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The Airbnb welcome book is a critical component of your Airbnb property’s amenities. However, it may be somewhat time-consuming to put together. Here are some suggestions for creating an engaging and successful Airbnb guestbook for your visitors.

Why Is It Necessary To Have An Airbnb Welcome Book?

A guestbook is an excellent method for hosts to impress their visitors. It demonstrates that you want people to have the finest experience possible in your location. Additionally, it communicates to visitors that you are a helpful host who cares about their comfort and stress-free stay.

The Airbnb guestbook is the ideal location for visitors to obtain all of their information to stay at an Airbnb home. Because each property is unique, visitors will want to know all of the details upon arrival, and your guestbook is likely to be the first place they check.

How to Write a Welcome Book for Airbnb

Now that you understand why an Airbnb welcome book is critical for your home, you need to know how to create one effectively. The good news is that most of the material can be printed off the internet or collected from your neighborhood tourist center.

Here is a step-by-step method to include the following in your welcome book:

1. The Greeting Page

Ascertain that the opening Welcome Page of your welcome book provides all of the critical information that your visitors will require upon arrival. Consider this page to be your property’s onboarding manual.

Several critical aspects that you should address include the following:

• Information Regarding Parking

Front Gate Access Code Required

• Password for Guest Wi-Fi

• Your Contact Information

• Contact Information for Emergency Services

Even if your visitors never read most of the other material in your Airbnb welcome book, you should ensure that they have access to it. Otherwise, they will very certainly call you for assistance.

2. Household Regulations

You’ve almost certainly already communicated your home rules to your visitors in advance of their arrival. However, make a point of repeating what you’ve previously provided in your Airbnb welcome book so that your visitors may access it at any moment throughout their stay.

3. Appliances and Electronics How-To Instructions

You are already familiar with using all of the appliances in your home, but what about your guests? Avoid leaving your visitors disappointed because they are unable to change the thermostat.

Here are a few critical elements for which you should create instructions:

• Thermostat

• The procedure for acquiring property (front-gate entry method, how to use smart locks)

• Washing Machine and Dryer

• Appliances for the Kitchen

• Wi-Fi

• Television remote control and/or Netflix

By posting how-to instructions for all of the different appliances and devices in your home, as well as any strange idiosyncrasies required to get them to function, you may avoid fielding repeated phone calls from perplexed visitors. Additionally, it will assist you in avoiding an unexpected negative review for an issue that might have been easily rectified.

4. Information about Local Public Transportation

Assemble a guestbook for your Airbnb that contains contact information, timetables, directions, and other pertinent information about local transportation in your region. Several possibilities to consider include the following:

• Airport Taxi & Shuttle Services

• Schedules for Buses and Trains

• Maps of the Surrounding Areas

This information is particularly beneficial if you live outside of a city where mobile phone coverage may be limited. Additionally, it helps to give any insider tips on navigating your neighborhood that only residents would know.

Finally, consider incorporating check-out information in this area since visitors are most likely to consult it while making departure arrangements.

5. What to Do

When visitors book via Airbnb, they forego the concierge services that hotels typically provide. You might include this service in your Airbnb welcome book to facilitate their lives.

Every visitor enjoys receiving advice from locals. While your visitors will certainly have their plans, they will almost certainly alter them once they discover your unique advice.

Ensure that your Airbnb guestbook has a diverse range of activities that will appeal to several different sorts of visitors. Above all, give the website, address, and phone number of each suggested location or activity so that your visitors can easily locate them.

Several recommendations for inclusion are as follows:

• Restaurants

• Attractions for Tourists (local parks, museums, historical places)

• Shopping

• Excursions (bar crawl, ghost tour, trolley tour)

• Festivals & Fairs (Sunday street fairs, farmer’s markets, and yearly events)

• Nitelife (bars, breweries, clubs, playhouse, live music)

Additionally, you should inform your visitors of any suggestions you appreciate. In this manner, attendees will not hold you liable for the experience’s quality if they attend an event you did not personally attend.

Where Should Your Airbnb Welcome Book Be Stored?

To ensure that your Airbnb welcome book is constantly accessible to visitors, place it in a prominent area, such as the kitchen table or living room coffee table. Additionally, you should inform visitors where they may locate the welcome book upon arrival and remind them to read it.


Not only is a welcome book an excellent method to enhance the visitor experience, but it also serves as a useful guide for guests to follow while staying at your property. Be open to criticism the key to knowing if you are doing it right with your Airbnb is using guest feedback to improve your business. Keeping your rentals in excellent shape while improving the visitor experience is critical for your company’s survival. 

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