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Get photos of the accident scene after an Alaska car crash. The health and safety of everyone involved in the accident be the top priority. You need to call for medical help if you or anyone has been seriously injured. 

If you’re not seriously injured, you should start collecting evidence that will later help in the recovery process. You can contact an Alaska accident attorney to guide you on what you should do.

Nine Things to Look for After a Car Crash 

Adrenaline levels can go high after the impact, and you may think you’ll never forget the details of the accident. The truth is that those memories will fade over time. That said, it would be wise to preserve evidence if you can. The things you should look for at the scene of a car accident can include:

1. Information about the Other Parties to the Accident

You should collect the details of the other driver, including:

  • Driver’s license number, 
  • Insurance policy details, 
  • Car number plate, and 
  • Contact information.

2. Actions of the Other Driver Shortly Before and After the Accident

You’ll not notice anything shortly before an accident in most cases, but sometimes you can. For instance, you should try to remember if the driver was on the phone before the crash, if they smelled alcohol, or if they did something that resulted in the crash.

3. The Road Conditions 

Research shows that poor road conditions are a major cause of car accidents in the U.S. Documenting pictures of the accident scene can provide evidence of the road conditions at the time of a car crash.

4. Road and Safety Signs

Are there any road Signs at the accident scene? Are the road signs visible? Taking pictures of road and safety signs in the vicinity of the accident can help answer these questions. 

5. Extent Loss Incurred 

Loss incurred can include both bodily injuries and property damage. Take photos of all vehicles involved in the crash, plus any other property that was damaged in the crash.

6. Witnesses

Did anyone besides the people involved in the crash witness the collision? You should request the witnesses to provide their names and contact information and request their presence if the case goes to court.

7. Skid Marks

Pictures of the skid marks can help investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and your lawyer, among others, make informed decisions when determining fault. 

8. Debris in the Road

The presence of debris on the road can cause a car crash. Photos of debris can be used when bringing a claim against the government authorities tasked with road maintenance. 

9. Presence of Surveillance Cameras

 Note the presence of any surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the accident scene. Cameras can provide valuable evidence of what caused and how the crash happened. 

Steps to Filing a Car Accident Claim 

You should file an injury claim if you’ve suffered a loss resulting from the negligence of another person, party, or entity. There are two recovery options for a car accident claim:

  •   Recovery through the insurance claims process, and
  • Recovery through court action.

Recovery Through Insurance 

You should contact your auto insurer as soon as possible. However, seeking medical attention should precede this step. The insurance recovery process is not easy and involves a lot of activities, including: 

  • Completing the insurance claim,
  • Calculating the deductibles,
  • Figuring out the damages
  • Reviewing the fine print and more. You’ll need as much help as possible.

If you prefer the insurance recovery process, ensure you’ve taken the following steps after a car crash.

1. Seek Medical Attention 

Most people think they’re fine after an accident, but pain and other symptoms manifest when it may be too late.

Failing to seek immediate medical help after an accident can hurt your case, slow your recovery, and jeopardize your health. 

2. Contact your Auto Insurer 

Contact your insurer to report the incident. Your lawyer will likely ask you to fill out some documents. Any information about the accident should be provided to help process your claim. 

3. Consider Picture or Video Evidence Photos or videos can be invaluable to your case, especially when the insurance company refuses to cooperate or when hiring a car accident lawyer. 

4. Document Your Expenses 

You’ll likely suffer a financial loss after a car accident. Even when the insurance claim is underway, you’ll still be incurring expenses. Therefore, you should record all expenses related to the crash if the case goes to trial. 

5. Consult with a Car Accident Attorney

Consider legal representation to ensure your rights are safeguarded. A personal injury attorney will review your case and recommend the best legal option. 

 You should note down as much information as possible at the scene of a car crash. Never ignore any details when gathering evidence; the ignored details could be the very information that will make your case successful.

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