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What Are The Most Common Myths Regarding AC Cleaning, Repairing, And Maintenance?

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Even though air conditioning technology has been around for a while, many people have trouble distinguishing between precise cooling facts and myths. We’re here to dispel any myths as some of these mistaken assumptions have become accepted as common sense through time. 

Here is the truth behind some of the most widespread misconceptions about air conditioning.

On hot days, having an air conditioner is quite necessary since it’s common to feel exhausted from both the heat and the perspiration. Singapore summers would be unimaginable without air conditioning. Some people could be debating how frequently a temperature control system should be used during the day. The rising cost of electricity may be stressing out many people.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prevalent misconceptions that surround us:

The bigger aircon is always better:

The size of your air conditioner counts, but it’s more important to pick a unit that is both the correct size for your home and affordably sized. Furthermore, incorrectly predicted AC systems will often consume more energy since the unit won’t cool down quickly enough if it is too small.

Cleaning AC ducts and vent fins are not necessary for Singapore:

That is untrue! Airflow via your ducts and filters may get obstructed by accumulations of dust and debris. If you don’t ever clean your ducts, the dirt is costing you money and decreasing performance. When residing in Singapore, a complete air conditioner chemical wash once a year is crucial.

No maintenance required for AC:

There are several compressors, condensers, fans, evaporators, filters, AC ducts, and other components in air conditioners. Each of them plays a certain role. However, they also undergo mileage with typical use, much like other technology. The blower, which is the heart of a forced-air system, has to be heavily lubricated to function properly.

While you can assure a clean-up from the exterior, it is always advisable to let a professional handle the maintenance of your air conditioners. Avoid assuming that the AC won’t break down before you schedule cleaning or maintenance. Cleaning your air conditioner is a crucial component of regular air conditioner maintenance.

Lowering the thermostat speeds up the cooling process:

The process of cooling a room or your house will take time. Your AC unit will continue to operate at the same pace even if the thermostat is set to the lowest possible level. Utilizing an interior programmable thermostat might help with temperature variations. You may raise the temperature by a few degrees while you are away and then lower it when you return. This will help to prevent unusual temperature increases or decreases.

You’ll save more money by adjusting your thermostat closer to the outside temperature. Anyhow, there is an exception for every rule. Generally speaking, using the maximum fan speed and coldest temperature setting will chill items more quickly – however, remember to alter it once you reach your optimum temperature.

Colds and allergies are brought on by air conditioning:

Possibly one of the most well-known misunderstandings about cooling. Improved indoor air quality and a lower risk of illness are two benefits of cooling. Filters used in air conditioning units capture dirt and pet dander, reducing the cause of allergies. However, if the filters aren’t regularly cleaned, this might compromise their effectiveness.

Due to the poor air quality caused by the dusty atmosphere in Singapore, not cleaning your AC may lead to dust buildups, which will increase your risk of developing allergies, sore throats, and coughing.

Air filters don’t need to be changed:

Dust and trash particles are gathered by air filters. This puts pressure on the AC, forcing it to operate harder. This led to more efficient usage of electricity and increased service costs. Airborne particulates are removed by a clean filter, which reduces them from residue to invisible ultra-small particles. 

However, a filthy or dusty filter can worsen indoor air quality by acting as a holding area for dust and other airborne contaminants that are regularly recirculated back into the air you are breathing.

Cleaning the filters would usually be adequate, but if they were to break or get damaged, they would need to be replaced.

Aircons are only good for summers:

This is untrue as in Singapore, air conditioners are utilized all year round. To maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the cooling, it is crucial that your air conditioner is operating and is in good condition given that the temperature usually rises beyond 35 degrees each day.

You should know these air conditioner maintenance tips:

All summer long, a dependable air conditioning system is essential. It’s crucial to make sure your unit is in top shape by finding the top air conditioner repair Singapore when the temperatures rise. Uncomfortable living conditions and perhaps higher electricity costs result from an inefficient air conditioning system.

When temperatures rise too high, air conditioning systems are put under stress. To make sure your equipment is operating at its best throughout the year, you should do maintenance. To ensure a comfortable home and keep electricity costs to a minimum, it is important to know how to maintain your AC unit during times of heavy usage.

It’s necessary to ask a qualified HVAC technician to do any extra crucial repairs and cleaning. Here are some maintenance suggestions for air conditioners during the summer in Singapore.

It’s vital to clean air conditioner filters:

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters regularly is one of the essential maintenance procedures to ensure its effectiveness. Filters that are clogged or unclean reduce airflow and ultimately reduce a unit’s efficacy. When the airflow is restricted, dust and other particles can accumulate in the air and bypass the filter. The filters for central air conditioners can be located anywhere along the return pipe’s length.

Some filter types can be reused, while others may need to be changed. They are available in a variety of forms and are efficient. The circulation and air quality in your house may suffer if you don’t frequently clean or change the air conditioner filter. If the climate control system is used frequently, is exposed to dusty conditions, or you have furry pets in the house, filters may need cleaning more or less frequently.

Cleaning the ducts is vital for an effective AC system:

Your HVAC AC unit will function best when its parts are maintained clean, just like everything else in your house. It will make an effort to keep your home at the proper temperature while using less energy, resulting in more effective cooling and improved comfort.

When debris and contaminants are continuously allowed to accumulate in your AC ducts, a few things happen. This contaminated air is circulated several times each day throughout the house. Some of the debris and pollutants are captured by your filters, but some may still pass through your HVAC system thus duct cleaning is a crucial necessity. This may also prompt you to clean your filters more frequently because not doing so makes your HVAC system work considerably harder to move air into and through your house.

When your air conditioner is clogged with dust and debris, it will struggle to circulate cold air; as a result, it must work harder and longer to cool your house. Its lifespan will be shorter and it will be more likely to break down when it is continuously in use. In any event, an efficient AC unit will reduce your energy costs and increase the AC unit’s lifespan over time, allowing you to put off a replacement for a few more years.

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