organisations specify it as one of their minimal criteria, having a degree in accounting and finance is vital for a job as an auditor. They also help you prepare for the career by regularly teaching you many of the essential bits of foundational knowledge you’ll need.

Obtain accounting certifications

Certifications are another item on a company’s list of basic requirements. A variety of accounting authorities offers these certificates, and which one is ideal for you depends on your degree of experience and education. Certification earns you the title of chartered accountant, which can help you advance in your profession and make more money.

Work in the industry to get experience.

Before advancing to the auditor position, you can gather experience at any level in any accounting business. If you have past work experience, recruiters will be more intrigued by your CV.

Apply for employment as an auditor.

It’s good to prepare and personalise your CV and cover letter to the position and organisation you’re looking for when applying for auditing employment. It demonstrates your enthusiasm for the company and increases the likelihood of a recruiting manager selecting you for an interview. The study you do to personalise your CV may also be useful for interview preparation since it will make you look more educated about the firm.

What are the finest accounting certifications for auditors?

There are a variety of certifications that auditing firms may need as a condition of doing business with them. The following are a few of the most prevalent. They are as follows:


ICAEW is a professional organisation that grants chartered accountancy credentials. You must complete the ACA curriculum to become an ICAEW chartered accountant. For this, you must finish three years of on-the-job training and pass a series of tests. You can continue to study the AQ programme if you want to get more particular auditing expertise. You may expect to acquire instruction from a company that the accounting authority has approved. 


The ACCA certifies you as a chartered accountant and gives you important insight into external auditing. They provide various flexible study options, allowing you to study full-time, part-time, or attend revision courses. A minimum of 2 A-levels and three GCSEs in five different disciplines, comprising math and English, are required for ACCA membership. It is still possible to join at the foundation level if you do not have this.


The CPAA is the UK equivalent of the CPA, one of the most prestigious accounting credentials available. The CPAA teaches students about accounting methods and ethics, and bookkeeping and tax services. You can also use the title of Certified Public Accountant once you’ve completed the course.

What does an auditor’s job entail?

Your auditors’ obligations differ depending on whether you conduct external or internal audits. You can anticipate the following general responsibilities:

  1. Organising audits for a company
  1. stakeholders’ communication
  1. sure that accounting information is accurate and compliant
  1. the production of audit reports
  1. counselling and offering strategies for improvement to clients

What is the best way to write a CV for an auditor?

When looking for a job as an auditor, it’s a good idea to make sure your CV is as good as possible. Follow these guidelines for writing a strong auditor CV:

Have a strong summary.

After your contact information, a summary is the first piece of information on your CV. A good overview of your work history may illustrate your abilities, expertise, and enthusiasm in a short amount of time. To pique a hiring manager’s curiosity, you may highlight an amazing contribution you made to an organisation.

You Should highlight only relevant talents. 

An auditor’s analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving abilities are essential. Putting them in the spotlight might pique a recruiter’s interest in your application. Keep your CV concise and easy to read by only emphasising abilities and experience relevant to the auditing position you’re looking for.


Ensure that your abilities, experience, and qualifications match what the employer is looking for by tailoring your CV to the job description. If your CV meets the job description, you’ll have a better chance of getting an interview invitation. It’s also good to double-check your CV for grammatical and spelling issues.

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