What Reports Are Generated By The Truck Management Software?

truck fleet management software
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In the last few years, the fleet managers manually entered every expense, receipt, and invoice for every vehicle and equipment. Now thinking of performing such a manual task feels like a nightmare. 

Truck management software comes into the picture. This platform is capable enough to generate reports that can assess the overall standing of the business. These reports are as follows.

  • The service history log.
  • Fleet expense analysis
  • Work orders
  • Electronic inspection
  • User login and usage.
  • The odometer history

Let us discuss this more in detail. 

The Fleet expense Analysis.

There is a lot of money that goes into ensuring that the vehicles in the fleet are running properly and are not draining any kind of company budget. The fleet expense analysis report by the truck management software will put light on the cost for every vehicle which will include operating costs, maintenance repairs, any downtime costs, or fuel consumption. 

High-quality analytics will provide the fleet manager with the best options to save the company fleet budget and will enhance productivity. 

The Service history.

If the fleet managers need to find out when the vehicle was serviced, the automated service login option in the software will provide you with detailed information.  The service history information can provide you with the option to easily accumulate documents online.

It shows you when the vehicle was serviced and what work was performed on your fleet. It is very easy to view the service history log for every vehicle individually or for the whole fleet at once. 

The best part of the software is that the fleet manager does not have to look through the hefty paperwork as all this data is stored digitally at a single location. 

Work orders.

It is very right to say that every vehicle will need some kind of work from time to time. Service maintenance is very important for making sure that your mobile assets have a longer life. 

Still, you must be aware of the service dates so that you can make the decision as to when to put the vehicle out of use. 

The work order report can help in sending the notification to the fleet managers of any upcoming service. Knowing in advance will allow the managers to properly prepare.

It is also very beneficial in outsourcing the task and doing the work for the fleet manager by creating a work order reminder for the professionals.

Electronic Inspection.

Fleet vehicles need a proper inspection just like any other vehicle. The electronic inspection will provide the fleet managers with the ability to customize the inspection reports of the drivers electronically.

The fleet manager can also leverage the submission analysis to have detailed insights across every part of the fleet.  

The managers used to rely on paper forms in the past. The automated forms on the other hand make the job easy so that the drivers are not at all rushing through the work. 

Electronic inspection can enhance productivity and will help you address any issues with the fleet in a much more timely manner. You can even add the photos to the inspection for a proper diagnosis. 

The fleet managers analyze the reports to make sure that the inspections are completed thoroughly and decide if the vehicle needs any more maintenance. 

The user login and usage.

Anyone can step into the fleet manager’s office and gaze through the paperwork to find useful information. Well, with the incorporation of the truck fleet management software, only managers have the access to see the electronic reports. 

The fleet manager can pull any information through the login page and can assign a user login ID to any driver in their fleet. 

The fleet manager has the flexibility to control what information can be seen by whom. 

The odometer history.

The odometer history will provide fleet managers with information on how many miles every vehicle has driven in its whole course. The fleet managers can extract and use these reports to get down to assess the trip of vehicles.

This information will also come in handy during the scheduling of maintenance and preserving the longevity of the company vehicles and preventing early downtimes. 


The fleet reports are more than just the demand from the fleet managers. The details in these reports will put light on important information such as expenses related to fuel and maintenance. 
These reports from the truck management software can bring down costs and increase overall efficiency. 

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