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Android spy: Basically, they are the special software complex that allows you to see literally everything that they are doing on their phones. Everything means:

  • Chats in social networks and messengers.
  • Records and records of telephone calls.
  • Internet history.
  • Location history.
  • Files, photos, videos.
  • Applications and use of applications.
  • Automatic screenshots.
  • Mail.
  • Voice messages.
  • surrounding sounds.

With Android spy app, you can even see what you are doing online. And you don’t have to worry about being found out. Spy apps are secret. No notifications, icons or alerts!

But there are literally tons of spy apps out there. How to choose the one that best suits you? As part of our work, we test different Android spy apps to compile honest reviews so you can save your time searching for the one that really fits your needs. Our hack equals 1.5 years of dealing with different monitoring and tracking apps. Let’s start checking the best spy apps for Android phones.

Top Spy Apps for Android

EyeZy – all in one place for your convenience

EyeZy is one of the behemoths in the tracking app market. Its history goes back 10 years. With a wealth of experience under its belt, this cell phone spy app offers nothing more than what you were looking for: accurate tracking, direct access to messengers and social media profiles, phone calls, web browser history tracking, responsive support, and speed of delivery. awesome page load.

The biggest advantage is a smooth experience that is guaranteed if you choose EyeZy. They seem to know how to provide a seamless experience for users, balancing between being at the forefront of innovation and providing only the things you need. Incredible support is one of the biggest tricks up EyeZy’s sleeve.

MSpy: on the edge of innovation

MSpy has made an impressive mark once it has been introduced.

First, the software ensures smooth operation on all iOS and Android devices. You will not experience any errors either at the installation stage or during the usage process.

Second, it has been named a pioneer due to newly developed outstanding features: full access to Facebook and Instagram on a target device, capturing all activities on Android devices (via screenshots), online status indicator , Youtube detection, phone activity tracking and much more.

However, there is a downside: some of these features only work on iOS, and some only work on Android so far.

Spyic: 20+ Apps Available for Tracking

Spyic is slightly more expensive than mSpy or EyeZy, and does not provide any of the innovative features that mSpy offers.

The main advantage of this Android spy app is the number of social apps it allows you to track: if you need to access popular messengers or social media apps, including less popular dating apps like “badoo”, it will grant you access to all of them. .

Objections include the absence of the chatbot on the website. There is also no visible support where you can leave your message in case any questions arise.

SpyEra: for a deeper investigation

SpyEra is priced a bit higher than its rivals, but it can boast of offering features that no other app offers. These include live call listening, surround listening, and email monitoring. Other Android spy apps do not offer anything even remotely close to these features.

Clevguard: If you are looking for special offers

With basic features very similar to any other spy app, Clevguard is known for its flexible offers and packages. To take full advantage of Clevguard’s capabilities, you just need to catch up on its latest offers and discounts.

The downside is that Clevguard doesn’t track deleted phone calls and messages, which, compared to mSpy for example, is a huge flaw. There may also be some errors when playing videos in the gallery.

Hoverwatch: on a shoestring budget

The main advantage of Hoverwatch is its price. However, sometimes the update is slow, which can spoil the experience a bit.

On the plus side, for all the basics, there are no complaints: the dashboard is sleek and easy to use, and they offer a free trial, which is a rare breed among spy apps.

FlexiSpy: Extensive features at a good price

FlexiSpy is one of the pioneers in the market: its trump card is reputation and reliability. Despite this, some information may be lost or there may be loading delays, as reported by users.

FlexiSpy comes with a decent package of basic features: from phone calls and text messages to messengers and popular audio files.

iKeyMonitor: cheap and smart

Compatible with all devices, iKeyMonitor is another great option if you are on a budget. It records all messengers, social networks, keystrokes, phone calls, etc., being relatively fast in data delivery. iKeyMonitor is said to have much lower friction than its more experienced counterparts.

The problem is its compatibility issues and some bugs that may occur while playing audio files.


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