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What Is Mercury Curing and What Can It Do?

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Mercury curing is a method of creating UV-curable inks. The UV part of the UV-curable process means that these inks are cured in the same way that traditional inkjet inks are cured. However, unlike conventional inkjet inks, UV-curable inks are not intended to be printed onto the substrate surface.

They are used to create special effects on materials such as plastics, glass, and other nonporous surfaces; they do not need any special substrate surfaces or application methods to make their impact visible.

What is Mercury Curing?

Mercury curing is used to change the color of a fabric permanently. The process involves using a type of resin infused with Mercury, which reacts with the fabric’s fibers to create the desired color change. It’s most commonly used in silk, cotton, and linen fabrics.

Mercury curing in metalworking involves using a mercury-filled bulb to expose the metal to ultraviolet light. It’s used as an alternative to painting and plating, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Mercury curing can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, although it’s most commonly used on stainless steel. The surface of the metal becomes black when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which helps prevent oxidation later.

Why use Mercury for curing?

Mercury curing is a very effective technique to create durable, high-quality finishes, especially for polymers. It provides excellent adhesion and an excellent surface finish.

It is most commonly used for polymer parts with high load and corrosion resistance and for creating polymeric encapsulants.

The main advantage of mercury curing is that it produces a durable finish that can withstand extreme conditions, such as harsh environments and aggressive chemicals.

The best mercury-curing lamp

Mercury curing systems from IUV use Ultraviolet sources. Over the years, IUV has produced several different varieties of mercury lamps with varied cooling systems to fulfill every need of the UV uses based on the power intensity, the bulb’s height, and the necessary design factor.

TOP PICK- IUV-FP/M mercury curing lamp


  • 200m per minute curing speed
  • Good for flexo-printing machine
  • Rated power of light 3w- 15w
  • Wavelengths 365nm, 385 nm

The flexo-HG bulb used in IUV’s flexo-graphic printmaking is the oldest used today. As in the print sector, ultraviolet curing technologies and methods are quite advanced, and the quality is very consistent.

Flexo Hg Curing Device from IUV has three variants.

  1. IUV-FP/M design: – It’s perfect for presses with a water-cooled roller. It may be used without the base.
  2. IUV-FP/M/WB Series: This is appropriate for the printing press that already has a cooling base.
  3. IUV-FP/M/AB series: – It features an air-control system making it universal with most printing presses

IUV-FP/M mercury curing lamp Benefits

  1. Increase UV intensity wavelength to enable fast ink formulation;
  2. Improved clear-coat finish effectiveness
  3. It has a short ultraviolet frequency, ideal for Hot-melting sealant
  4. Lower cost of investing
  5. Supports a variety of affordable inks


If you’re looking to invest in signage, our advice would be this: don’t cut corners when it comes to curing. You’re looking for a quality partner to provide your business with the best signage possible; don’t let this small facet of the project hold you back.

Find a reputable partner, such as IUV, who provides the most effective curing system available. And you’ll get the best return on your investment in the long run.

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