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It has been more than a decade, and the ga-ga over mobile app development is not even close to settling down. This amazing technology has penetrated a lot of different business sectors and stunned everyone with ease. Applications have the ability to collect the best of features in any business and present it to the global audience with utmost convenience.

The world is realizing the power of mobility and making a rigorous attempt to move along with it. But to excel in the game, it is important to have a strong foothold of the present and knowledge about the future.

To reach the zenith of the success it is important to implement an exquisite mobile strategy in your own process.

If you have a website for your business, then that is not enough, majorly because it lacks the vision. App technology is being continuously pushed by improvements in technology, hence it helps the processes to stay ahead in the game.

But have you ever thought about- THE FUTURE OF APP DEVELOPMENT?

Would it become easier for you if you had a clear idea about it?

To be honest, it is hard to get an actual picture of what the future has in store for us. One can never be 100% sure about anything. But this does not mean that one cannot predict what the trends have in store. The future of app development is shaped by the advancement of different technologies. If you want to jump on the bandwagon or want to pursue the knowledge of being an app developer, it is recommended to stay informed about the most common trends transforming the future.

The Future Of App Development

So today in this blog, let us highlight the frequently asked questions about what one must expect from app development in the future!

Will we witness the large scale adoption of AR and VR in application development?

It is not hard to notice the popularity of augmented and virtual reality in 2020. With the spread of COVID-19, a lot of industries like hospitals, education, and much more are using AR/VR based applications to provide services in remote locations. It eradicates the need for anyone to leave the comfort of their home. Just like this, it is possible to use the seamlessness of these two technologies in a variety of things.

The most famous app, Pokemon Go allowed AR to jump into the gaming industry. With that it is also advancing in the hospitality industry, to solve the problems faced by travelers. The VR tech is largely being used in the education and training sector. It prepares the learner to step into the real world after being fully trained. Even though VR is only able to grab a small percentage of the attention, there is no doubt in the fact that it has a lot in store.

Gradually with time, the large scale adoption of VR and AR will happen, and it is better to have these two assets in your pocket when it does.

Will IoT boost the efficiency of app technology?

The connected network of smart devices over the internet is the first step to get hold of valuable data. The smart gadgets that are part of the network communicate through immaculate applications. The boom in this tech is vital for the overall development of the world. Are you wondering how?

Well, the data collected over the internet can prove revolutionary for identifying future developments in a variety of fields. The gathered data and information can be used to improve accuracy in a variety of services.

How AI will change the creation of mobile applications?

John McCarthy introduced AI in 1955, and since then the complex world is spiraling around the invaluable concepts it has provided us. We are now advancing towards the new era of human-machine interaction. The increase in the use of AI in application development has straightened out the priorities.

Businesses are using it to boost user engagement by predicting the most favorable options. They are helping the processes to bring out the best techniques to improve.

What role will blockchain play in mobile app development?

Many believed that blockchain technology is just confined to the cryptocurrencies, but in reality, it has a lot in store. The use of blockchain in the applications will help in a variety of ways. From improving the security to making the complete system transparent, the role of this tech is unmatchable.

Will chatbot integration expand its horizons in application technology?

The integration of chatbots in applications means that the processes are working in a direction to deliver excellence to the customers. Chatbots are of different kinds but the objective is to provide services to the user by constant communication, verbal or texts.

With chatbots, apps will be able to communicate with the users and solve their problems in real-time.

Will progressive web apps grow in number?

The number of applications in the stores is increasing day by day, and some businesses don’t want to get added in the long list. Therefore, some go for Progressive web apps. These utilize a lot of features of an app and a website to present a seamless solution.

With its growing popularity, the number of PWAs is going to shoot up.


These are the frequently asked questions about the future of mobile app development. As each question represent a unique trend in this department, it will help you to broaden your understanding. The future is rapidly building a bridge that can connect the entire world. There is no doubt in the fact the advancement in this field has changed it into an integral part of the digital eco-system.

It is important that businesses keep a close eye on the emerging trends as the potential of mobility is continuously emerging.

Do you want to know more about it??? If yes, then the pandora of information is just a few clicks ways!!!

Chuck your age-old business practices and follow the direction of these whopping future trends.

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