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Summer is in full swing: which countries earn the most from tourism

10.07.2017 16:26

Ukraine is the least dependent country on tourism

Which countries earn the most from tourism. Photo: Feel The Planet

The holiday season continues all over the world. Globalization and the growing trend of travel have increased the number of people traveling to other countries every year, especially during the warm season. This trend has led to an increase in tourism revenues in many countries and an increase in the share of tourism in the GDP of these countries. Since not all states are in the same demand from travelers, the income from this industry varies significantly.

Howmuch.net  compiled the map based on the 2017 Tourism Competitiveness  Report of the World Economic Forum, and the editors of PaySpace Magazine adapted it. On the map you can see the countries that are most dependent on tourism. Each country is marked with one of four colors, depending on the share that tourism takes in the country’s GDP: less than 2%, from 2 to 5%, from 5 to 7% and more than 7%.

Of the 136 economically developed countries, Ukraine is the least dependent on tourism. In the structure of Ukraine’s GDP, tourism is 1.4% or $1.3 billion. The top 3 countries whose economy relies least on tourism also include two neighboring states – Russia and Poland. Their figure is 1.5% and 1.7% respectively.

TOP 5 countries that are least dependent on tourism:

1. Ukraine – 1.4%  of the country’s GDP
2. Russian Federation – 1.5%
3. Poland – 1.7%
4. Canada – 1.8%
5. South Korea – 1.8%

The countries most dependent on tourism often have small territories or small populations.

TOP 5 countries that are most dependent on tourism:

1. Malta – 15% of the country’s GDP
2. Croatia – 15%
3. Thailand – 9.3%
4. Jamaica – 8.9%
5. Iceland – 8.2%

Countries with the largest tourism industries

1. USA ( $488 billion )
2. China ( $224 billion )
3. Germany ( $130.8 billion )
4. Japan ( $106.7 billion )
5. UK ( $103.7 billion )
6. France ( $89.2 billion )
7. Mexico ( $79.7 billion )
8. Italy ( $76.3 billion )
9. Spain ( $68.8 billion )
10. Brazil ( $56.3 billion )

Most visited cities in the world

Last year, Mastercard also compiled the Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index ranking of the most visited cities in the world. According to him, Bangkok ranked first in popularity, overtaking London. According to the study, 21.47 million international visitors visited Bangkok during 2016. For the approximate number of visitors to the cities that took the rest of the ranking, for 2016, see the infographic.

Most often, tourists from all over the world travel for the purpose of recreation. At the same time, most of the money they spend on shopping. Also one of the main items of expenditure is food. For example, in Europe tourists spend the most on food in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, Milan, Paris, Prague and Vienna.

Where do Ukrainians travel without a visa?

On June 11, Ukrainians received the long-awaited opportunity to travel to the Schengen countries (most EU countries) without a visa – only with a biometric passport. According to the tourist search engine Momondo, the most popular tourist destinations where Ukrainians buy tickets after the introduction of a visa-free regime are Barcelona, ​​Rome and Paris. This is followed by Milan, Lisbon, Prague, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Athens and closes the top ten – Madrid.

TOP 10 cities that Ukrainians most want to visit:

  • Barcelona;
  • Rome;
  • Paris;
  • Milan;
  • Lisbon;
  • Prague;
  • Warsaw;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Athens;
  • Madrid.
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