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How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New Even After Multiple Washes and Dry Cleaning

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Do you recall the joy you felt when you finally got your hands on some of your most desired garments? Then, a few months later, you aren’t as eager to wear them because they no longer look as new? This is a common problem with new clothing that we have to face after only a few wears.

To some extent, the rate at which your clothes fade depends on the quality of the fabric, but your dry-cleaning service could also be to blame. Accordingly, you should be picky about the dry-cleaning service you use.

Here are some suggestions for dry cleaning and washing at home that will help you keep your clothes looking fresh.

Is the washing machine set up correctly?

To get clean clothes every time, it’s important to use the correct washer settings, whether you’re doing the laundry service. If you take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, they should know exactly what temperature to set the dryer to for each fabric. If you wash a delicate fabric at a high temperature or with a strong setting, the fabric will wear out quickly.

Gentle, mild, harsh, normal, delicate, and so on are just some of the names given to the various washing machine settings. So, before sending your clothes to the dry cleaner, make sure you read the labels carefully and understand what they mean. It’s also a good idea to read the care instructions on the garment’s label.

Are the proper cleaning agents being applied?

Not using the proper detergent when washing or dry cleaning is another cause of drab clothing. For a longer period of time, your clothes will look as good as new if the dry cleaner uses the proper detergent. It’s worth noting that not all laundry detergents are created equal. There are washing liquids that won’t damage your delicate. While others are designed for sturdy materials.

Powdered detergents tend to be more damaging to clothes, so it’s best to use a liquid. It’s worth noting, though, that certain detergents have a plant-based origin. And there are a number of varieties available that work well with a wide range of materials. Always do your research and keep an eye out for feedback from clients.

If you’ve been having poor results with your washing machine, it might be time to try out a professional laundry service.

Third, read the labels or consult a professional.

The labels on laundry detergents provide helpful information about how to use the product and what types of clothing it is safe for. Use the label’s care instructions for the best results when washing at home. However, there is an upside to hiring a professional cleaner: clothing labels are only required to list one acceptable method of cleaning. Your dry cleaner’s expertise should be relied upon in addition to any care instructions provided on the garment’s label. You should probably have a pro take care of it if the directions look too complicated for your skill level.

Fourth, always turn your garments inside out before washing them.

Turning clothes inside out before dry cleaning is a little-known hack. Before washing your clothes, remember to flip them inside out. The dry cleaner’s spinning action may cause some items to wear out faster than usual. Therefore, the insides of your garments are preferable to the outsides for this purpose.

Washing clothes with buttons or other fashion embellishments on the inside out is a smart way to keep them from coming undone in the wash.

The fifth rule of washing is to use cold water unless otherwise specified.

Clothes fade much more quickly when washed in hot water, so keep that in mind if you wash your clothes often. When washing dirty sheets, clothes worn while gardening or camping, etc., hot water is the norm.

Other than these, you can safely wash your clothes in cold water without worrying about any damage. You won’t have to worry about any unravelling or weakening of the threads in your fabric.

Make use of a mesh laundry bag, number 6.

There is a layer of protection between the contents of the bag and the rest of the laundry. The bags are constructed from a sturdy polyester mesh that is permeable enough to let water and soap through. That, in addition to blocking the passage of other particles, is its main function.

Just throw your dirty clothes into the mesh bag and secure the top or zip it shut. Then you can throw the bag into the washing machine.

Washing delicate items in a mesh laundry bag is a good idea. Whether you’re doing a load of laundry or just one item, your clothes are safe from harm as long as they’re inside the bag.

Seven, Invest in Tough Fabrics

Carefully inspecting the fabrics of each item you intend to purchase is a little-known dry cleaning secret. A worry-free shopping experience is yours once you realise the importance of investing in a fabric that will not cause your garment to look old before its time.

A durable fabric will keep its shape and colour for a long time. You won’t have to put in as much time or money to keep these materials looking like new.

Switch up your wardrobe every eight days.

Be prepared to rotate your clothes if that’s how you plan to keep them looking like new for as long as possible. Many people miss out by not making use of this hack. One simple method is to hang recently worn items at the back of the closet, or to take the extra few seconds to empty the drawer, flip it upside down, and place the freshly washed items at the bottom, followed by the items you haven’t worn yet. If you always have to rummage to the back of the drawer for your cleanest clothes, it’s time to purge the top layer and replace it with something you’ll actually want to wear.

9. Hang out your laundry to dry

Dryers are great, but letting clothes air dry can give them a more pleasant aroma. Pajamas and jeans, for example, can be dried in a dryer.

However, other types of clothing should be air-dried rather than put in machine dryers because of their fragility. Drying clothes in a hot machine is just as bad for some materials as washing them in hot water.

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